Hazard Skies by magical1
Summary: 3 actors are on a flight for a charity event, two stewardess's are the only ones that can save them. With the pilot's dead is there any hope they will survive?
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Chapter 1 by magical1

It was Monday morning when all three celebrities: Matt Bomer, Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan were to get on a flight to Milan, Italy. They were going to promote a documentary they had all did for Charity. The plane was on the runway all they had to do was make it there. Limousines came one after the other, Directors and the rest of the crew were taking additional flights, but these three were the top rated stars. It was hectic, traveling was always hectic.The first to arrive was Dane, he pulled out his luggage and a man came up to him and just took it.

"Hey! Where you taking that?" Dane asked as he watched the man.

The man pointed to the plane. Dane saw that he was the guy that helped put the luggage abroad the plane for them. He nodded then yelled. "I got more."

Kelli was getting her cart ready as was her friend Marci, they were looking at a magazine. "So, I know this is the same shit as last time, but like I always say its money. Are you gonna take their shit like last time?"

Kelli looked at Marci, "As far as any man is concerned they can either get hit with a brick in the head or get out of this plane with no parachute."

"Ouch, who broke your heart now?" Marcie put the magazine on a rack.

"Johnny. He's such a douche bag." Kelli watched her cart seeing it was now fully stocked.

"Ah, well. Be rid of him. Au Revior!" Marci hugged Kelli in assurance.

"Amen to that, Sista!" Kelli laughed.

"OK, Marci. What's with that look on your face?" Kelli could almost see the wheels turning in her friend's head.

"Nothing much, Kelli. I am just tired of being nice to these rich assholes. I mean I work my ass off to satisfy them and I don't even get a tip. The last one, Oh he was such an annoying little piece of shit. I did everything he requested next thing he asked for was... well you know and I am so disgusted. They don't treat women with respect anymore all we are is somewhere for them to put their dick in. I mean really do we not have feelings or don't they know that?" Marci threw a dish rag after wiping down her cart.

"Then revert back and don't listen to everything they say. Hell if I listened, I wouldn't have got that big tip." "Ah yes, he was nice and he cared too. You put him through hell, Kelli." "Got me what I wanted though." "Sure did, I think I will try that." Marci said as she watched the first person enter the plane.

"Damn, he's married." Marci glanced in sadness.

"Who?" Kelli was curious as she was still doing a few things.

"The actor that just came aboard." Marci looked down at the ugly carpet on the plane. When she glanced up she smiled but the smile she gave was in admiration. Her eyes settled on one thing and one thing only, Daniel Radcliffe.

Kelli grinned, "Who just started your fantasy?"

"A man with beautiful blue eyes, brown hair, and is fueling my fantasies like you wouldn't believe." Marci smiled and he waved at her. She waved back.

"Sounds kinky?" Kelli chuckled getting the peanuts and cups ready.

"Yeah, but he probably has a girlfriend. Doesn't hurt to look I guess." Marci took some aspirin from the cabinet.

"But if he asked you to sleep with him you would right?" Kelli pulled up her hair.

"Yep." Marci laughed. Kelli laughed too.

Marcie went up the aisle to check on their departure. She tapped on the pilot's cockpit. "We almost ready boys?"

"Yeah we are just waiting for our last guest he is late." Thomas said.

"Ah yes, Mr. Bomer. The rich, but attractive actor that is nearly unobtainable." Marci said out loud.

"Not unobtainable just searching for the right girl. I remember you your that Flight Attendant who wanted to sleep with me." Matt Bomer said as he seen Marci.

"Right cause everyone wants to sleep with you!" She rolled her eyes.

Marci walked over to the speaker as the door to the plane was closed. "Welcome abroad gentlemen, in a few seconds we will be heading off to Milan. We're are a little off schedule so I hope your not in a hurry. And if a certain someone doesn't get her ass up here I am gonna scream. Kelli, that means you!"

Kelli walked down the aisle to Marci. "Sheesh, no need to bitch about it."

"Oh bitching, this is just the beginning. I am so beyond bitching you won't be able to stop me once this flight is over." Marci handed her the mike.

"I apologize for my partner's attitude. She sexually frustrated and she needs a man asap." Kelli blurted out.

Marci walked back to the back and threw something. She didn't know why she felt the way she did then she remembered oh yeah the Bomer asshole. He had a way of making her angry.

"Umm buckle your seat belts and enjoy the flight. Marci !!! " Kelli threw the mike and ran to the back.

Marci was crying. Kelli saw her. "What's wrong?"

"Matt, he thinks I want to sleep with him. But I don't I was only trying to be nice. I am not handling him Kelli I refuse to." Marci told her.

"I'll handle him you can handle the other two." Kelli patted her knee.

"The two blue eyed cute boys sure I will." Marci smiled.

"We better settle in our seats, Marci." Kelli said pulling down her seat.

"Yeah, cause being injured is more better than a flight with Bomer!" She laughed.
Chapter 2 by magical1
The flight began for take-off as usual Marci grabbed her seat feeling the lift as the jet plane began to ascend. She never really liked that part of a flight but she had learned to endure it. As the plane began to level off, Marci and Kelli went to work.

'Marci could you go ask the pilots if they want something?" Kelli was setting up things.

"Yeah sure, Kel." Marci dried her hands and went to the cockpit.

She tapped on the door, it opened. "Would you guys like anything to drink or something?" Marci said as she waited for their response.

"Coffee please." "Yeah same for me and if you have any of those Danishes." The both pilots looked out to the sky.

"All right be back in a few." She went off with a smile on her face, but when she seen Bomer he winked at her.

"Could I trouble you for some coffee?" Matt said.

"I'm not talking to you. You weren't nice to me and I don't like you. I'll relay your order to Kelli." Marci told him then she went to the back.

Daniel and Dane looked at each other. "What the hell happened between you and her Bomer?"

"I was asleep, and apparently I left my mp3 on. She covered me with a blanket but then she grabbed me down below. I didn't appreciate that. Then she said, she was just trying to make me comfortable." Matt explained.

"Ever think it was possibly an accident that she didn't mean that?" Dane asked.

"Possibly, but we hate each other." Matt said.

Dan got up, "I want some coffee you want some Dane?"

"Nah. I am fine thanks." Dane laid back on his seat.

Daniel went to the back. Marci was telling Kelli about Matt. "He gets on my nerves, Kelli. I mean I don't hate him its hard for me to hate anyone. But he just gets to me. You know."

"Ah well focus on the other two leave Bomer to me." Kelli got the orders and took them to the pilots.

Daniel came to Marci. "Hi..."

Marci smiled. "How can I help you?"

"I would like some coffee if your not busy." Daniel said.

"Sure, Mr. Radcliffe would you like anything else? We got Danishes, Donuts, a full breakfast, fruit." Marci got a cup and began pouring the coffee.

"Bomer told me what happened why did you grab him?" Dan leaned against the corridor.

"I didn't. He fell asleep and he had an Mp3 player but the cord got caught under his thigh so when I pulled it. I accidentally touched him there." Marci explained.

"Ah well that sounds logical." Dan smiled taking the cream and sugar.

"I guess the only thing I could be charged with is kindness. I mean I may a little weird at times, but i mean well." She put the coffee down for him to add his cream and sugar.

"I get the same but I am not weird." He was about to take a sip. She stopped him.

"It's hot." She warned him as she touched his hand preventing him from drinking.

He put the cup down. "I see what you mean by kindness and its not taken for granted." He placed his hand on her shoulder.

She looked at his hand on her shoulder. Marci was shy, but she liked him. "You have nice eyes."

He nodded as he traced his hand from her shoulder down to her waist. She placed her hand to his face caressing it. So Daniel did the only thing that he felt the need to do. He leaned in and kissed her. Marci felt his kiss and deepened it.

As he pulled away he looked into her eyes. They both knew what they had started. Marci grabbed him and he fell against her near the plane window. She was breathing hard as he kissed her, touching her.

"I never had sex on a plane." Dan said between kisses.

Marci put her knee on his chest. "I never made it with a guy."

"Never?" He was surprised.

"No." Marci's shirt was open.

She leaned forward helping him up. "What about, I offer dinner in Milan and we get to know each other. From there we see what happens?"

"I'd like that." She went to the freezer and got an ice cube. "Ice?" She asked.

"Yeah, thank you." He took the cube from her and put it in his coffee to cool it down.

From there they started talking. Marci loved his little come on lines and she was actually laughing. Kelli noticed how much fun Marci was having that she hated that Matt made her miserable.

Dan went back to his seat. He read a few things then closed his eyes. Dane got to use the phone to call his wife Laurie and Matt was looking at his schedule.

For the next few hours things went well as usual. Marci took her break first. As Kelli stood up and watched them all. It was a rather good day as Kelli sat down from her feet hurting. Closing her eyes, she dreamt of Milan. Their friend Adair was already there with her boyfriend Kyle and she couldn't wait for them to arrive.

Upon dinner time, Marci had left Kelli asleep and started serving everyone dinner. The two pilots liked fish so she served them first. The rest of them had something different by that time Kelli had woken up. Marci, Kelli and the boys all ate happily but it was funny for a while because the plane seemed to go a bit awkward.

Marci and Kelly went to the cockpit to see what was the matter. Only to find the two pilots out. "Are they dead?" Kelli asked.

Marci went to feel for a pulse. "Dead as doornails. Who would do this? Their dinner must have been spiked or something."

"Yeah autopilot is on, but we need to get a hold of mission control." Marci checked.

"You know this stuff, Marci?" Kelli huddled near her.

"Some, it helped with the flight attendant exam even though I really didn't need to learn it." Marcie explained as she grabbed the headphones off the pilot.

"Marci, you land this plane. I will forever be in your debt." Kelli grabbed her.

"Your gonna have to get Matt. I need man power. He's stronger I think than Dan and Dane. I need him. Get him, Kelli." Marci watched the pilot drop to the floor like a dead log. She took over the main pilots seat.

"Ok, Marci. Relax.." She breathed out.

Kelli ran to Matt. "Matt, I need you. Marci needs you."

"What the heck for? She hates me." Matt said.

"Matt Bomer, get your ass out of that seat. Or we are gonna die." Kelli yelled.

"What the fuck? What do you mean?" Matt stood up.

"Marci's driving the plane. Both pilots are dead, she needs your strength to bring it down." Kelli said as they walked to the front of the plane.

Dane and Dan got up from their seats. Marci was talking to mission control. "Yes, the plane is off autopilot and I gave you our latitude and longitude. Yes both pilots are dead. I think this trip was sabotage."

"We got you, Marci." Mission Control said.

Just then the engines stopped Marci put down the landing gear down. "Matt help." She said.

"Just tell me what you need." Matt said.

"A co-pilot. There's a red switch to your right flip it." Marci said to Matt.

Matt did it and he took the other pilots seat. "You sure you know what the heck your doing?"

"If I don't we're dead anyways, but I might as well try. I can say I died with the person I hate the most." Marci laughed.

"Marci, we make it I am definitely marrying you." Dan said.

Marci was in shock. "If we make it you can have my virginity."

"How did you learn to fly?" Dane asked.

"Video games. A friend and I always did simulations and when I took my flight attendants test well I half took a pilot test as well." Marci told them.

"What happened?" Dan was curious.

"I failed the test all because I answered one question wrong." Marci said as she leaned forward.

"What question was that?" Dane asked.

"If a person gets out of hand would you shoot them. I put yes." Marci looked scared.

"Makes sense, I would." Matt agreed.

"Ok Matt help me land this baby. " Marci said.

"Guys get in your seats, we are coming in for a hard landing." Marci looked at Dane, Dan and Kelli. They ran to their seats. Marci grabbed Matt's hand she put it on the lever. Reduce speed.

"I don't hate you, Marci. I like you." He grabbed her hand with his and she pulled it.

"We're gonna land it there." She pointed.

"That's a small island." Matt didn't let go of Marci's hand.

"Not that small." Marci said.

"Hey do you think in Heaven they have showers?" Matt asked.

"I don't know. I swear Matt you have no faith in me. If we survive you give me an outrageous tip. Deal?" Marci asked.

"Deal, sweetheart." Matt was sure they were about to die the landing gear was the first to go. Matt removed his seat belt and dragged Marci to the ground. He shielded her with his body until the plane stopped. The light flashed by and when Marcie woke up Matt was still on top of her.

She smiled. "You saved me why?"

"I like Kelli and you are gonna get me closer to her. After I pay your outrageous tip." Matt walked slowly.

"Good deal, Matt." Marci's ankle hurt.

They walked and looked at the island. "Matt's where the other half of the plane?" Marci noticed it split.

"I don't know." He walked out seeing bits and pieces. "Radcliffe, better be alive he owes me dinner and a wedding." Marci said.

"Ain't gonna happen if he's dead." Matt walked when he seen Dane.

Marci hugged Dane. "Dane, where's Daniel and Kelli?" She walked limping.

"We all jumped as soon as we saw it split." Dane had a slight gash on his head. Matt seen Dan and Kelli. He walked to them and Marci ran to Dan. He smiled, "Hey!"

"We just survived a plane crash and you say hey?" She noticed he was bit banged up.

Dan was a little out of it. "OK let's assess injuries." Marci said. Dan walked slowly, Matt helped him a little and Dane put his hand to his head.
Chapter 3 by magical1
The Injuries were far from serious, but they were all alive and that is what mattered. Dan touched his neck, looking at what was left of the plane. Dane was sitting there with a bandage on his head. Matt was looking around while Kelli looked at her stockings that were ripped.

Marci looked through the plane parts looking for the dead pilots. She didn't much care for them but they had families she figured the best she could do was give them a proper burial, but she couldn't find them. Walking back to where everyone was some of the plane parts were intact. All they needed to do was somehow piece them together. As she went looking some more she smiled. The part of the plane that had a bedroom was completely intact for some reason it was like it was never harmed. She smiled big and opened the door. Things were thrown here and there, but she was thankful.

Marci started fixing up the place and it was almost like it was. Once done she laid on the bed, it was comfortable but she couldn't leave the rest out there by themselves so she reached into her pocket. A key to lock it. Upon locking the door, she ran into him. "Dan?"

"Kelli said to come and find you. What's behind the door?" He questioned her.

"Let's get the others first, they need to see this." Marci put the key in her pocket.

He walked back with her. Marci saw Kelli help Matt with something and Dane was nodding off. She ran to Dane, "You tired?"

"Yeah, think I need sleep." Dane yawned.

"Come with me." She held out her hand. He got up taking her hand.

She put her arm around Dane. "Dan, get Kelli and Matt." Marci said as she walked with Dane back to the plane. He stumbled several times leaning on her. "You all right there, Dane?"

"Yeah I am fine. My wife would be very please you saved me." Dane said as he walked.

"It was a pleasure, she can thank me once we get off this place." She leaned him up against a tree.

"Wait here while I open the door." She got the key from her pocket. Putting the key in she heard Dan with Matt and Kelli. Kelli ran to Marci. "You gotta be kidding me, its intact?"

"Yeah which means we got a place to sleep." Marcie opened the door.

Dane came forward walking to Marci. He lowered his head and saw a bed. Dane kicked off his shoes. The bed was nice and soft as he laid upon it. "Glad you like it." Marci smiled at Dane.

"Freaking nice." Dan liked it.

"Some of us will have to sleep on the floor but we could rotate." Marci said.

"Rotate is very good." Kelli nodded

Marci looked at Matt. He had a crooked smile on his face. She went up to him and punched him in the shoulder. "I know what your thinking and that will never happen, Bomer."

"What? It's ironic isn't it, us sleeping together in the same bed. Now you can say you slept with me." Matt laughed.

"Yeah well keep dreaming, Dan and I have something to deal with." She smiled taking his hand.

"What? What did I do?" Dan walked with her.

"Nothing your gonna help me with food." Marci walked in the forest stepping on leaves and such.

"Do you have to wear that skirt and heels?" He asked her.

"No, why you trying to get me naked?" She looked into his eyes.

"No. I just wonder if you had other clothes." Dan followed her.

"If we find our suitcases I'll change till then all I got is this." Marci walked through some trees.

"Did you really mean you would marry me?" Marci walked on.

"I....I'm not sure." He stuttered.

"It's okay. I am not gonna hold you to it." She patted his back.

"Did you mean what you said about your virginity?" He walked a tad to keep up with her.

She stopped and faced him without saying anything. "Yes."

She turned around, walking off. He followed after her taking her hand. Marci liked holding his hand. She looked at him, feeling and knowing what she wanted. Dan felt her palm get moist. He stopped and she looked at him.

"What?" Marci wondered why he stopped.

He brought her close and kissed her. She put her hand in his hair and kissed him deeply. Trembling she pulled back. "Thank you."

"Why are you trembling?" He placed his hand on her face.

"No reason, I am just new to this." She liked how his hands lingered on her. "Would you like me to kiss you again?" Dan asked her.

"Yes." Marci placed her arms around his waist.

She jumped up to reach him and he came down just a little meeting her. Kelli seen the hot kiss Marci and Dan had been doing. Bomer was right near Kelli. "Maybe we should get together like that." Matt suggested.

"In your dreams, Matt." She laughed.

He frowned so wanting Kelli to acknowledge him. Kelli tapped Marci on the back. "Sorry to ruin your parade, but since we got shelter we also need food and other supplies."

"Oh, yeah I know. Dan and I were, taking a break." Marci giggled.

"I see, but we gotta talk." Kelli pulled Marci away from Dan.

Marci looked at Dan wanting to go back to him as Kelli held her hand. Kelli walked crooked cause one of her shoes lost a heel. The guys walked behind them. "So you and Dan getting close?"

"A bit, why?" Marci said.

"No reason, he seems taken by you." Kelli watched her step.

"I like him, Kelli. He's nice, sweet and he's a killer kisser." Marci fantasized about it.

"Bomer is getting some idea that we should get together." Kelli told her.

"Ahh word has it he has a big..." Marci didn't say the word.

"A big what?" Kelli asked.

"Hey what are you two talking about?" Matt asked.

"It's girl talk, Matt." Marci rolled her eyes at him.

"Wow, you just seem to get on her nerves all the time." Dan said.

"Ahh she likes me." Matt chuckled.

"I think its hate more than love, Matt. Otherwise she wouldn't let me even touch her." Dan laughed.

Marci laughed too, when she saw something she ran to it. "Please god let the food still be okay."

Kelli seen the food supply. "Oh thank you, Jesus!"

Marci got a bag and was filling it up with apples, oranges, bananas and food that was sealed. Kelli got the bottled water and other beverages, Matt helped and Dan looked for their luggage and medicals supplies.

Going back to their shelter, with each holding several bags and suitcases. They dropped the supplies in the room hearing poor Dane snore. Marci got the bag from Dan with the medical supplies and went over to Dane. "Dane, wake up."

He opened his eyes a bit. "Are we saved?"

"No, I wanted to clean your cut. May I?" Marci said.

"Sure." He removed the thing off his head.

Marci parted his hair she saw the ugly cut in his head. His blond hair became red as she started cleaning it, the harden blood was cleared off after a few dabs of water. Getting a few Q-tips she started to apply some medicine to it. He winced when she applied it. "That shit burns."

"I'm so sorry. Now that its cleaned it looks better but not by much. I am gonna bandage the bottom half." Marci took a bandage and applied it.

"Thank you for looking after me." Dane said to her.

"Your welcome. Get some sleep." Marcie got up and took off her shoes.

She started removing her skirt when she saw them looking at her. "Right, bathroom." She got her clothes and went to the bathroom. Taking off her skirt and her bra along with her shirt she looked at herself in the cracked mirror. She pulled the T-shirt over her head. It reached to about mid-thigh. She pushed her clothes into her arms and threw them near her bag while she let her hair down. Dan looked at her drooling.

"So who's taking the bed tonight?" Marci asked.

"I'm sleeping on the floor." Dan said.

"Marci you should take the bed." Kelli said.

"Nah, I know where I am sleeping tonight." She looked straight at Dan.

"Right." Kelli looked at Matt.

"It's a king size bed we should all fit." Matt started to remove his tie. Kelli hated to see him gloat. She took her bag and went to the restroom. Marci got a pillow and a blanket. Dan motioned for her to come closer to him. She looked at Matt, then she came closer. "We can keep each other warm tonight."

"If I never heard that before." Matt said throwing the tie.

"Unlike you Matt. I can keep it in my pants." Dan retorted.

"Not for long, Marci's part French right?" Matt eyes gleamed.

"Yeah, but how did you know?" Marci asked him.

"I know all about you. Had a lawyer do some research on you after our last encounter. The French are romantic, they love sex." Matt told her.

"Untrue for me. I've never had a man." She admitted.

"Once your released Radcliffe is gonna be in for one helluva ride." Matt smiled.

"Right because you know everything. What are you some kind of fucking mind reader. If and when Dan and I do get to that point, your gonna wish you had me." Marci laid down on her pillow with her back turned to Dan.

"Not likely sweetheart." Matt removed his pants tossing them. He stood there without a shirt just in his black silk boxer shorts.

Dan put his arm around Marci. "You mad?"

She turned and looked into his eyes. "Not at you." Marci sighed.

"So your part French?" Dan touched her face.

"Yeah." Marci giggled.

Kelli seen Matt in the bed already without a shirt. "Oh god please put on a shirt or I am sleeping with Marci and Daniel."

Marci was squealing as Kelli said that. Daniel had his hand on her hip which made her tickle. "Stop that tickles." Marci laughed.

Dan giggled not knowing she was ticklish. Matt shrugged, "All I got are suits Kel. But if it makes you that uncomfortable I will put it back on." Matt put his shirt back on. Kelli crawled into the bed sleeping on her side.

Marci looked into Daniel's eyes then closed hers. Daniel began to feel warm then closed his eyes as he put his arm around Marci. Sleep claimed Kelli and Matt but as the night progressed it became a bit eerie. Kelli tossed and turned from a nightmare, she began seeing things crawl and when Matt's breath caught her neck she kicked him off the bed with him landing on the floor like dead weight.

"What the fuck?" Matt grabbed his head.

"Go back to sleep, Matt." Daniel said.

"Kelli kicked me off the fucking bed." Matt said a loud.

Kelli looked at the floor. "Sorry I had a bad dream. Things were crawling on me."

Matt looked at her. "Apology accepted that fucken hurt."

"It did sound hella funny." Marci cracked up.

Daniel bursted out laughing. "Not funny guys." Matt said. Daniel watched Marci in the moonlight. He laid his hand on her chest. "Bad boy."

"I am punish me." Daniel dared her. She smiled wickedly she went to his neck teasing him. He felt her suck on his neck. "Bad girl!" He moaned.

"What the fuck are you guys doing?" Kelli asked.

"Uh nothing." Dan said.

Marci laughed. "Your lying. He's definitely lying."

She grabbed down to his thighs. "Ooh Dan, I had no idea."

"Would you quiet down or I am not playing with you." Dan took her hand off him.

"Ahh is this what you call playing?" She felt him up. He closed his eyes feeling her tease his body. "Please stop."

"I'll stop, I mean who could sleep when a man next to them that has a hard on built like the Eiffel Tower." Marci said a loud.

"We do not need an update on Daniel's body parts, Marci." Kelli said out loud.

"He wanted to play." Marci said to her.

"Play tomorrow. I just fell off the bed I need sleep so shut up." Matt said with his eyes closed.

"I'm not playing with you." Marci told Daniel then kissed him goodnight falling back to her place.

So they closed their eyes once more and let sleep reclaim them.
Chapter 4 by magical1
In the morning they all began to work on making their situation a bit nicer. Marcie feared it would be several days before they were found. As they all began to sweat from a hard days work they took periodic breaks settling down looking at what they had accomplished. Marci sat down looking at Daniel trying to keep her mind off what she had felt last night. He seen her every once and a while stare at him. Marci got up going to Kelli.

"Kelli, its hot here. Do you have something cool to wear?" Marci asked her.

"I got a sun dress that may fit you. It's in my bag." Kelli said.

"Oh thanks." She smiled going back to the plane.

"Marci..." Kelli called to her. She stopped and looked back.

"Yesterday I found a stream the water seemed refreshing you might wanna clean yourself a bit." Kelli said.

"Sure where though?" Marci asked her.

Kelli began to tell her where to find the stream and Marci nodded, after hearing about it she went to get a change of clothes and the dress Kelli had told her about. Marci was still wearing her Flight outfit as she took her towel and her stuff to the stream. It was beautiful the place Kelli had told her about.

Marci trembled as she removed her clothes to bathe in the water. She liked the water, but being alone was not what she really wanted. Her shirt was the first to go, then she stripped off her skirt. Marci looked around then continued removing her bra and underwear. The water was like Kelli described clear and warm. Marci liked it and for a while she just relaxed.

No one saw Radcliffe slip away and follow Marci. He had wondered where she was going until he seen her standing there removing her clothes.

The water was soothing and she splashed around. Relaxing in the water she closed her eyes until she heard a sound. When she opened her eyes to see Radcliffe standing there looking at her. She quickly hid her body watching him. Marci turned in the water not saying anything. Dan began removing his clothes to join her. He seen that she was not looking just standing there.

He came into the water, feeling it. "The water's nice." Dan managed to say.

"Yeah." Marci said feeling unsure why he was there in the first place.

Dan placed a hand on her shoulder. "Your beautiful."

"I'm not, I hate my body. I'm not even pretty." She turned around to stare at him.

"Never say that. Of course you are. You saved my life as well as the others." He lingered looking at her chest.

"Why are you here?" Marci asked.

"I was sweaty after gathering wood and building what was left of the plane together so we would be safe. I followed you I didn't know where you were going.." Dan came closer.

"So what you come to me for sex?" Marci looked deep into his eyes.

"I never said that." Dan pulled away.

"Your thinking it. If last night was any indication. I told you, I never had a man before. It's not an invitation for you to come and take it from me. My virginity I held for so long because boys didn't like me." Marci turned.

"I like you." Dan put his chest up against her.

"Tell me to go and I will go. I like you and I wanna be with you. It's not just about sex, its more than that and you know it." Dan placed his arms around her.

She turned to him. "Will it hurt?"

"I don't know. We could try." Daniel took her hand taking her out of the water.

Marci laid out her towel. She laid down on it as he came above her. He opened her legs as he felt her. "Can I try?"

"Yes." She closed her eyes feeling him. The pressure had caught her off guard, "Oww. How big are you?"

"You're very tight, sweetie. But I think I can manage." He came above her.

"I'm gonna go further, this might hurt. You scream if you have to but remember this. I'll stop if you want me to, just tell me." He kissed her.

"Yeah." She braced herself and closed her eyes.

Dan gave one swift thrust and within seconds she screamed. She was crying from the pain of it. He kissed her. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be. Will you continue?" Marci wiped her eyes.

"Yeah." He kissed her passionately.

Dan thrusts were incredible after a while she was breathing heavily making him come closer and deeper. Over time she got use to him and started to feel good. "Oh my god!"

"Something wrong?" He stopped.

"No, it feels better. I think I had an orgasm." Marci touched his hair.

"You've had several. Which means I am doing very well." Dan kissed her breasts.

"More, give me more." She said.

"My pleasure." Dan kissed her and made love to her. But the sweetness of their love was short lived because a few more thrusts is what he was left with before he came.

"Oh damn!" Dan said laying on her.

Marci liked it. "Now that was priceless."

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have came in you. I enjoyed it too damn much." He cursed himself.

"Dan, its okay." Marci kissed him.

"You do realize what this means don't you?" Dan asked her.

'Yes, but i don't mind it. I think I'm in love with you." Marci kissed him bringing him back down to her.

As they enjoyed their second run, Marci and Dan had washed themselves and became much closer. But Dan had seen that he had opened Pandora's box, because every time Marci looked at him he could read her mind. "How do you feel?" Dan dried his hair.

"Hungry, sleepy and sore. Is that the way its suppose to feel?" Marci buttoned her sundress.

"Yeah. Look, I didn't mean to come in you twice." Dan apologized.

"Dan, don't apologize. I like feeling it, for me its special." Marci touched his arm.

"Oh its special till I get you pregnant." Dan worried.

"Would it be so bad?" Marci put her arms around his waist.

"No, your the first I had unprotected sex with. I liked it, I liked it a lot." He hugged her.

"We should get back before it gets dark." Marci took his hand and her towel. They walked back to the plane or what was left of it. From the looks of it, Matt had created a fire and Dane was sitting their bullshitting with them.

"Where have you been?" Kelli was worried about Marci.

"Washing myself, why? I told you I was sweaty that I needed to get clean. The water was just like you described." Marci looked at Dan adoringly.

"Marci, what did you do?" Kelli watched her friend.

"Nothing why?" Marci looked as innocent as she could.

"Marci!" Kelli said.

"Follow me." Marci said as she started to walk off a bit. Away from the boys.

"Well?" Kelli waited patiently.

"I gave Dan my virginity and he was so good. I loved it Kelli. I mean at first it hurt, but it got better. He's an incredible lover." Marci felt the need for him.

"You slept with Dan?" Kelli was surprised.

"Yeap and now that I have I want more." Marci felt bad.

"Marci, he is gonna get you pregnant. What your doing with him is not good." Kelli said.

"I'm sorry Kelli. But what he makes me feel. I just can't say no." Marci walked back to the fire with Matt, Dane and Dan. Dan patted a space for her and gave her a plate. "Thank you." She loved that he was so caring.

Marci was happy as she ate her food. Kelli had no right to tell her how to live, but she walked back and seen Matt smiling as he handed her a plate. "Eat Kelli."

She nodded and sat down. After dinner was served the sleeping arrangement got weird. Kelli stated the rules, "We will sleep on the bed and you boys all sleep on the floor."

"But Kelli, I was fine on the floor last night." Marci said.

"Marci, you know why things changed." Kelli said to her.

"Why Kelli, why is sleeping with him so bad?" Marci asked her.

"Honey, he doesn't love you. He's just using you to please his male ego." Kelli told her.

Dan came up to Kelli. "Why are you telling her that. It isn't true, I do like her. And I am not using her."

"Please Dan, from your heart do you honestly love her?" Kelli watched him.

"I care about her I may not exactly love her, but its coming closer." Dan admitted.

"I'll sleep in the bed, Kelli." Marci said.

Kelli got into the bed with her and the boys shrugged. Marci knew he may not have loved her, but she loved him in a way and Kelli was right. So she closed her eyes and went to sleep. In the middle of the night Marci got up she started removing her clothes and looking in the dark for the right person. She couldn't very much tell who was who so she felt each of them. Matt was very obvious he had strong shoulders so she passed him and went to the next. Marci felt the hair on the head of the next one a little thin so she moved on. She slid into place and planted a kiss one this one. He awoke feeling her.

"Oh Kelli." Matt said as he felt Marci touch him. He grabbed her..

"Kelli?" Marci said looking at him. Someone flashed a light at them. Marci screamed stealing his blanket her back was bare Dane has seen her. Matt screamed too. "You took my blanket." Matt said.

"Yeah well at this point. I need it more than you." Marci said.

"Trying to get to third base with the man you hate, Marci?" Matt got up.

"No, I thought you were Dan." She held her head.

"I thought you were, Kelli." Matt said.

"Matt, I would never do that." Kelli threw a pillow at him.

He climbed on the bed trying to get back at Kelli for throwing the pillow at him so he tickled her feet. She screamed out loud laughing. Kelli and Matt played on the bed while Marcie passed Dane and went straight to Dan for some reason he never woke. She laid in his arms as she moved his hand. Marci threw the blanket to Dane and Dane passed it over to Matt's bed.

Marci seen Kelli and then she heard a smack. She couldn't exactly see who hit who but Marci knew Kelli had taught him a lesson. "Fuck Kelli." Matt yelled.

"You tickle my feet you get smacked." She said to him.

"What would I get if I kissed you?" He asked.

"Find out if your brave enough." Kelli dared him.

Matt wondered if he was brave enough. "Fuck it." He leaned down and kissed her. He held her arms above her head. Kelli enjoyed the kiss but decided to get even with him.

Upon kissing him, Kelli pulled something that she had and got Matt's hands as she put them against the headboard she began to tie him up. Matt had not suspected this. But he found it rather entertaining that was until he noticed she stopped kissing him and left him there.

"Kelli, can you untie me?" Matt asked.

"Nope, good night Matt." She turned and few asleep.

Matt laid there stuck. "Dane can you help me out?"

"Nah dude just get some sleep." Dane turned over going to sleep.

Marci was touching Daniel trying to wake him, he smiled feeling her. "Find what your searching for?"

"Maybe." She put her hand under his shirt.

"I was wondering how long it would take you to come down here." He pulled off his shirt.

Matt heard Marci and Dan talk. "Can you guys help?"

"Later Matt, my girl needs me. We're gonna be a while." Daniel seen Marci in the moonlight she was happy and she giggled as he came over her.

"Ah bad girl." He noticed she was completely nude.

He moved a little coming between her thighs. She felt him slip himself inside her and she moaned. "Oh Mr. Radcliffe."

He laughed and then bent down to kiss her. For the better part of the night they made love and completely forgot about Matt. Toward about five in the morning they stopped and fell asleep. Daniel slept with his arm around Marci, Kelli had in some point untied Matt and fell asleep in his arms and Dane had a pillow over his head from hearing the loud sex Marci and Dan had for the better part of the night.
Chapter 5 by magical1
Several days passed and Dane became frustrated. He seen Marci and Dan playing some sort of game but the way they played Dane had became jealous. He didn't have anyone to cook him something, be affectionate with or make love to. Marci was putting her fingers through Dan's hair as he laid on her lap. He smiled looking up at her. She bent down and kissed him. He held onto her making sure she kissed him. Dane got up from his place and started pacing.

"We're stuck on this god forsaken place and I ain't even got a woman. My wife is probably thinking I am dead and what's worst is I heard you two fucking every night. I am more hard up than ever before and its all your fault, Bomer." Dane yelled.

"My fault? I aint the one that passed the pilots bad food.I mean who served them fish anyways. Haven't you seen the movie Airplane?" Matt said.

"And I am not the one who is fucking every night, its Marci and Dan. Those two are so annoying. I got a hard on just hearing them and I aint had sex in 2 years." Matt looked at Dane.

"Ah that explains why your such an asshole." Marci said.

"I'd be an asshole if I hadn't gotten any either. Shit what the fuck Matt? When Marci touched you it must have been the highlight of your life and your probably mad at her cause she didn't sleep with you." Dan put another stick on the fire.

"Oh we're gonna die. Our plane is in pieces, the pilots are dead and wait what about food." Dane started to panic.

Marci went to Dane. "We're not gonna die. I got hold of mission control i gave them the coordinates on where we are and food." She pulled an apple from her bag.

"Thank you." Dane smiled taking a bite.

"Your welcome." She patted his back.

"Dan, let's go find more food." Marci said.

"But we got tons here." Dan looked at the bag then it occurred to him. "Oh yeah this isn't enough. Dane eats like a pig we definitely need more."

Marci took his hand. He grabbed hers. They walked off and she ran and he ran after her. Kelli could see Marci running and Dan captured her dropping her to the sand. "If those two don't watch it she would surely end up pregnant for sure." Matt looked at Kelli.

"Dan's right. I need a girlfriend someone to make me sane." Matt threw another stick to the fire glancing at Kelli.

"You sure do, Matt." She smiled as she looked at a book.

"Kelli, I know we don't know each other well. But I would like to ask you out after we get out of here." Matt said to her.

Kelli closed her book. "Hmm, okay why the hell not."

"Really?" He started to smile.

"Sure." Kelli liked how she had made him happy.

Marci was giggling as Dan kissed her up along a tree. For the first time in her life she was actually happy. She didn't look at her surroundings, but she didn't care neither. Marci put her arms around him kissing his neck when she saw someone with a gun pointed at her and Dan.

Marci was as stiff as a board she seen the gun and she froze. Dan noticed an instant change in her. He turned around seeing a man with a gun. The man waved the gun at them. "Start walking."

"We don't mean any harm." Dan said.

Marci was scared she didn't know what this man was gonna do or worse what he could possibly do to her. She gripped Dan's hand for support. "Dane's right we're gonna die." She started to cry.

The man shoved the gun in her back. Marci wiped her eyes and noticed they were walking away from Kelli and the others. Where ever the man was leading them he was leading them to where ever he lived. They walked what seemed to be for fifteen minutes or so. When they saw the place Marci was amazed there was a house and it looked pretty good.

The man made them walk into the house it was cool and a lady was making some sort of stew. It smelled good. "Ma, got some people for you. I think they are from that plane that crashed. Tell our baby we got a man for her."

Marci looked at Dan. She was worried and gripped his hand tighter. Dan knew. "I love you, okay. No matter what happens your here in my heart."

She leaned on him for support but they pulled them apart. "He's not yours anymore sweetheart. He's gonna be my daughter's playmate. It's best you respect our rules if you intend to live." The lady said to Marci.

"My son, will love you." She smiled.

Marci was scared to death what did these people want? Feeling nervous, afraid and offset Marci felt the need to throw up. So she leaned down and threw up. Dan seen her, he worried about her.

The lady threw a rag at her the smell made her feel uneasy. She wondered one thing and one thing only. Was she carrying his baby? She touched her mid-section.

"No, you couldn't be. Its too soon." Dan figured it out.

"Its been two weeks. I could be." Marci looked at him.

"Well the little whore has gotten herself pregnant." The lady was rude.

"She's not, she's my fiancee. We would have married if we hadn't got stuck here." Dan went to her.

"No problem, you satisfy my daughter she lives with her child. If you don't, well they die." The lady was weird looking but evil.

Marci looked into his eyes. "I trust you."

He nodded. "All right, I'll do what ever you want."

"Great, this way." The lady had took him to meet her daughter.

Dan didn't know what was about to occur nor did he really care. The lady let him into her daughter's room. She was sitting there when Dan saw her up close. "Your new playmate is here, Darlene."

"Thank you, Momma." She smiled at Dan.

The lady locked the door. Darlene looked at him, "You can come and sit."

"Look not to be rude but whatever it is you want me for let's get it over with." Dan said straight out.

"Your nice looking." Darlene was shy.

"Yeah." He sat on the bed.

"Do I have to sleep with you or something?" Dan wanted to know.

"No, only if you want to. But that's not why your here." Darlene got up.

"Then why am I here?" Dan waited for her to speak.

"My brother needs help building our ship to get off this island. We've been working on it alone and we need help." Darlene explained.

"Great. Can my fiancee and I go back to our little place on the island and come back tomorrow with my friends to help you?" Dan offered.

"You have a fiancee?" Darlene went to her window.

"Yeah I asked her to marry me before the plane crashed. She's special to me." Dan folded his hands staring at the floor.

"I'll take you back. You can be with your fiancee." Darlene understood.
Chapter 6 by magical1
Dan saw Marcie on the floor as he came out with Darlene. He reached out to her and she got up. "We're going back." She held onto him and nodded. Darlene told her mother and father that she was going with them. The father looked at her sternly. "You sure?"

"Yeah, I am very sure." Darlene didn't fear them. She smiled at Marcie and Dan.

They began walking and it was close to getting dark. Dan helped Marcie walk through the foliage. She was better now that they were on their way back. They saw the camp fire from a far and went to it. Kelli and Matt noticed Dan was bringing someone new. Kelli ran to Marcie, "Oh my god i was so scared we couldn't find you anywhere. Course Matt said that you and Dan were probably out having sex but I was scared."

"I am fine. Dan and I got held up. He'll explain." Marcie hugged her back.

Dan began the long story about Darlene and her family. Dane sat back hearing it all while Matt and Kelli sat together being civil for once. Marcie ate some fruit starving as she looked through her calendar book. She had realized that it had been 3 weeks since her last cycle, but she hadn't been with anyone but him. She chalked it up to nerves cause the odds of her getting pregnant from him was nil. Toward night time they all walked to the piece of the plane they shared.

Marcie nervous as she was felt like she couldn't sleep that night. She kept tossing and turning that night. Dan had felt her, "You okay?" He put his arm around her.

"I'm fine. Just wondering why they haven't found us yet. Its been a couple of days already. " Marcie was frustrated. She got up and went out to the beach.

Dan got up and followed her. He walked to the beach as she stood there. "Anything bothering you?"

"I'm worried. I'm late and I know once they find us you are gonna disappear. Was Kelli right are you using me?" She looked into his moonlit eyes.

"I won't disappear. I like you. We're gonna be okay." He held her. Seeing in the distance he heard a plane and seen lights, "Speak of the devil." Marcie said as she was smiling. "Looks like our rescuers have arrived."

Dan ran to the others to tell them that they were saved. Kelli, Matt, Darlene and Dane went running and yelled out. The search light shined on them and the captain on the boat look through with binoculars seen them. "That's them let's bring our boys home."

Darlene, went to get her family so she ran back to them to tell them they could get off the island. All the family packed what they could and ran off to the boat. Marcie, Kelli, Dan, Dane and Matt seen the boat as they went and got their luggage. There was a little boat coming for them. It was a bit off, but by the time it reached shore. Marcie felt relieved.

Marcie and Kelli approached the boat. "Well, its about time."

"We're sorry the weather was a bit off and we took a while to get here. You Marcie?" He asked.

"Yep, I landed the plane with Mr. Bomer." She smiled.

"Well good job young lady. Looks like everyone was saved except the two dead pilots." The man smiled.

"Well should we get to it. Ladies first." Captain Evans said. Marcie and Kelli got in. Marcie reached out ot Dan, but he declined. "I'll get the next one."

Darlene and her brother got in. As they were being rowed back, Marcie seen things change for her. "Now that he's had what he wanted he doesn't want me anymore."

"Things could change don't worry, Marcie." Kelli sat closer.

Marcie was sort of sad that everything had ended the way it had as she boarded the boat. They gave them food and drinks, but she really wasn't all too hungry. They showed her her room, she was sharing it with Kelli. Marcie laid there on the bed as tears filled her eyes. Kelli knew she was heart broken.

Dan got on the board the boat and everyone was there chatting except for Marcie. He looked around not seeing her, bumping into Kelli and Matt. Dan asked them. "Have you seen, Marcie?"

"She's down below in our room. Did you tell her something?" Kelli asked.

"No. Why?" Dan stood there.

"She thinks now that you got what you wanted that you don't care anymore. That you used her." Kelli told him flat out.

"That's not true show me where she is." Dan said as he watched Matt shrug.

Kelli brought him down to the place where she was. Marcie was reading her calendar when Kelli opened the door. She looked up seeing him. "You can leave us, Kelli." Dan came in and Kelli closed the door.

He looked over at her as she had dropped the calendar. Marcie didn't speak, but waited for him to. Dan sat down, "If you think this is over, its not. I only objected to not taking the boat with you to let the others have a chance."

"I know I came to my senses." Marcie smiled as she held her calendar.

"What's that?" Dan looked at something she was holding.

"My calendar, I sort of kept track of all the times we were together. If I am correct I think I know when it happened if I am. I was thinking it was when Matt was tied up and we just went for it." Marcie showed him. Dan saw a bunch of check marks.

"Wow did we really do it that much?" Dan was amazed.

"When your in love, things can get carried away." She bent over and put the calendar in her bag.

"You're in love with me?" Dan choked out.

"Have been since I first laid eyes on you on the plane. You probably don't feel the same and I would understand if you didn't but. This is me and I am in love with you." She swallowed looking into his eyes.

"I have a confession to make and I don't want you to be upset. I enjoyed our time together, and I do love you. But I kinda am involved with this girl." Dan knew already he had broke her heart.

"I'm not giving you an ultimatum. I kind of already knew. A man as handsome as you would of course already have someone. Why'd you do it?" She tried to maintain herself.

"I like you and I knew that this was more than just sex. When we get there she will probably be there, but I swear your the one I love." He got closer to her.

"I don't know if I should tell you to leave or stay." Marcie stood there.

"It's your choice." Dan got up off the bed.

Marcie knew it would be awkward to be on board the ship with him there so she closed her eyes. "Can we be together till we arrive on shore?"

"Yeah." Dan agreed he walked closer to her.

"I feel hungry." She said as she walked out of the room.

Dan followed her and together they had joined the others. Darlene's parents were glad to be off the island. They told the others of how long they were there and all the things they had to do to survive. Kelli and Matt sat together like a couple, for Marcie she liked seeing her friend with him. Dane was actually at rest just sitting there.

Marcie sat there and got closer to Dan. "What's her name?" She was curious about who he was seeing.

"Joanna." Dan said.

"How long have you been seeing her?" She was getting cold.

"Not long. She was gonna meet me there at the hotel. But I had other plans." Dan spoke getting closer to her.

"What do you mean other plans? Were you gonna leave her?" Marcie wondered.

"Yes. I wanted to say goodbye but she kept including herself in my life.I never loved her." Dan put his arm around her.

"Promise you'll never do that to me. That if you don't want us that you be brave enough to say so." Marcie looked up at him. He nodded. "Promise."
Chapter 7 by magical1
It didn't take long for them to get home. Marcie was getting dressed as Dan was still asleep. She shook him. "Get up, we're close to the mainland."

"I don't wanna get up." He said.

"If you don't get up. I won't sleep with you again." She was brushing her hair.

"Ah well since you put it that way." Dan got up.

Dan went into his bag and pulled out new clothes. He went to the shower and turned it on. "Did you leave some water for me?"

"Course I did. I am gonna go get us some breakfast." Marcie got up feeling queasy. She calmed her mind and went out.

Kelli and Matt were eating their breakfast which consisted of fish and rice. "You look dreadful." Kelli said to her.

"I ain't good on boats they make me sick. I could probably lose weight on sea." Marcie grabbed a plate, but felt overwhelmed with sea sickness.

Kelli hold this. She handed her the plate and went to vomit over the rail. Marcie felt very sick and ended up throwing up. Kelli had brought her a rag and some motion sickness pills. "Take these."

Marcie took them. She got the water Kelli held and took the pills. "I hate boats so much."

"Still no period?" Kelli asked.

"No. But I am not worrying cause its probably just stress. It will come when I least expect it like always." Marcie started to feel a bit better.

"I'll serve you and Dan a plate then you can take it to him." Kelli patted her shoulder.

Marcie nodded as she relaxed. Kelli was serving them everything that was there. Once she was done she handed it to her. "Thank you, Kelli."

"You're welcome." Kelli sat back down with Matt. He glared at her. "She doesn't look well."

"Sea sickness. Marcie is not good on boats. Its why she took up being a stewardess." Kelli brushed off Matt's chin.

"You staying with me, tonight?" Matt tapped her knee.

"I gotta talk to Marcie we still have Adair's Wedding." Kelli had remembered her best friend's wedding.

Matt placed his hand on hers understanding that they had lives outside what they had on the island. Marcie was bringing their breakfast down, Dan was there out of the shower. "I brought us breakfast. What they had."

"Ah thank you." Dan sat down and started to eat.

"Kelli and I have a wedding to attend to. But after that well I pretty much have time to kill till I get back home." Marcie looked at him eat.

"Ok, so are you wondering what are my plans?" Dan looked up from his plate.

"Yes. Would you care to share?" Marcie ate her food.

"Got to get hold of my agent and my parents then after that I gotta tell Joanna everything. I'll probably make a press release then after that I will see what we are gonna do after that." Dan told her everything.

Marcie nodded. She ate quietly, closing her eyes she started to feel tired. But she knew it was due to the pills taking effect. He seen her lay down after she ate. "You feeling okay?"

"I took some pills for seasickness. I hate boats." She yawned.

"Ah well let me take these and you close your eyes." Dan took her plate and put the empty dishes on the floor. Once she was out, he laid by her for a few seconds and kissed her head. Dan went up top to see everything. Kelli pointed to the land up ahead Matt was looking at it with her. He put his arm around her.

Dan looked back at reality. He was where he was suppose to be. But seeing how he had done something he probably shouldn't have well now he had several choices to make.
Chapter 8 by magical1
Dan woke Marcie up as they had hit shore. She rubbed her eyes. Marcie wasn't looking forward going back to what she called a normal life. It was like a flash that needed changing and how she didn't like anything she saw. Getting her luggage, she picked it up and hauled it up top with the rest of them as Dan lead the way. She followed him and the others were off the ship going on the dock. Marcie saw Adair waiting and Kelli was hugging her. When she looked around there was media everywhere. She felt alone.

"I can't do this. I can't go back to that dull boring existence." Marcie panicked.

"You can do this, come on." Dan said as he heard her.

Marcie walked off with her stuff. He went his way and she went hers. Joanna came running to her boyfriend as she ran up to him. Marcie seen what she looked like and it made her even more depressed. "Of course, he has a beautiful girlfriend. I am gonna crawl under the blankets for the rest of my life."

She walked forward and she seen a person she hadn't seen in a long time. "Bill?"

"I knew my girl was alive. Those flying lessons did do some good didn't they?" Bill hugged her.

"Bill, gosh its been years. How are you?" Marcie cheered up.

"All right for an old coot. But how are you?" Bill got her bag putting it in the truck.

"I am fine." She got into the car.

"I told Adair I would take you to the hotel that they set up for the survivors. They are giving you rooms free of charge." Bill got into the car.

"That's awesome. I wonder if they are only doing this for publicity?" Marcie knew pretty much that's why they were doing this.

"You seen a bit away. Anything on your mind you wanna share?" Bill noticed her mood.

"No. I am fine I just can't wait to get a shower." Marcie looked out the window watching the roads as they traveled to the hotel.

At the hotel things were crazy, all the media was there and all the survivors had arrived at the same time. Bill went with Marcie to the desk getting her room. Dan looked over at her, as Joanna was putting her hands on him. The room they gave her was a regular room. But Marcie was fine with it. She took her room key and hugged Bill. "I'll see you tonight I guess."

"You can count on it. I'll pick you up at 8. Adair is having this dinner tonight so till then get some rest." Bill hugged her one last time. Marcie nodded and walked to the elevator.

Dan and Joanna walked right behind her. Once the elevator rang she went in, Dan watched her. She pressed her floor number 15, Dan didn't press anything so he knew they were on the same floor. Marcie glanced over at him, leaning against the elevator as the numbers climbed.

Dan smiled over at her as Joanna leaned against him. Marcie didn't want to do much eye contact so she kept quiet as she watched Joanna lean there. She so wished she could be his, but it wasn't like that now. It was really uncomfortable to see them together, once they arrived at their floor she walked straight to her room.

Joanna took their room key and opened the door quite easily. Marcie got to hers and it wouldn't open. She pounded on the door, then threw her luggage at it. Dan seen how frustrated she was and went to her. "Give me your key card."

Marcie gave it to him. He did it slowly.The green light blinked then he grabbed the door handle opening it. "There you go."

"Thank you." She got up then went inside.

She mouthed the words. "I love you." He understood, cause he loved her too. Dan turned to go back to his room with Joanna. Marcie closed the door and laid her stuff inside. First thing she did was head to the restroom to take a bath.

Dan sat on the bed, Joanna seen him. He didn't act like his usual self. "What happened on that island, your not your normal self." "A lot of stuff happened. A lot I didn't expect. I didn't expect to fall in love with her." Dan laid down.

"In love with who? I thought you were in love with me?" Joanna sat down next to him, waiting for an answer.

"The girl in the elevator, she saved my life. I love her." Dan stared up at the ceiling.

"You love her, what about me?" Joanna was angry.

"Joanna, I never loved you. I told you before, but you never believed me. I want her, on the island we were like a married couple would be." Dan felt the difference between love and in love.

"What's her name?" Joanna was curious.

"Marcie, she's incredible." Dan wanted to be with her at that moment.

"What did you and her do on the island?" Joanna was curious.

"We talked. Made love and hung out." Dan put it in lament terms.

"You and her won't last. She's not your type, she's a stewardess for god sakes. I thought you said you only dated actresses?" Joanna was angry.

"Maybe, I've changed." Dan sat up.

"Nah, you just wanted someone to use. Someone to screw without consequences. You don't love her." Joanna knew he didn't.

"How do you know?" Dan stood up and went into his bag.

"Because I know you." Joanna got close to him.

Dan looked in his bag noticing he didn't have something for his shower. He knew he had to go down to the hotel lobby to buy it.

Marcie was getting some last minute stuff before her shower. She bought some pads, a pregnancy test and some razors. It was then that she looked up and seen him. Dan went to her, "You needed stuff too?" "Yeah I sort of ran out on the island. How are things with Joanna?" She didn't look at him.

"Fine. She's angry, she said I didn't love you that i was only using you." Dan said to her.

"Maybe you were. Maybe what we had only existed on that island." Marcie suggested.

"Are you mad at me?" Dan wondered why she was pulling away all of a sudden.

"No, just facing reality so when you tell me you don't love me it won't hurt as much." Marcie didn't look at him.

He felt sad that she was acting this way. "Do you want me gone?"

"No, I don't want you gone. It's being apart from you that is making me feel hurt." Marcie said the truth as she headed to the counter.

He watched the things she bought after she paid for her stuff. Dan paid for his. Together they went to the elevator and got inside. "If your upset with me. I am sorry."

Marcie didn't say anything to him, but got closer. She leaned in and kissed his lips. "I'm not. I'm gonna take a shower, then I am gonna take this pregnancy test. After i do I am gonna get some sleep."

"Hey who was that man you were with?" Dan remembered.

"Ah Bill, he's a old time friend. Taught me how to fly, in small private planes. There's no romantic involvement if that's what your wondering." Marcie folded her arms.

"I thought he may have been your father." Dan laid against the elevator.

"No my father died of cancer." Marcie saw the elevator door open.

She walked out with him. He walked to his door, she walked to hers. Once inside she felt the water since she had filled up the tub earlier. The water was better now, not so hot. Settling into the nice warm water she laid back closing her eyes. Images of her time at the island went through her mind. His laugh, his touch, his kisses it was something she was gonna miss about him. Washing herself up and cleaning herself from the island she felt better. She shaved her legs and anything else that needed shaving and she washed her hair.

Marcie got out of the tub, looking at the test she bought. She figured she may as well do it now so she read up and did it step by step. Dan was up, and putting on his clothes after his shower. Joanna was still there watching something on television.

Dan watched the television and seen their arrival on the news. He watched himself glance at Marcie and she at him. They loved each other, she may have not been an actress. But he definitely was gonna have a change of heart. Marcie stood there not believing the results of her pregnancy test. She walked away from it.

"It's impossible. I know what I have to do." She got the tester put it into an envelope and put her name with Merry Christmas on it.

She grabbed her purse, cause she wanted to eat. As she walked out her door, she knocked on his. Joanna had answered. "Hi, can you give this to him. Its important. I'll be down stairs at the restaurant if he wants to talk." Marcie left it and went to the elevator. Dan wondered what was up.

"Here." Joanna passed it to him.

He took the envelope and opened it. There was a single paper inside, "Merry Christmas?" He read, as he glanced at the paper. Inside he pulled the tester out, the cardboard with the test results was positive. Dan understood.

"I need to speak to her." Dan got his wallet.

"Do you want me to wait here or....?" Joanna asked.

"I need to talk to her in private." Dan needed this.

"All right." She nodded.

Marcie went to the restaurant and waited for her seat. Once the waitress called her she went with her to a booth. She took a seat and put her purse down. The waitress handed her a menu, "Would you like something to drink?" "Diet Pepsi, please." Marcie requested.

"Okay. I'll be right back with your drink." The waitress left.

Marcie looked on the menu, she was looking at the burgers. She knew what she was gonna order so she looked at the desert menu. Everything looked so good. Dan saw her from a far and walked a bit faster. Chocolate cake looked every good to her.

Dan came up to her table. "Hey!"

She looked up from the menu. "Well that didn't take long."

"Joanna is waiting upstairs. I have a lot to figure out. but I want it." Dan said.

"Are you sure, cause I don't wanna cause a rift between you and her. I thought you would tell me to get an abortion or something." She took a sip of her drink.

"No. I have something else to say as well." He took a seat.

Marcie didn't have any idea what could possibly be on his mind. He grasped her hand. "Marry me."

"What?" She couldn't believe he was asking this.

"I love you. Please say yes." He held her hand.

"What about Joanna?" She felt he was sincere, but didn't know if he actually put some thought into it.

"Let me handle her. What's your answer?" Dan looked into her eyes.

"Yes." Marcie was so happy she leaned and kissed him. The waitress came back, Dan looked at her. "Can you make double what she's having and have it sent up to room 12 on the fifteenth floor."

"Bacon cheeseburger, fries and a slice of your chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream." Marcie said.

"For a drink give me a Diet Coke and her what ever you gave her." Dan said his favorite drink.

"Diet Pepsi." Marcie reminded her.

"Yes Room 12 Floor 15. It will be sent up as soon as its done." The Waitress told them.

"Thank you." Marcie said as Dan dragged her off. "What's the hurry?" She asked as he pulled her hand.

"We need to get to your room." Dan said. "Why?" Marcie looked at him funny. The elevator came down and the door opened. "Cause I wanna show you what I am really like in bed." Her mouth dropped. "I kept thinking about it. I don't love Joanna. I want you I seen the video of us on the news and we love each other. I can't stand to be away from you anymore than you can from me."
Chapter 9 by magical1
In Marcie's room, she laid there completely satisfied. She loved that now they were back in society that he was more amazing than ever. Dan looked at her breathing like he ran a marathon. She turned toward her side and placed a kiss on his lips. "If this is what you are really like. You really are my match."

He giggled thinking that was just a bit funny. Someone knocked on the door. "Room Service."

"Our food is here." Marcie said a loud.

Dan got up putting on his pants. Marcie scrambled to get a robe. The guy brought in the food, but when Marcie looked up. She seen his girlfriend there. Dan seen her, "Joanna?"

Marcie took care of room service and waited for Dan to talk to Joanna. She was so hungry that she started to eat her food. Joanna and him were arguing in the hallway. He eventually took her to their room to have their conversation there. She gave the guy a tip and closed her door.

Marcie worried about him wondering what he was going through. About five minutes later, he knocked on the door holding his suitcase. "Hey is it all right if I be with you? Joanna wants the room, I told her I would stay with you." Dan parked his suitcase near the door.

"Yes of course. Is everything okay?" Marcie turned to look at him.

"We're over officially. I told her everything about us." Dan took a seat closer.

"Ah ok, you should eat. Before it gets cold." Marcie went back to her food.

He took a seat and together they ate. She felt giddy and happy. Dan was too, he watched her eat.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Marcie asked.

"You look so different, that glimmer in your eyes. I like it." He smiled and took a bite of his cheeseburger.

"It's called happiness. I'm alive, back in civilization, I'm with child and I'm with the man I love. What more could I possibly have?" Marcie turned when she heard a knock at the door.

Matt was standing there with Kelli. Dan opened the door, "Hey, nice to see you again."

"Likewise, I came to see Marcie is she decent?" Matt asked. Kelli walked in seeing Marcie in a robe.

Marcie hugged her, Kelli seen the bed a mess. "Having fun I see."

"The best, what made you come by?" Marcie picked her clothes off the floor.

"Oh Matt came to give you something." Kelli said.

"Ok, but let me get dress first be back in five okay." Marcie took her clothes with her to the restroom.

"Sure." Matt was talking with Dan.

"Wow you really proposed?" Matt said.

Kelli heard, "Congratulations."

"Thank you, Kelli." He hugged her.

"So I guess Marcie was right. She lost her virginity to you, your marrying her and Matt here is giving her an outrageous tip." Kelli giggled.

Marcie came out of the restroom fully dressed she put her hands through her hair. "So what's with the big reunion?"

"Hey, Marcie. Look, I am sorry for everything that happened on the last flight. We hated each other and we kept each other alive. But I am giving you what you wanted." Matt handed her a check.

Marcie took it and read the amount. She was shocked. "Are you crazy? I can't take this."

"You deserve it, sweetie. I just heard about your engagement. Congratulations." Matt smiled hugging her.

"Thank you, Matt." She hugged him back.

"Hey, do you know a good wedding planner?" Marcie asked Matt.

"No. Should I?" Matt gave her a weird expression.

"No, just asking." Marcie placed her hand in Dan's.

Matt hugged Kelli. "We'll we will let you guys alone. You coming to Adair's dinner tonight?"

"Oh shit I forgot. What time?" Marcie checked her clock.

"You got two hours, its at eight." Kelli reminded her.

"Right." Marcie went to the door with Kelli and Matt. She thought about Adair's present and went to her bag.

Dan went back to eating as he looked at her search her bag. "Thank god." Marcie grabbed the package.

"What's that?" Dan watch her hold it.

"I bought something for my friend Adair. She's getting married it was why I was coming and I took the flight. She's really in love with this guy and I was her maid of honor. This here was her gift from me." Marcie put it back in her bag.

"So we got a dinner to go to. Should go fine with the suit I have." Dan ate his fries.

Marcie sat back to eat, and she lingered on her food. Dan wondered why she was doing that. "If you have something on your mind say it."

"I was just thinking how funny all this is. That's all I mean. I didn't expect Matt to give me a 5 million dollar check and you are engaged to me and I lost my virginity to you while getting pregnant. Before the flight I was single, alone and looking back on a bad relationship. But today everything just changed. I'm in love, with child and have money I have no idea what to do with." She picked up her fry and ate it.

"Put some away for the baby, the rest have fun with it." Dan grabbed her hand. "Which reminds me I have to go look for a ring for you."

"I'm a simple kind of girl. Just remember that." She rubbed his hand.

"All right." He finished his food and took her hand.

"You can choose what suit for me to wear tonight. The grey or the dark blue." He got his suitcase opening it.

She looked at each suit. "The gray. I am wearing a red dress so that should look fine."

Dan got closer to her, "You okay?"

"Yeah. I am good." She touched his cheek.

He kissed her letting her be in his arms. That was one place she loved being more than anything. When she was with him, she felt everything in her mind fade. "Did you finish eating?"

"For the most part. What's on that mind of yours?" Dan knew her like no one else.

"Well I wanna know your likes and dislikes on multiple topics." Marcie sat on the couch.

"Sure." He took a seat.

The long conversation of them getting to know each other was almost like they knew each other. They had similar likes and dislikes among multiple topics but one thing they didn't have in common was when it came to music. For the most part they had different tastes, but it wasn't that far like any other common couple. Getting dressed for her friend's upcoming nuptials was okay. Dan was dressed in his gray suit and Marci in her red dress. She presented herself with a smile.

"You look beautiful." Dan complimented.

"Thanks you look handsome." Marci adjusted his tie.

Bill knocked on the door. Marci opened it. "You look amazing." Bill was dressed nicely. "Ah nah you look hot." He blushed.

"Bill, I would like you to meet Dan. He's my fiancee." Marci held her purse.

"Nice to meet you. Wow for a man who's rich and needs attention you sure didn't waste your time snatching my girl." Bill said out of line.

"Bill, please be nice. Dan means a lot to me." Marcie took Dan's hand.

Dan didn't say a thing out of courtesy. "I love her, it isn't like that."

"Let's go to the dinner shall we." Bill lead them to the elevator. Marci locked her room and took Dan's hand.

On the way to the dinner, Marci leaned against Dan in the car. The hotel where the dinner was was fancy. She liked the look of it. Bill left them off and gave his keys to the Valet. Marcie took out her invite. She showed it to Dan. He took a look at it.

“AH Nina, I like that name.” Dan said.

“She hates it. But, I like calling her that.” Marcie giggled.

Marcie walked with her gift for Nina. She saw the table for gifts and left it there. Dan didn’t know anyone so he waited by her.

“Now let’s introduce you to the rest of the group.” Marcie took his hand.

Marcie walked over to her friend Adair and introduced Dan. “Hey, Adair so glad to see you.”

“Likewise, I knew you were alive.” Adair hugged her seeing Dan.

“I’d like to introduce you to my fiancee, Dan.” Marcie said.

“Hey Nina, nice to meet you.” Dan said.

Adair giggled. She hugged him and didn’t want to let go. Marcie knew how much she had loved him. Dan hugged her back.

“Thank you for taking care of Marcie.” Adair let go.

“My pleasure after all she did save our lives.” Dan said.

“Wasn’t all just me, you know. Matt helped too.” Marcie said feeling like she knew she was just a bit unsure if she should discuss her pregnancy.

Adair went to go sit and Marcie brought over Dan to take a seat.

“Well now that everyone is seated. I would like to welcome my friends Kelli and Marcie with their two new beau’s Dan and Matt. We all came here for my wedding, but since my friends were lost well things have changed I ain’t getting married after all. Turns out Kyle met someone else so we’re cancelling the wedding and going back home in a few days.” Adair said.

Marcie was sad. She knew Adair loved Kyle but for him to go with another was total shit. Dan smiled seeing an opportunity. He got up from his seat.

“Sorry to interrupt, Adair. But since you guys are here, I was wondering if you all would like to attend our wedding, Marcie and I’s.” Dan said.

Marcie was in shock. “Here now?”

“Yeah as soon as possible. Everyone is invited; I’ll contact you with details tomorrow.” Dan said as he sat down. Marcie looked at him surprised.

“That’s okay isn’t it?” Dan asked her.

Marcie smiled and nodded. She hugged him. He hugged her back.

“Well things from the island never change.” Matt spoke up.

Marcie winked at him. Matt laughed.

“Thanks Dan, I look forward to attending. Dinner is on me so have a good dinner everyone.” Adair said.

Marcie couldn’t help but feel sorry for her friend. They ate and chatted amongst themselves at dinner. Adair looked quite happy despite losing her fiancée, but to be honest Kyle was not really her type. Adair was different than Kyle, she was more outgoing and needed someone just like that.

Bill glanced at Marcie, he smiled at her. She got up from her seat. “Hey Bill, would you mind taking a walk with me?”

“Nah not at all.” He got up from his seat.

She looked at Dan. “ Be right back.”

Dan smiled and let her go. She walked with Bill far enough away and began speaking. “Bill, I know you don’t like Dan much. But he has been the nicest man I ever met. I know you may be thinking he is wrong for me, but don’t I love him with all my heart.”

“I don’t hate him. I just don’t want him to hurt you is all.” Bill looked from where he was glancing at Dan.

“Okay I am okay with that but I wanted to ask you. Would you walk me down the aisle?” Marcie asked him.

“I’d be proud to do it.” Bill hugged her. Marcie hugged him back. “You’re the only thing I have close to a father figure.”

“I understand dear.” Bill felt like a father to her. He glanced at her and they walked back to the table.

Marcie went over to sit next to Dan. He grabbed her hand, she liked that. When she seen someone she didn’t expect her ex-boyfriend.

“Danny?” She looked at him coming to her.

“Hey Marcie. I heard what happened I was worried.” Danny said kneeling by her.

“Danny, what are you doing here?” Marcie wanted to hear his story.

“I came to see you. I wanted to see if you were all right. I missed you.” Danny stood up.

“Danny we broke up. I took that flight cause I needed to get away. I hope you’re not expecting anything to happen cause I already have a man. A man I am in love with.” Marcie looked at Dan taking his hand.

“I thought we were on break.” Danny looked confused.

“What part of I don’t want to see you anymore it’s over don’t you get?” She looked at Danny and rolled her eyes.

“Ah I see now, rich boy trying to buy you off.” Danny said it to her face.

“For your information he hasn’t bought me a thing. He loves me and I love him. We’re getting married.” Marcie got up.

“Why don’t you leave her alone.” Dan stepped in.

“Look rich boy, she’s my girl. We never officially broke up.” Danny moved and took Marcie’s hand.

“Don’t touch me. Would you just please leave?” Marcie pulled away.

Danny took a step and walked away. Marcie sat down with Dan reaching for him. “He hurts you I will kick his ass.”

“We won’t need to resort to violence. You’re more a man than he could ever be. Let’s just enjoy our dinner.” Marcie started to eat.

Dan started to eat too. They started hearing conversations about past events and current. Kelli spoke up while Adair and Marcie listened.

“So Bomer and I are dating now. Marcie is marrying Daniel with a baby on the way and Adair is single. We should take another flight. I know a place we could all go.” Kelli spoke up.

“Oh no I am getting married first then a flight.” Marcie stopped Kelli.

“All right we will wait.” Kelli giggled.

“I could bring you up to date on your flight experience.” Bill offered as he cleaned his chin.

“You know I would like that Bill. I could aim for a softer landing than the previous one we had. Bomer was an okay co-pilot but you’re the teacher. It could help.” Marcie was confident in it.

“Sounds great.” Bill nodded.

Dinner was a blast, Marcie looked at Dan taking his hand. She wanted to tell him how she enjoyed him being with her and how much he meant to her. But the look in his eyes made her think maybe he might be regretting his decision.

“Something wrong?” Her fingers touched his.

“No, nothing. I was just thinking about the island. How fast things went.” Dan looked to the ground.

“If you want to change your mind. You’re free to go. I ain’t holding you to anything.” Marcie felt that’s what he wanted.

“Nah, it ain’t anything like that. I love you. “ Dan meant it.

Marcie was unsure. “I just want you to be sure this is what you want. I don’t wanna have this baby and then see regret. Do you think this is a mistake? Us getting married.” She blinked away a tear.

“No. Whatever your thoughts are on us being over. No I want you. I was just thinking how quickly it went and how we can be together. Usually I only date actresses cause they know the hectic schedule us actors go through. Never thought of dating a regular girl. But you’ve got so much fire in you and you’re brave. I could never land a plane. I could never hold myself responsible for other people’s lives and you did. Without even thinking about yourself. I fell in love with you. I don’t have any regrets except one.” Dan looked to the sky.

“What regret do you have?” Marcie wanted to know.

Dan brought his gaze back to her. “The only regret I have is for not saying I love you sooner. Cause I was afraid. I was afraid of letting go of what was convenient.”

Marcie grabbed him close and hugged him. Her grip on him was a little tight and he had to put his arms around her to stop her from crushing him to death. “Ease up just a tad.” She let him go and he gave her that smile she loved.

‘You two ready to go now?” Bill said from the darkness.

Marcie nodded. Together they walked with Bill out and greeted Adair and her friends goodbye. Dan got hold of Kelli’s and Adair’s numbers and put them into his pocket.
Chapter 10 by magical1
Dan paced as he was talking to his publicist about his upcoming nuptials. Marcie was asleep with the covers over her as he took a seat on the bed glancing at her. He had just gotten her ring this morning and his and already set up the ceremony for tomorrow.

The premiere he had to go to was today so his stylist had brought over his tux. He glanced up at the tux, his polished shoes were set aside and he smiled. “What is convenient will be no longer, when love sets free. My true heart I will give to you. To love you for the rest of my life.” Dan whispered his love for her. He touched her and she awoke.

She smiled feeling happy to look at him just as he looked at her. It was so good to wake up to him. “How long have you been up?”

“Long enough to get our rings, talk to my publicist and make our ceremony for tomorrow.” Dan took her hand.

“Wow you’ve been busy.” Marcie got up slowly.

“That I have but it’s a good day I have that premiere today. Wanna come?” Dan laid beside her.

“What about the media attention?” Marcie worried.

“You needn’t worry about that I got that covered.” Dan leaned in closer. She leaned and took his kiss.

Dan came closer to her. “What’s on your mind?”

“I have something to tell you my life before the plane crash. You need to know otherwise I wouldn’t be able to live with myself and I don’t wanna lie to you or anything to complicate our relationship.” Marcie got up.

“All right. Tell me.” Dan stood there.

“I had a boyfriend before I left but we ended it. You met him. But what I didn’t tell you is I was living with him. We almost married, but we didn’t because I found out he had a child from someone else and he didn’t tell me. I don’t hate him for not telling me, but then I found out I wasn’t the only girl he was dating. ” Marcie wanted to start this off right.

“So he was a big cheater?” Dan took her hand.

“Yeah when I confronted him he said none of them mattered so I asked who is them and he told me all the girls he was dating. I tried to leave him, but he still didn’t leave me alone. When the trip became available I took it. I didn’t want to see him ever again he was a liar and a cheater.”

“Did he ever try to sleep with you?”

“He did, but I wasn’t all too sure about him. So I told him no. With you it was different. I know we had barely just met, but I was attracted to you. I wanted you to take it even if you didn’t love me because then I would know exactly who you were. I trusted you.”

“I wasn’t all too good to you either. I lied not telling you about my girlfriend who I wasn’t really in love with. I’m sorry I should have told you that first day we met.” Dan apologized.

“Its water under the bridge, no more lies. We got a baby that will need us both soon.” Marcie grabbed his hand.

“Marriage first darling, we got months to prepare for the little one.” Dan kissed her.

“We haven’t even discussed our living situation I mean you’re in New York right?” Marcie remembered home.

“Yeah, but we can move all your stuff. Where are you from?” Dan had never asked that.

“Kansas. But I currently live in New York as well. I was never much for a country girl. Though we will have to go down there sometimes so my parents can meet you.” Marcie laid her hand against his chin.

“Not a problem. Let’s have breakfast then my stylist will help find a nice dress for you.” Dan kissed her.

“Okay. Do you know what time the premiere is?” Marcie was curious. “About eight.” Dan got up.

“Good I have enough time to wake up.” She smiled as she got up from the bed. Dan went over to the couch and turned on the television. “Take a shower wake up then we will eat.” Dan said as she went to get something to wear.
Chapter 11 by magical1
Marcie picked out an outfit then laid it on the bed while she went to shower. Dan was looking at the television. He was changing the channels looking for something interesting.

He was looking at the television as news of them and their accident appeared he was so relieved to be back in civilization. Marcie got to the bathroom and turned on the water once inside she started feeling the warm spray on her back she smiled as she felt it not like in the jungle where she was sweating and feeling ugly. She thanked god she was out of there.

As the shower ran she felt pretty good but then she didn't feel well and wondered what was going on with her she bent forward and vomited. She knew that morning sickness was part of the pregnancy but she didn't expect it. She wondered just how far along she was and hoped to god this wasn’t someone else’s baby. The last time before Dan was several months ago with a guy she barely knew, but he was nice to her and so unlike her ex-boyfriend. She had completely forgotten about him, but he had used a condom.

The only time she could have thought of was her first time with Dan. She smiled thinking about how hot it was and how he had sounded in the throes of passion. She liked that he was hers now. But she needed to tell him about the guy she met before she left. Cause if she wasn't truthful this could hurt more eventually.

Dan sat back watching television he heard about the information on his bride to be. Especially concerning the Bomer accident, but he knew the truth on that. Then something else came up about her he didn't know. Marcie had been adopted and lived with her foster parents until she went to school and became a flight attendant after leaving college to become an interior designer. He wondered just what brought on that change

After Marcie's shower she looked at Dan and took her cell she looked for the nearest hospital. When she got the address she called. Dan seen her and noticed she was on her phone. "Hi I need to make an appointment."

"No i don't live in the area. But i need to see the doctor I'm pregnant. What yeah tomorrow yes that is great. The name is Marcie Williams and yes i will see you tomorrow." Dan watched her.

"Everything all right?"

“Yeah just feeling queasy.” She took a seat and brushed her hair.

“I just heard the news about you being adopted and living with your foster parents.” Dan told her.

“Yeah do you have questions?” She sat back putting the brush down.

“Yea so you left college to become a flight attendant?” Dan leaned against the couch with his hand against his head.

Marcie nodded. “It was sort of a dare from a friend to become a flight attendant we were headed for spring break to Florida and I didn’t get a room right away so I had to room with a flight attendant she told me all the cool stuff so I asked her for info and then men she brought in. They were rich, sexy and very horny.”

Dan laughed at that. “So that peaked your interest.” Marcie nodded and leaned forward. “You sure did.”

He kissed her then leaned her back. “A man knows with that look in your eyes.” “We need food.” Marcie got up and got her purse.

Dan got up took his wallet and his room key card. He turned off the television and together they went out to eat.

She was holding his hand as they walked down the hall. Kelli yelled from a far. “Hold the elevator.”

Kelli ran with Matt in tow. Dane and his wife appeared too. It seemed like they were all on the same floor.

Dan and Marcie held the elevator. She giggled seeing them all again. Kelli was showing Marcie her new dress. She loved it.

Matt and Dan were talking and Dane well he was introducing his wife to Marcie. “Marcie, I would like you to meet my wife.”

Marcie took her hand. “Nice to meet you.”

Anna nodded. “Thank you so much for taking care of him. I wouldn’t know what would happen to me if he was gone.”

“Dane has a funny thing about him. But I hope that head injury is okay.” Marcie reached his head touching it where the scar had been.

“I’m fine. Thanks for the safe landing.” Dane giggled. “Had Matt not pulled me under when he did I might not be here that tree would have impaled my head.

Matt hugged her. “Do you still hate me now?”

“No Matt.” She hugged him back.

Once reaching the ground floor they all walked out. It turns out they were all going to eat and that the hotel had given them use of their private dining room.

Everyone walked into the dinning room. Marcie sat near Kelli while Dane sat next to Dan with his wife Anna. Each of them began talking about the island while Marcie and Kelli began talking about their lives as stewardess and whether they were planning on taking the next flight home.

Bill waved and Marcie waved back. He took a seat across from her.

"Ready to learn more about flying my dear girl?"

"Absolutely what about tomorrow?" Bill asked her.

"You're on." Marcie loved flying.

"We should take your fiancee he should learn with you in case you ever need a co-pilot." Bill suggested. Marcie liked the idea. She nodded.

The waiters came in with menus and walked around asking about drinks. Marcie took a look at the breakfast menu. "Pancakes, bacon and hash browns are for me."

Dan kissed her cheek. "Same." He muttered.

He grabbed her hand and put a box in her hand. She looked at it. "Is this what I think it is?"

"Yes I wanted you to see it." Dan was excited.

Marcie smiled, she slowly opened the box. Inside sat a diamond ring it wasn't to outrageous instead it was antique and traditional. Dan saw her expression on her face. "Is it all right?"

"Its beautiful I just hope it fits." She pulled it out and tried it on for size. The ring had fit.

Everyone saw the ring on Marcie's ring finger. Dane shouted at Dan. "Well do it already."

Dan nodded and she pulled off the ring. He got out of his chair and kneeled before her. Marcie was smiling at him as he began a speech. "Never in my life have a met a girl like you. You're kind and you love with your heart. When we were trapped on that island and I thought we were gonna die you never gave up hope. You saved my life and I can never thank you for that. I fell in love with you. So will you marry me?"

Marcie smiled. "Of course I will."

Dan slipped on the ring and got up off his knee and kissed her. She had butterflies in her stomach and she was starving. Marcie tapped his shoulder. He looked over at her. "We're going flying tomorrow I wanna teach you. Bill is coming with us tomorrow."

"I can't fly. I mean can i?" Dan was unsure about it.

"Anyone can. We need experience we can learn from each other cause you're gonna learn everything." Marcie grabbed his hand.

"All right but we get married first. I don't wanna die without having experienced the little things." Dan watched as slowly their plates were being brought in.
Chapter 12 by magical1
Author's Notes:
Dan was standing on top of a hill looking down below. He put his hand above his eyes looking out to the sea. There was nothing as far as he could see. Marcie reached the top. “Do you see anything?”

“No, nothing just wreckage from the plane. “ He reached out for her and put his arm around her.

“I’m scared this isn’t anything like last time. It’s more people and we need to search for food and shelter.” Marcie held onto him.

Elijah came to them from behind. “Radcliffe you did it again.”

Dan turned around looking at him. “What the fuck this wasn’t my fault.”

“This is the second plane you crashed. I took it cause you said we were cool. Why the fuck did I ever listen to you.” Elijah said.

“This wasn’t him I crashed the last one. Someone is sabotaging our flights it’s connected to me and Kelli. I am pretty sure of it now.” Marcie seemed to remember Kelli’s ex.

Marcie took Dan’s hand. As she walked she began speaking. “Kelli’s last boyfriend was a plane engineer. I am pretty sure this is his doing. You see their relationship didn’t end well. He was possessive of her.”

“Probably found out in the media where we were.” Dan guessed.

“Yeah. But why would he want to kill her?” Marcie wondered. Dan shrugged. “Men are desperate for love?”

Dane came down the path looking at Dan stand there. He wiped his sweat off his forehead and stood still. “Looks like you saved us again, Marcie. Better landing this time now that you have a real co-pilot.”

She smiled. “Dan learned all on his own. I’m proud of him.”

Dan kissed her softly. “We still have a honeymoon to do.”

Elijah looked at him like he was joking. “We need to get out of here not celebrate.”

Dane, Dan and Marcie started walking down to the others. Elijah followed behind them as they walked down a sandy path. Adair looked around hearing birds and loved the island. Kelli and Matt were sitting there on the sand. Dane’s wife had been there this time.

“It’s so pretty.” Adair smiled.

Dan was looking at their camping equipment. He reached for his tent and started setting it up. Dane went and helped. Matt looked over at them, “We can’t all fit in that tent.” Kelli reached over.

“That’s why you’re setting up ours.” She passed it on to him and the bag hit him in the gut.

Adair had a tent too. They had agreed before the flight that they would all take a camping trip though the island was not the place they were going. Elijah was so worried he sat near Adair. “Aren’t you scared?”

“Nope. I trust my friends. Can you set up our tent?” Elijah looked at him offering to share her tent with him.

“Yeah sure.” Elijah took the tent as he reached for it. He looked over at the others. There were eight people each had their own tent even Dane had wanted to come along. Dan had got a big tent that he and Dane were gonna share.
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