The Journey To Spell by reg

Daniel Radcliffe, Jessica Ennis and Ricky Gervais go on a life changing journey along with Graham Norton to learn how to spell astronaut. During this journey Norton unleashes his wrath about not being able to spell the nine letter word. Daniel, Jesicca and Ricky all feel exstremly annoyed. Will they contiue to help?Will Norton learn how to spell?

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1. Poor Norton by reg

2. Mwhaha! by reg

Poor Norton by reg

Norton learns that he is unable to spell astronaut after an interview with Daniel Radcliffe, Jessica Ennis and Ricky Gervais. He begins to wonder how this had came about. Could it have been that he didn't pay attention in class. Or that he just wasn't that intelligent? Many things came to mind for him. However, he decided to blame Gervais for revealing that he can not spell. His reason was that if he had never invited Gervais on the show he would have never suggested that Daniel be an astronaut. But then he began to think even deeper. What if I never invited Daniel Norton thought to himself. 

Norton decide to pay a little visit to Radcliffe and Gervais with his little friend.

Mwhaha! by reg

After Norton sat and thought long and hard he felt it was time to give Radcliffe and Gervais another visit.

Later, Norton soon arrived at Gervais's house with his flame thrower. He rang the door bell and to his surprise a very attractive woman answered along with Ricky. Ricky then kissed her goodbye as Norton began to drool. They watched her walked beautifully to her car, then when Norton was positive she was gone Norton screamed angrly, "Rickaaay!".

Ricky responded by a slight jump then ran into his house as Norton followed closely. They ran all over the house untill Norton had him cornered. Norton was ready to burst Gervais into flames but, Gervais said, " WAIT! WAIT! What's the problem?! ".

Graham quickly and angerly answered " You reveled to all of my viewers that I can't spell astronaut! ".

He took a few puffs of air after tell Gervais.

" So this is what you're so mad about!! ", exclaimed Gervais.

" Yes. Now I'm gonna kill you! "

" Wait! Wait! Wait! " scremead Gervais once more, " I'll help you! "

" What? " answered Norton.

" I'll help you spell astronaut. "

" Oh my god! "

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