Guilty is charged by Emily G

Brittany and Daniel are caught in a very akward position in front of Daniel's girlfriend Rosy, and Rosy doesn't take it well... especially in a very forign country such as Japan.

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1. Chapter 1 by Emily G

2. Chapter 2 by Emily G

3. Chapter 3 by Emily G

4. Chapter 4 by Emily G

5. Chapter 5 by Emily G

6. Chapter 6 by Emily G

7. Chapter 7 by Emily G

Chapter 1 by Emily G

 Brittany sits in a lonely little cafe' on Zamutaro street and sips her green tea. To behold her eyes, Daniel Radcliffe and a tall brunette walk in the shop to purchase some coffe. Brittany is so excited, she hasn't felt so awestruck in years...."Two Coffes please." Daniel asks politely to the cashier. She hands him his change and he takes his number, thus walking over to a table to sit down with the woman.

Chapter 2 by Emily G

   Brittany noticed Dan sit down at the booth in front of her. She just couldn't stop staring.....who was that girl? She thought. Was it an aquaitance, or someone more important. Either way, she had to find out...Brittany walked over to his table and said hello to him politely. "Hello." Daniel answered back. "My name is Brittany." She said to him. "Nice to meet you Brittany, my name is Dan." Brittany noticed the tall woman walking back to Dan's table and sat down. Brittany had never had a feeling about a man like this before....there was love.... A little while later, Brittany saw Dan and his lady companion get up and walk towards the door. On his way out, Dan made a quick, enthusiactic wave to Brittany. She felt utterly in love.

Chapter 3 by Emily G

   Brittany walked out of the door after giving a tip to her waitress, then headed out of the door with a heavy sigh. What was she going to do? This is the onnly time Brittany had ever felt anything for a man. She felt stuck. Just before stopping near a corner, she tripped over Dan's foot and landed overtop him. "Oh goodness gracious!" Brittany was mortified. "Whoops!" Dan said as she landed on him. They looked each other in the eyes and there was a breif silence. "I'm soooo sorry!" Brittany said to him. "No Brittany, it's quite alright." He smiled. That only made Brittany more embarrassed than before. Out of the blue his girlfriend came walking over with a picnic blanket and an empty candle holder. "Daniel?!" She said dropping everything she had. "No Rose, you don't understand, this young lady Brittany was walking the opposiater direction as me and she tripped over my foor when i was going to turn!" Dan said with a pant at the end due to his long scentence.

  "WELL I DON'T CARE HOW LONG AND WINDED YOUR EXPLINATION MIGHT BE DAN, BUT FOR RIGHT NOW, I am going to go down the street and go right home. Do not bother to call for quite a while please." Then she took off, leaving Dan and Brittany in their akward position on the cerb.

Chapter 4 by Emily G

   "Listen Daniel, ii'm truly sorry about this. I didn't know you were there, this could cost you your whole relationship with her!" Brittany said. "Don't worry about it. It's not the firat time Rosy has been mad at me. You know there are even some times that i think she's using me for money and fame." Dan said with a stare at the cement ground. "It's okay, I didn't mean to make you feel bad about her either." Brittany said with a tear in her bright green eye. Dan got up and dusted himself off, helping Brittany as he did so. "Is it true?" Brittany began. "What you said, about Rosy?" Dan paused in his steps. "Unfortumately, yes, it is." He said facing her. "Well what do we do now?" Brittany said to him. "We wait." Dan replied......

Chapter 5 by Emily G

   "Wait for what?" Brittany said worridly. "We're pretty much stuck together, and now I have had more guilt than probably some murderor!" She continued. "Don't worry Brittany." Daniel said to her. "I've got it all figured out." Brittany noticed Daniel taking another dramatic pause. "Um hello?? We aren't taking some kind of commercial break on a movie channel ya know." She said to him waving her hand in front of his face. "You think I don't know that?" Daniel said frustrated to her. "What we're going to do is we're going to plan a fake date, and when she comes by, we act like we're having a good time. She sees us, and she wants me back. End of story." Daniel said proudly. Brittany giggled to herself. "What?" Daniel said offended. "Do you obviously think she's going to buy that?" She asked him. "Um, well yeah." Daniel responded. "Listen, as much as I would love to have a fake date with you sherlock,we gotta have a real plan here." Brittany said.

   "uhhh." Daniel said. "Well then, what's your suggestion?" " I was thinking that we can go with the same kind of feel, but we gotta make it look and feel real to other people around us, or looking at us. As an actor that should be first priority correct?" Brittany said to Daniel. "Um, right. Always." Daniel said shaking his head knowingly. "Good." Brittany said. "Now let's go get ourselves some suckers...."

Chapter 6 by Emily G

   "Alright, so we just have a fake date right?" Dan asked Brittany. "Yup. That's the plan Stan." Brittany said to him. "Um, it's Daniel.." Dan said to her. "I know what your name is! I just said that because it rhymed!" Brittany said to Daniel. "So, we need a way to find out where your girl is going, then we need to be there at the same place, at the same exact time." Brittany said. "Right. Um, how are we going to do that?" Daniel asked Brittany. "Well you see, um....well..." She paused. "Well, got any more topics what I, 'as an actor' should know?" Daniel said to Brittany. "Alright you got me." She said "I have no idea how to be there llike I said."

"Score one for Radcliffe." Daniel said under his breath. "So." Brittany said. "So, what?" Daniel said. "So, Mr. 'team Radcliffe', wouldn't you know where your girl would be right now?" "Um, at her house watching T.V. while drinking coffe." Daniel said. "Excelent..." Brittany rubbed her hands together and smiled.

Chapter 7 by Emily G

   Daniel and Brittany walked toward Rosy's house on Chilman road. They looked inside of the window to find her sitting on the couch watching the news just like daniel had said. Brittany reacted on instinct and threw a large stone at her potted plant. It shattered and echoed through the house. Rosy jumped in her chair and got up to look. "Quick! Kiss me!" Brittany said to Daniel. He pulled her close and kissed her. Rosy looked up from sweeping up glass and gasped at the sight of them. "This is outrageous!" Rosy said. "Why?" She continued. Daniel and Brittany did not hear Rosy talking to them and continued to kiss eachother. "HEY!!" Rosy said.  "Wha? Huh?" Daniel said breaking up from Brittany. "What are you trying to pull here?" She asked him. "Nothing, I was" He looked at Brittany.

"Listen, Rosy...Over the past few days, I've really drawn close to Brittany here, and she to me as well." Daniel continued. "And I just wanted to tell you that I think we should see other people." "Wow. That was a really deep statement Daniel.." Rosy said. "But why didn't you just say so, instead of trying to make me jealous?" "Well, um..." Daniel said while his face turned red. "You mean all this time I couldi've just asked you?!" He asked Rosy. "Of course!" She responded.

   "Well, I guess this is it then..." Daniel said to her. "Yep." Rosy said. "Bye." Brittany said as she pulled him back to the sidewalk where they met. "What was that all about, you just pulled me in the middle of a conversation!" Daniel said to her. "Well, truth to be told, no one wants to hear all of that sappy romantic stuff, even Rosy." Brittany answered him. She walked to the stop sign where they fell over. "Now let's start over." Brittany said to him. She pulled him close and kissed him. Daniel's eyes grew wide.

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