Fighter by Emily G

Daniel Radcliffe is aboard NASA's most "trusted" space explorer units, but he would have never guessed the terrifying expierences he will endure....

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Chapter 1 by Emily G

   DANGER! DANGER! the sirens screeched. Daniel flung himself at the lever. He grabbed the steering stick and pulled it foward and hoped for the best. He cloosed his eyes and turned stone still. With an enormous crash and bang the ship slammed itself into the dusty ground of Venus. "Just great." Daniel said. "I just feel like doing a backflip!" He said sarcastically. "If the bones in my back weren't almost ripped out!" He checked the oxygen levels of his only flight suit and made sure that they would last him for a while. Then Daniel stepped out of the huge mess and headed toward a small town-like shape in the horizon.

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