Fighter by Emily G

Daniel Radcliffe is aboard NASA's most "trusted" space explorer units, but he would have never guessed the terrifying expierences he will endure....

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1. Chapter 1 by Emily G

2. Chapter 2 by Emily G

3. Chapter 3 by Emily G

Chapter 1 by Emily G

   DANGER! DANGER! the sirens screeched. Daniel flung himself at the lever. He grabbed the steering stick and pulled it foward and hoped for the best. He cloosed his eyes and turned stone still. With an enormous crash and bang the ship slammed itself into the dusty ground of Venus. "Just great." Daniel said. "I just feel like doing a backflip!" He said sarcastically. "If the bones in my back weren't almost ripped out!" He checked the oxygen levels of his only flight suit and made sure that they would last him for a while. Then Daniel stepped out of the huge mess and headed toward a small town-like shape in the horizon.

Chapter 2 by Emily G

  The dust flowed like water across the never-ending ground. Daniel continued walking, he was determined to find food and shelter. On and on the dusty red sky stretched in. Venus was a very unforgiving planet. Especially during the summer season. Daniel finally made his way into the town. It looked old and abandoned. Showing no sign of life anywhere. "Hello?!" Daniel yelled into the empty hotel. "Tela zerf no ramus!" A hearty voice answered back. "Er.... hi." Dan answered into the darkness. "Tela zerf no ramus!!" It screeched at him again. "Um, what exactly does that mean?" He asked it. "Wait.... you are from great blue rock?" It asked him. "Um, if you mean Earth, then yes! Yes I do come from the ' Great Blue Rock'." Daniel answered. "Yaaaaaaaaaaa!" The voice yelled and pushed him onto the floor trying to strangle him.

"Please, spare me. " Daniel said. "MEZA KOL DE RAMUS!" A loud female voise rung from the opposiate side of town. "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE?!" Daniel screamed. "I speak english!!" He continued. The woman-like figure walked toward him. She appeared ro be human, unlike the other green tall creature that wrestled him to the hard ground. "It's ok. I was sent here to talk to you." She said to Daniel, helping him up. "Wow, wait a mean your like stranded here the same as me, or did you come like a month earlier and was expecting me to crash here or something?" Daniel asked. "No. I live here on Venus until the first time I crash-landed here." She said. "Do you have a name?" He asked her. "Yes. On this planet I am known as 'Durana' which means Faithful in english.

"So, now that we've got all aquainted.... let's find you a place to live." Durana said. "Hla fe do romandbo!" She continued. "Pssstttt." Daniel whispered to her. "What?" She asked. "What does that mean?" He said. "Welcome to our planet." Durana answered....

Chapter 3 by Emily G

     "Over here, you'll find that all of our hotels are to the finest quality..." Duranna said, pointing over to some beaten-down old buildings. Daniel felt like laughing. "Um..... If they're so great? Then why does that one have a tumble weed comming out of it? I thought plants don't grow in space..." He said, disguising a smile, biting his lip. Durana looked around confused. "Oh.....Well, every other hotel is good....Except that one.... Come along..." She quickly motined over to another, at least better looking building. "Now this one is much better..." Durana mumbled, looking inside the lobby.  Daniel looked around.... At least it looked like a hotel, and not a prison....

       "Are there any openings?" Durana asked a green man at a desk. The man looked startled. "Do Naus Kuad holena." He said nodding. "I'm going to take that as a yes...." Daniel said, laughing signing he paperwork. "Great. That's what he said, you're really catching onto this language!" Durana said, patting him on the back. "Right..." Daniel respond... 

            Daniel walked up the old creaky stairs to the room which he just got. It wasn't bad, except for all of the dust... "Is this planet used to being like the inside of an old supply closet?" Daniel said coughing. Durana looked confused. "" She aid, not quite getting the joke. "Nevermind." Daniel answered. He pulled out his scanner out of his pocket, and read the air's toxicity. "The air is normal..." He mumbled. So he figured to take off his helmet, and toss it over on the bed. "Do you have any chlotes?" Daniel asked Durana. "The closet should have some over there." She pointed to a tiny door off to the side of the room. Daniel walked over there and looked inside. There were very strange, half-garmnts, and siler pieced suits. "Just like in the movies... I knew it would be like this...Damn." Daniel mumbled.

             A few seconds later, he found some normal-looking chlotes. A red t-shirt and an old pair of dusty jeans. "Lovely." He said, dusting them off. He came back into the room, and held them up. "What do you think?" He asked Durana. "Dufarad-Nes cuan" She said, coughing. "Um......Come again?" Daniel asked her. "They look earth-ly......and dusty." She said laughing. "Whatever." Daniel said, and then went into the hallway to change.

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