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The Wonderful Life Of Albus Potter Part 1 by supercooper

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Table of Contents

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Story notes:

Ron and Hermione come to the potter house

A visit from George 

On their way to the stasion 

Chapter notes:

All the same as story notes!!!!

"Hurry up Mum Ron and Hermione are here." I shouted as I showed my uncle Ron and auntie Hermione. "I'm coming Albus!" my Mum Ginny Weasley screamed down the stairs. Just then I turned around to see my father Harry Potter standing behind me. He gave me that you and hugo go upstairs look. So I quickly asked hugo to follow me so all the grown ups could talk. Upstairs in my room I sat and waited for my visit from my favourite uncle George. POP! Then he suddenly appeared in my room. "Hey Albus, Hugo you to excited for Hogwarts I'm now posion teacher so you better be careful." said George as he danced round the room. Me and Hugo sat and laughed until Mum and Dad shouted. "You better go George don't wanna be late for your first day of work, don't worry I'll see you at Hogwarts and you can see us ge sorted into are houses." Me and Hugo went downstairs. We ran outside and jumpped in the car.

Chapter end notes:

End of part 1 part 2 coming soon

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