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drunken fool by beanerspam

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Table of Contents

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i am but a drunken fool

would you believe me if i told you
how much of a fool i’ve been?

if only i knew what i know now
maybe i wouldn’t have messed things up
as much as i did

your eyes
the look they give
lock me in place
when i see you staring
trying to understand
what goes on in my mind

if only i knew!
oh but my love
you do know
don’t you?
you’ve always known

how my sadness
was first for her
but now is for you

for how could you
possibly ever love me
the way i love you?

but again
i am the fool

you do love me

your eyes
those telling eyes
so deep so lovely
they’ve always looked
so longingly at me

from the first day
all the smiles
the tenderness
the knowledge of who i am
of what i am

for i am a drunken fool
who will love you

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