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Skin Change

The Heat between me and you by magical1

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It was late July and Lisa was fixing up the bedroom she had been living with her fiancee for 6 months and from the very start of their relationship. He had been an asshole to her ever day. Their home had luxurious furnishings and everything had to be perfect or else he'd yell at her. Lisa knew from this moment on, that her life would be hell. She had met him on set, she remembered her first day there.

Lisa was a makeup artist, she did exquisite work.

All actors, were quite average they didn't give her lip or anything. But that was about to change for now she was gonna be working with one of the most demanding arrogant assholes of all time, Dan Radcliffe.

When he was on set, he would be polite. But to Lisa, he was the worst she ever saw she seen everything.

"Lisa, coffee now." He said.

"Yes, right away." She fetched it.

When she came back, he tasted it. "Fetch me another this is awful and make sure you make it yourself." He demanded.

Lisa went back and made a fresh pot and made sure everything was absolutely perfect. She put the cup next to him.

"Lisa, I need you to clean this right away." He pointed to his tie.

He handed it to her and she was about to give it to one of the costume personnel, but he stopped her.

"No, clean it and make sure it's ironed." He said.

She did and went ahead and hand wash it. Let dry it with a blow dryer then she ironed it and made sure it was almost like new. As she handed it back he actually smiled.

At the end of the day, Lisa made sure everything was set for tomorrow. She was leaving the set when he caught up with her.

"Leaving? Are you?" He asked.

"Yeah I was gonna go home." Lisa said grabbing her purse.

"I'll take you home." He said.

Lisa did not even know that he knew she used public transportation. She walked with him to his car. He opened the car door and watched her get in. He got on the other side and put on his seat belt.

He looked at her leg and reached for the gear. Dan didn't usually socialize with anyone from the set. So when he looked at Lisa. He knew exactly what he was doing.

"Where do you live?" He asked.

"Just go straight all the way until the next 10 signals then take a right then a left then another right." Lisa looked at her cell, no messages as usual.

"You got a boyfriend?" He asked.

"Use too, I don't think he was the one you know." She smiled.

"Let's cut to the chase, how fast do you want me to go?" He asked.

"Your speed is fine." She said.

"I'm not referring to that. I was talking about how bad do you want me?" He looked at her.

"Want you? I never...." Lisa paused.

"I seen, the way you look at me on set and I noticed when you apply the makeup to my face you look straight into my eyes." He noticed everything.

"I'm sorry if you thought I was interested, but I'm not." Lisa was surely not interested.

"One kiss, Lisa. That's all I need." He said.

She didn't say anything so when he parked by her place and got off with her. Lisa looked at him again. She told herself, she was not attracted to him. She couldn't be.

"You gonna invite me in?" He asked.

"Of course, you can come in. Are you thirsty?" She asked.

"Yes, I am very thirsty." He lied.

When they got inside, Lisa put her purse down and went to the couch only to be turned around and into his arms. They looked at each other and he was the first one to kiss her. The kiss was powerful and hard to deny. Lisa moaned from the pleasure of it. He took her over to the couch and laid down on top of her.

This was the first time in history that she had ever met a guy and had sex, just because. He teased her ear lobe, and she went straight for his shirt. She had to see what he felt like.

That was when he stopped her. "I told you one kiss was all I needed."

He laughed and she could not believe how gullible she was. "You unimaginable bastard." She threw him off her and he got angry.

He got her arm and went in search of her bedroom. Lisa was afraid she had gotten him angry. He pushed her to the bed and Lisa was afraid.

He took off his clothes and talked while he did it. "I've never done this, but you pushed me to this." He said.

Lisa was unsure what he was talking about so she just stood there and watched. When he came closer, he got her ankle and turned her over. He spanked her, then flipped her over again.

"Don't fight me." He said.

He reached between her legs and shoved himself inside her. If she only knew how long it had been for him.

While making love to her, Lisa reached out and moaned as he continued to ravish her body. She hadn't expected this to feel so good and bad at the same time. So he was right, she did stare at him and perhaps she did want him in the same way. But she wasn't about to tell him what he already knew.

Later on that day, Lisa had awakened and he was no where to be seen. She had assumed he left. So she went about her business and focused on what to eat for dinner.

She smiled thinking of what he did then she thought about how she'd feel on set when she saw him next. How would he react to her?

All those questions were piling up in her mind and she went ahead and got dressed and went out to eat.
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