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Hazard Skies by magical1

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It was Monday morning when all three celebrities: Matt Bomer, Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan were to get on a flight to Milan, Italy. They were going to promote a documentary they had all did for Charity. The plane was on the runway all they had to do was make it there. Limousines came one after the other, Directors and the rest of the crew were taking additional flights, but these three were the top rated stars. It was hectic, traveling was always hectic.The first to arrive was Dane, he pulled out his luggage and a man came up to him and just took it.

"Hey! Where you taking that?" Dane asked as he watched the man.

The man pointed to the plane. Dane saw that he was the guy that helped put the luggage abroad the plane for them. He nodded then yelled. "I got more."

Kelli was getting her cart ready as was her friend Marci, they were looking at a magazine. "So, I know this is the same shit as last time, but like I always say its money. Are you gonna take their shit like last time?"

Kelli looked at Marci, "As far as any man is concerned they can either get hit with a brick in the head or get out of this plane with no parachute."

"Ouch, who broke your heart now?" Marcie put the magazine on a rack.

"Johnny. He's such a douche bag." Kelli watched her cart seeing it was now fully stocked.

"Ah, well. Be rid of him. Au Revior!" Marci hugged Kelli in assurance.

"Amen to that, Sista!" Kelli laughed.

"OK, Marci. What's with that look on your face?" Kelli could almost see the wheels turning in her friend's head.

"Nothing much, Kelli. I am just tired of being nice to these rich assholes. I mean I work my ass off to satisfy them and I don't even get a tip. The last one, Oh he was such an annoying little piece of shit. I did everything he requested next thing he asked for was... well you know and I am so disgusted. They don't treat women with respect anymore all we are is somewhere for them to put their dick in. I mean really do we not have feelings or don't they know that?" Marci threw a dish rag after wiping down her cart.

"Then revert back and don't listen to everything they say. Hell if I listened, I wouldn't have got that big tip." "Ah yes, he was nice and he cared too. You put him through hell, Kelli." "Got me what I wanted though." "Sure did, I think I will try that." Marci said as she watched the first person enter the plane.

"Damn, he's married." Marci glanced in sadness.

"Who?" Kelli was curious as she was still doing a few things.

"The actor that just came aboard." Marci looked down at the ugly carpet on the plane. When she glanced up she smiled but the smile she gave was in admiration. Her eyes settled on one thing and one thing only, Daniel Radcliffe.

Kelli grinned, "Who just started your fantasy?"

"A man with beautiful blue eyes, brown hair, and is fueling my fantasies like you wouldn't believe." Marci smiled and he waved at her. She waved back.

"Sounds kinky?" Kelli chuckled getting the peanuts and cups ready.

"Yeah, but he probably has a girlfriend. Doesn't hurt to look I guess." Marci took some aspirin from the cabinet.

"But if he asked you to sleep with him you would right?" Kelli pulled up her hair.

"Yep." Marci laughed. Kelli laughed too.

Marcie went up the aisle to check on their departure. She tapped on the pilot's cockpit. "We almost ready boys?"

"Yeah we are just waiting for our last guest he is late." Thomas said.

"Ah yes, Mr. Bomer. The rich, but attractive actor that is nearly unobtainable." Marci said out loud.

"Not unobtainable just searching for the right girl. I remember you your that Flight Attendant who wanted to sleep with me." Matt Bomer said as he seen Marci.

"Right cause everyone wants to sleep with you!" She rolled her eyes.

Marci walked over to the speaker as the door to the plane was closed. "Welcome abroad gentlemen, in a few seconds we will be heading off to Milan. We're are a little off schedule so I hope your not in a hurry. And if a certain someone doesn't get her ass up here I am gonna scream. Kelli, that means you!"

Kelli walked down the aisle to Marci. "Sheesh, no need to bitch about it."

"Oh bitching, this is just the beginning. I am so beyond bitching you won't be able to stop me once this flight is over." Marci handed her the mike.

"I apologize for my partner's attitude. She sexually frustrated and she needs a man asap." Kelli blurted out.

Marci walked back to the back and threw something. She didn't know why she felt the way she did then she remembered oh yeah the Bomer asshole. He had a way of making her angry.

"Umm buckle your seat belts and enjoy the flight. Marci !!! " Kelli threw the mike and ran to the back.

Marci was crying. Kelli saw her. "What's wrong?"

"Matt, he thinks I want to sleep with him. But I don't I was only trying to be nice. I am not handling him Kelli I refuse to." Marci told her.

"I'll handle him you can handle the other two." Kelli patted her knee.

"The two blue eyed cute boys sure I will." Marci smiled.

"We better settle in our seats, Marci." Kelli said pulling down her seat.

"Yeah, cause being injured is more better than a flight with Bomer!" She laughed.
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