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Skin Change

Hazard Skies by magical1

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Table of Contents

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The flight began for take-off as usual Marci grabbed her seat feeling the lift as the jet plane began to ascend. She never really liked that part of a flight but she had learned to endure it. As the plane began to level off, Marci and Kelli went to work.

'Marci could you go ask the pilots if they want something?" Kelli was setting up things.

"Yeah sure, Kel." Marci dried her hands and went to the cockpit.

She tapped on the door, it opened. "Would you guys like anything to drink or something?" Marci said as she waited for their response.

"Coffee please." "Yeah same for me and if you have any of those Danishes." The both pilots looked out to the sky.

"All right be back in a few." She went off with a smile on her face, but when she seen Bomer he winked at her.

"Could I trouble you for some coffee?" Matt said.

"I'm not talking to you. You weren't nice to me and I don't like you. I'll relay your order to Kelli." Marci told him then she went to the back.

Daniel and Dane looked at each other. "What the hell happened between you and her Bomer?"

"I was asleep, and apparently I left my mp3 on. She covered me with a blanket but then she grabbed me down below. I didn't appreciate that. Then she said, she was just trying to make me comfortable." Matt explained.

"Ever think it was possibly an accident that she didn't mean that?" Dane asked.

"Possibly, but we hate each other." Matt said.

Dan got up, "I want some coffee you want some Dane?"

"Nah. I am fine thanks." Dane laid back on his seat.

Daniel went to the back. Marci was telling Kelli about Matt. "He gets on my nerves, Kelli. I mean I don't hate him its hard for me to hate anyone. But he just gets to me. You know."

"Ah well focus on the other two leave Bomer to me." Kelli got the orders and took them to the pilots.

Daniel came to Marci. "Hi..."

Marci smiled. "How can I help you?"

"I would like some coffee if your not busy." Daniel said.

"Sure, Mr. Radcliffe would you like anything else? We got Danishes, Donuts, a full breakfast, fruit." Marci got a cup and began pouring the coffee.

"Bomer told me what happened why did you grab him?" Dan leaned against the corridor.

"I didn't. He fell asleep and he had an Mp3 player but the cord got caught under his thigh so when I pulled it. I accidentally touched him there." Marci explained.

"Ah well that sounds logical." Dan smiled taking the cream and sugar.

"I guess the only thing I could be charged with is kindness. I mean I may a little weird at times, but i mean well." She put the coffee down for him to add his cream and sugar.

"I get the same but I am not weird." He was about to take a sip. She stopped him.

"It's hot." She warned him as she touched his hand preventing him from drinking.

He put the cup down. "I see what you mean by kindness and its not taken for granted." He placed his hand on her shoulder.

She looked at his hand on her shoulder. Marci was shy, but she liked him. "You have nice eyes."

He nodded as he traced his hand from her shoulder down to her waist. She placed her hand to his face caressing it. So Daniel did the only thing that he felt the need to do. He leaned in and kissed her. Marci felt his kiss and deepened it.

As he pulled away he looked into her eyes. They both knew what they had started. Marci grabbed him and he fell against her near the plane window. She was breathing hard as he kissed her, touching her.

"I never had sex on a plane." Dan said between kisses.

Marci put her knee on his chest. "I never made it with a guy."

"Never?" He was surprised.

"No." Marci's shirt was open.

She leaned forward helping him up. "What about, I offer dinner in Milan and we get to know each other. From there we see what happens?"

"I'd like that." She went to the freezer and got an ice cube. "Ice?" She asked.

"Yeah, thank you." He took the cube from her and put it in his coffee to cool it down.

From there they started talking. Marci loved his little come on lines and she was actually laughing. Kelli noticed how much fun Marci was having that she hated that Matt made her miserable.

Dan went back to his seat. He read a few things then closed his eyes. Dane got to use the phone to call his wife Laurie and Matt was looking at his schedule.

For the next few hours things went well as usual. Marci took her break first. As Kelli stood up and watched them all. It was a rather good day as Kelli sat down from her feet hurting. Closing her eyes, she dreamt of Milan. Their friend Adair was already there with her boyfriend Kyle and she couldn't wait for them to arrive.

Upon dinner time, Marci had left Kelli asleep and started serving everyone dinner. The two pilots liked fish so she served them first. The rest of them had something different by that time Kelli had woken up. Marci, Kelli and the boys all ate happily but it was funny for a while because the plane seemed to go a bit awkward.

Marci and Kelly went to the cockpit to see what was the matter. Only to find the two pilots out. "Are they dead?" Kelli asked.

Marci went to feel for a pulse. "Dead as doornails. Who would do this? Their dinner must have been spiked or something."

"Yeah autopilot is on, but we need to get a hold of mission control." Marci checked.

"You know this stuff, Marci?" Kelli huddled near her.

"Some, it helped with the flight attendant exam even though I really didn't need to learn it." Marcie explained as she grabbed the headphones off the pilot.

"Marci, you land this plane. I will forever be in your debt." Kelli grabbed her.

"Your gonna have to get Matt. I need man power. He's stronger I think than Dan and Dane. I need him. Get him, Kelli." Marci watched the pilot drop to the floor like a dead log. She took over the main pilots seat.

"Ok, Marci. Relax.." She breathed out.

Kelli ran to Matt. "Matt, I need you. Marci needs you."

"What the heck for? She hates me." Matt said.

"Matt Bomer, get your ass out of that seat. Or we are gonna die." Kelli yelled.

"What the fuck? What do you mean?" Matt stood up.

"Marci's driving the plane. Both pilots are dead, she needs your strength to bring it down." Kelli said as they walked to the front of the plane.

Dane and Dan got up from their seats. Marci was talking to mission control. "Yes, the plane is off autopilot and I gave you our latitude and longitude. Yes both pilots are dead. I think this trip was sabotage."

"We got you, Marci." Mission Control said.

Just then the engines stopped Marci put down the landing gear down. "Matt help." She said.

"Just tell me what you need." Matt said.

"A co-pilot. There's a red switch to your right flip it." Marci said to Matt.

Matt did it and he took the other pilots seat. "You sure you know what the heck your doing?"

"If I don't we're dead anyways, but I might as well try. I can say I died with the person I hate the most." Marci laughed.

"Marci, we make it I am definitely marrying you." Dan said.

Marci was in shock. "If we make it you can have my virginity."

"How did you learn to fly?" Dane asked.

"Video games. A friend and I always did simulations and when I took my flight attendants test well I half took a pilot test as well." Marci told them.

"What happened?" Dan was curious.

"I failed the test all because I answered one question wrong." Marci said as she leaned forward.

"What question was that?" Dane asked.

"If a person gets out of hand would you shoot them. I put yes." Marci looked scared.

"Makes sense, I would." Matt agreed.

"Ok Matt help me land this baby. " Marci said.

"Guys get in your seats, we are coming in for a hard landing." Marci looked at Dane, Dan and Kelli. They ran to their seats. Marci grabbed Matt's hand she put it on the lever. Reduce speed.

"I don't hate you, Marci. I like you." He grabbed her hand with his and she pulled it.

"We're gonna land it there." She pointed.

"That's a small island." Matt didn't let go of Marci's hand.

"Not that small." Marci said.

"Hey do you think in Heaven they have showers?" Matt asked.

"I don't know. I swear Matt you have no faith in me. If we survive you give me an outrageous tip. Deal?" Marci asked.

"Deal, sweetheart." Matt was sure they were about to die the landing gear was the first to go. Matt removed his seat belt and dragged Marci to the ground. He shielded her with his body until the plane stopped. The light flashed by and when Marcie woke up Matt was still on top of her.

She smiled. "You saved me why?"

"I like Kelli and you are gonna get me closer to her. After I pay your outrageous tip." Matt walked slowly.

"Good deal, Matt." Marci's ankle hurt.

They walked and looked at the island. "Matt's where the other half of the plane?" Marci noticed it split.

"I don't know." He walked out seeing bits and pieces. "Radcliffe, better be alive he owes me dinner and a wedding." Marci said.

"Ain't gonna happen if he's dead." Matt walked when he seen Dane.

Marci hugged Dane. "Dane, where's Daniel and Kelli?" She walked limping.

"We all jumped as soon as we saw it split." Dane had a slight gash on his head. Matt seen Dan and Kelli. He walked to them and Marci ran to Dan. He smiled, "Hey!"

"We just survived a plane crash and you say hey?" She noticed he was bit banged up.

Dan was a little out of it. "OK let's assess injuries." Marci said. Dan walked slowly, Matt helped him a little and Dane put his hand to his head.
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