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Skin Change

Hazard Skies by magical1

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Dan saw Marcie on the floor as he came out with Darlene. He reached out to her and she got up. "We're going back." She held onto him and nodded. Darlene told her mother and father that she was going with them. The father looked at her sternly. "You sure?"

"Yeah, I am very sure." Darlene didn't fear them. She smiled at Marcie and Dan.

They began walking and it was close to getting dark. Dan helped Marcie walk through the foliage. She was better now that they were on their way back. They saw the camp fire from a far and went to it. Kelli and Matt noticed Dan was bringing someone new. Kelli ran to Marcie, "Oh my god i was so scared we couldn't find you anywhere. Course Matt said that you and Dan were probably out having sex but I was scared."

"I am fine. Dan and I got held up. He'll explain." Marcie hugged her back.

Dan began the long story about Darlene and her family. Dane sat back hearing it all while Matt and Kelli sat together being civil for once. Marcie ate some fruit starving as she looked through her calendar book. She had realized that it had been 3 weeks since her last cycle, but she hadn't been with anyone but him. She chalked it up to nerves cause the odds of her getting pregnant from him was nil. Toward night time they all walked to the piece of the plane they shared.

Marcie nervous as she was felt like she couldn't sleep that night. She kept tossing and turning that night. Dan had felt her, "You okay?" He put his arm around her.

"I'm fine. Just wondering why they haven't found us yet. Its been a couple of days already. " Marcie was frustrated. She got up and went out to the beach.

Dan got up and followed her. He walked to the beach as she stood there. "Anything bothering you?"

"I'm worried. I'm late and I know once they find us you are gonna disappear. Was Kelli right are you using me?" She looked into his moonlit eyes.

"I won't disappear. I like you. We're gonna be okay." He held her. Seeing in the distance he heard a plane and seen lights, "Speak of the devil." Marcie said as she was smiling. "Looks like our rescuers have arrived."

Dan ran to the others to tell them that they were saved. Kelli, Matt, Darlene and Dane went running and yelled out. The search light shined on them and the captain on the boat look through with binoculars seen them. "That's them let's bring our boys home."

Darlene, went to get her family so she ran back to them to tell them they could get off the island. All the family packed what they could and ran off to the boat. Marcie, Kelli, Dan, Dane and Matt seen the boat as they went and got their luggage. There was a little boat coming for them. It was a bit off, but by the time it reached shore. Marcie felt relieved.

Marcie and Kelli approached the boat. "Well, its about time."

"We're sorry the weather was a bit off and we took a while to get here. You Marcie?" He asked.

"Yep, I landed the plane with Mr. Bomer." She smiled.

"Well good job young lady. Looks like everyone was saved except the two dead pilots." The man smiled.

"Well should we get to it. Ladies first." Captain Evans said. Marcie and Kelli got in. Marcie reached out ot Dan, but he declined. "I'll get the next one."

Darlene and her brother got in. As they were being rowed back, Marcie seen things change for her. "Now that he's had what he wanted he doesn't want me anymore."

"Things could change don't worry, Marcie." Kelli sat closer.

Marcie was sort of sad that everything had ended the way it had as she boarded the boat. They gave them food and drinks, but she really wasn't all too hungry. They showed her her room, she was sharing it with Kelli. Marcie laid there on the bed as tears filled her eyes. Kelli knew she was heart broken.

Dan got on the board the boat and everyone was there chatting except for Marcie. He looked around not seeing her, bumping into Kelli and Matt. Dan asked them. "Have you seen, Marcie?"

"She's down below in our room. Did you tell her something?" Kelli asked.

"No. Why?" Dan stood there.

"She thinks now that you got what you wanted that you don't care anymore. That you used her." Kelli told him flat out.

"That's not true show me where she is." Dan said as he watched Matt shrug.

Kelli brought him down to the place where she was. Marcie was reading her calendar when Kelli opened the door. She looked up seeing him. "You can leave us, Kelli." Dan came in and Kelli closed the door.

He looked over at her as she had dropped the calendar. Marcie didn't speak, but waited for him to. Dan sat down, "If you think this is over, its not. I only objected to not taking the boat with you to let the others have a chance."

"I know I came to my senses." Marcie smiled as she held her calendar.

"What's that?" Dan looked at something she was holding.

"My calendar, I sort of kept track of all the times we were together. If I am correct I think I know when it happened if I am. I was thinking it was when Matt was tied up and we just went for it." Marcie showed him. Dan saw a bunch of check marks.

"Wow did we really do it that much?" Dan was amazed.

"When your in love, things can get carried away." She bent over and put the calendar in her bag.

"You're in love with me?" Dan choked out.

"Have been since I first laid eyes on you on the plane. You probably don't feel the same and I would understand if you didn't but. This is me and I am in love with you." She swallowed looking into his eyes.

"I have a confession to make and I don't want you to be upset. I enjoyed our time together, and I do love you. But I kinda am involved with this girl." Dan knew already he had broke her heart.

"I'm not giving you an ultimatum. I kind of already knew. A man as handsome as you would of course already have someone. Why'd you do it?" She tried to maintain herself.

"I like you and I knew that this was more than just sex. When we get there she will probably be there, but I swear your the one I love." He got closer to her.

"I don't know if I should tell you to leave or stay." Marcie stood there.

"It's your choice." Dan got up off the bed.

Marcie knew it would be awkward to be on board the ship with him there so she closed her eyes. "Can we be together till we arrive on shore?"

"Yeah." Dan agreed he walked closer to her.

"I feel hungry." She said as she walked out of the room.

Dan followed her and together they had joined the others. Darlene's parents were glad to be off the island. They told the others of how long they were there and all the things they had to do to survive. Kelli and Matt sat together like a couple, for Marcie she liked seeing her friend with him. Dane was actually at rest just sitting there.

Marcie sat there and got closer to Dan. "What's her name?" She was curious about who he was seeing.

"Joanna." Dan said.

"How long have you been seeing her?" She was getting cold.

"Not long. She was gonna meet me there at the hotel. But I had other plans." Dan spoke getting closer to her.

"What do you mean other plans? Were you gonna leave her?" Marcie wondered.

"Yes. I wanted to say goodbye but she kept including herself in my life.I never loved her." Dan put his arm around her.

"Promise you'll never do that to me. That if you don't want us that you be brave enough to say so." Marcie looked up at him. He nodded. "Promise."
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