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Skin Change

Hazard Skies by magical1

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Table of Contents

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It didn't take long for them to get home. Marcie was getting dressed as Dan was still asleep. She shook him. "Get up, we're close to the mainland."

"I don't wanna get up." He said.

"If you don't get up. I won't sleep with you again." She was brushing her hair.

"Ah well since you put it that way." Dan got up.

Dan went into his bag and pulled out new clothes. He went to the shower and turned it on. "Did you leave some water for me?"

"Course I did. I am gonna go get us some breakfast." Marcie got up feeling queasy. She calmed her mind and went out.

Kelli and Matt were eating their breakfast which consisted of fish and rice. "You look dreadful." Kelli said to her.

"I ain't good on boats they make me sick. I could probably lose weight on sea." Marcie grabbed a plate, but felt overwhelmed with sea sickness.

Kelli hold this. She handed her the plate and went to vomit over the rail. Marcie felt very sick and ended up throwing up. Kelli had brought her a rag and some motion sickness pills. "Take these."

Marcie took them. She got the water Kelli held and took the pills. "I hate boats so much."

"Still no period?" Kelli asked.

"No. But I am not worrying cause its probably just stress. It will come when I least expect it like always." Marcie started to feel a bit better.

"I'll serve you and Dan a plate then you can take it to him." Kelli patted her shoulder.

Marcie nodded as she relaxed. Kelli was serving them everything that was there. Once she was done she handed it to her. "Thank you, Kelli."

"You're welcome." Kelli sat back down with Matt. He glared at her. "She doesn't look well."

"Sea sickness. Marcie is not good on boats. Its why she took up being a stewardess." Kelli brushed off Matt's chin.

"You staying with me, tonight?" Matt tapped her knee.

"I gotta talk to Marcie we still have Adair's Wedding." Kelli had remembered her best friend's wedding.

Matt placed his hand on hers understanding that they had lives outside what they had on the island. Marcie was bringing their breakfast down, Dan was there out of the shower. "I brought us breakfast. What they had."

"Ah thank you." Dan sat down and started to eat.

"Kelli and I have a wedding to attend to. But after that well I pretty much have time to kill till I get back home." Marcie looked at him eat.

"Ok, so are you wondering what are my plans?" Dan looked up from his plate.

"Yes. Would you care to share?" Marcie ate her food.

"Got to get hold of my agent and my parents then after that I gotta tell Joanna everything. I'll probably make a press release then after that I will see what we are gonna do after that." Dan told her everything.

Marcie nodded. She ate quietly, closing her eyes she started to feel tired. But she knew it was due to the pills taking effect. He seen her lay down after she ate. "You feeling okay?"

"I took some pills for seasickness. I hate boats." She yawned.

"Ah well let me take these and you close your eyes." Dan took her plate and put the empty dishes on the floor. Once she was out, he laid by her for a few seconds and kissed her head. Dan went up top to see everything. Kelli pointed to the land up ahead Matt was looking at it with her. He put his arm around her.

Dan looked back at reality. He was where he was suppose to be. But seeing how he had done something he probably shouldn't have well now he had several choices to make.
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