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Skin Change

The Price We Pay by magical1

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It was Kelli's 23 birthday, she had invited her two best friends over for the night. Her friend Marcie was several years older and married to a millionaire. She had never really liked the guy, but they had married after he had got her pregnant and had lost it several days after her wedding day. Adair was dating a guy she had been in love with since college and Kelli was alone and single.

Marcie was smoking a cig as Adair looked out the window. "What do these guys look like, Marcie?"

"I don't know. A friend of mine gave me a number I called. I asked for Brown or Dark hair with blue eyes. They said they had two so I said I would take them both." Marcie said.

"I see a car. It's two guys I think this is them." Adair said.

"Marcie, honestly you did not have to get me a stripper for my birthday." Kelli whined.

"You'll thank me later trust me." She tapped her shoulder and opened the door.

Marcie took a breath. The cute short one she eyed. "Hi, I am Matt and this here is Dan. We're from 1-800-Strip Me" Matt offered his hand.

"Nice to meet you. Ummm the birthday girl is the blond one. I'll be the one that pays you." Marcie licked her lips feeling a dryness.

"Where do we set up?" Matt asked. "Anywhere you want." Marcie bit her lips. Adair hit her. "You're married, Marcie."

"I don't care, I'm in love." Marcie watched Dan and he seen her too.

Matt got ready so did Dan. Kelli looked nervous as she watched Matt. He was tall good looking and from his shirt she could tell her had a good physique. Matt put in a CD. "Ready?" Matt asked Dan.

"Yeah go ahead." Dan said.

"Kelli, sit here. It's your birthday girl and we are gonna show you a good time." He winked.

The song came on and Marcie smiled as they surrounded Kelli. "Pour some sugar on me" played as they gyrated in front of Kelli. Slowly they started stripping, Marcie liked that Kelli looked mesmerized by Matt. Marcie waved money at Dan. He went close to her putting his hip out for her to hand in money down his pants.

Kelli moved her eyes as Matt danced. He took her hand and she smiled as he pulled her up. He got her hips as he moved against her. Marcie smiled seeing Kelli as Matt turned her against him.

"They'd make a cute couple." Marcie told Adair.

Dan watched. He seen Marcie. "Come get up." He pulled her against him. Marcie liked it and she leaned forward and kissed him. Dan grinded against her, she closed her eyes feeling his hands grab her. Matt was smiling seeing Dan go further than he ever gone before.

"Matt, give Kelli a good time. Make her happy and do whatever she wants." Marcie grabbed Dan by the belt. "Your coming with me." Marcie told Dan.

"Oh and Matt." She threw the $100 dollar bills at him. "I'll increase your pay accordingly." Marcie winked. Dan laughed.

Marcie liked that. She took Dan to her bedroom as Matt continued dancing. Once inside the bedroom, he looked at her. "I don't do this, Miss. I never sleep with clients." Dan started to say.

"How much do you want. Price is of no value. I want what you got and I'll find anyway to get it." Marcie came closer.

"Fifty thousand." He said as a joke.

"Fifty thousand to sleep with you?" She took out her check book.

He seen her write the check. "You better give me what its worth." Marcie handed him the check leaving the name blank.

Dan gulped as he was just paid fifty thousand to sleep with a woman he knew nothing about. He put down the check. "Come here."

He put her hand on his belt. "Take it off." She got closer and started removing his belt. "I'm gonna pound in you all night long."

Marcie almost died as he said that. He pulled off her dress stripping her with his teeth. "You're hot." He muttered.

"Not as hot as you are." Marcie cupped his crotch.

He smiled. "You got protection?"

"Yeah here." She handed it to him.

Marcie got on the bed. Dan got to her fast. He seen the wedding ring. "You sure you want this?"

"Damn sure. Pound me like you promised." She laid down. He came above her. As he put his piece into her she moaned out.

"Think you can last all night." Marcie smiled. He smiled and went for it.

Matt looked at Kelli. "Want me to keep dancing or you wanna talk?" "You can stop. I'd love to talk." She leaned back in her chair.

Matt turned off the music upstairs he could hear bumping and moaning. "She must have got him good. He's never done this."

"Marcie can persuade a man without legs to walk to her if need be. She's gets what she wants." Kelli told him.

"Hope he got paid well. I never done it. I'm still looking for my one true love." He glanced at Kelli as he put his shirt on.

"Her husband, doesn't pay attention to her. Harry went away for a while, business trip she suspects he has a mistress. They married cause he got her pregnant when she lost it. They tried, but nothing. He doesn't love her not like in the beginning. What your friend is giving her she deserves it." Kelli told him.

"You don't think its wrong her cheating on her husband?" Matt asked.

"If you knew him, Matt you'd understand. If your friend, Dan makes her happy then let it be." Kelli said to him.

Matt could hear Dan moaning upstairs. Kelli giggled. "Would you like something to drink or eat?"

"Umm sure." He followed Kelli to the kitchen. Adair was in there talking to her boyfriend. Kelli seen Adair, "It's quieter in here isn't it?"

"Yes, umm Kelli. I got to go. I hope you had a good birthday." She smiled.

"I did. Tell Aaron, I said hi." She hugged her.

"Bye, Kelli." Adair left, Matt waved.

Marcie looked into Dan's eyes. She touched his forehead and kissed his lips. All she kept thinking was she was in love she had never met anyone like him before. A tear fell from her eye as he watched her. "You okay? I'm not hurting you am I?"

She hugged him. "You're not hurting me. It's just that, this is the best sex I ever had in my life and I wish to god that I could have this."

"You like this?" He was shocked.

"Yes, you make me feel alive." She kissed him on the neck.

"Get a divorce then maybe I will consider it." He kissed her.

"If I did consider a divorce what would I get?" Marcie was curious.

He got up removing the condom then he laid back down and put it inside her. "You'll get this and my love and devotion."

She smiled, hugging him. "I have so much to give you and I don't even know you. But if I divorce my husband can I come with you. What I mean is, if you don't have anyone. I would really like to be your girlfriend."

"I don't have a girlfriend. Haven't had one in several months. This is the first time I have actually had sex in several months." Dan admitted.

"I don't sleep around, my husband hasn't been with me in a really long time. I just need this, you made me feel good. Look, tomorrow I would love to spend the day with you if your free."

"Yeah i don't work so I would love to get to know you. Maybe we can have more of this." Dan kissed her.

"Care to finish this lover?" She winked.

"Yes Ma'am." He went ahead and made love to her without a condom. Marcie held onto him as he rocked her. She moaned low and hard achieving that orgasm she craved. He felt her and then he let his own come inside her. The pulsating of his cock had given her the ultimate thrill.

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that." Dan said realizing it was too late.

"No, I liked it." She kissed him.

Matt pounded on the door. "Dan, we gotta go."

"See you tomorrow?" He got up off the bed.

"Yeah can you come here tomorrow. I'm staying here for the night. Can you come by at like noon?" Marcie asked as she watched him dress.

"Yeah, I'll be here." He put on his pants.

Marcie slipped on something and opened the door. "He'll be right out. Umm, I need to pay you so if you'll follow me."

"Yeah." Matt smiled as he followed her.

Marcie got her checkbook paying him accordingly. When Dan came downstairs he was carrying the check she gave him. "Dan, can you give me that." She asked for the check.

"You didn't change your mind did you?" Dan asked.

"No, you deserve much more." Marcie smiled as she wrote out a check the amount she wrote was a hilarious amount.

She flashed the check in front of him. "Are you fucken kidding me?" Dan felt a rush hit him.

"You don't think you earned this?" She asked.

She put it into his pocket and kissed him. He brought her close and kissed her properly. "I really don't deserve this." Dan whispered.

"Oh yes you do. See you tomorrow?" Marcie leaned against him.

"Yeah. You can count on it." Dan kissed her. When they left she smiled. Matt looked at him, "What did she give you?"

"Besides sex? She gave me a million. Do you really think I am worth that much?" Dan asked.

"Your fucken kidding?" Matt laughed not thinking he was serious.

Dan showed him the check. "Oh my god what the fuck did you do?"

"I fucked her and I came in her too." Dan looked down.

"If her husband finds out your a dead man. You sure you want to get into this?" Matt started the car.

"She likes me, in fact she is willing to leave her husband for me." Dan said.

"Wow, if she does do that. She really wants you." Matt raised and eyebrow.

Marcie watched as they left, Kelli looked at her. "Have fun?" Marcie turned around. "I am in love, Kelli. I just spent a million on a man I hardly know." Kelli was shocked, "What about your husband?" "I'm gonna leave him, I have been wanting to do it. I mean we haven't been together in 3 years when I saw Dan this evening the love goddess in me wanted it so bad. And boy was it a long time coming, Kelli.

"Do you think maybe its the sex that's talking." Kelli teased.

"If it is I am addicted. But I will tell you this. If its love, I am going to get it. I want him that bad. Night Kelli." Marcie went upstairs.

"Night, Marcie." Kelli closed the house and went to bed too.

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