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I Choose You, Danachoo! by TheDanAndChadExperience

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes:

Daniel Radcliffe is given his first pokemon by professor Nat, and sets out on his journey!


Radcliffe shouted as his head bopped the site of his room. He had always hated living under the staircase, especially since the arrival of a letter that invited him to wizard school.

"It's not fair that I'm stuck here while there is a whole land of magic waiting!" He moaned as he rubbed the spot where the ceiling had banged him. "Theres nothing here for me."

An hour later, Radcliffe was out and about, doing dishes as he does everyday, when Dudley proudly announced "It's my birthday!" Radcliffe sighed and continued cleaning. "My Birthday was a month ago, and they never remembered. I'm 10 now." he thought. "HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY DUDLEY!" Shouted the chubby Vernin Dudley. "I bought you a Pikachu!" "YAY!" replied the equally obese child as he grabbed the pokeball out of his father's hand and ran off excitedly. "And you-" Vernin said angrily to Radcliffe. "It's only fair that you get one too. You're 10 now aswell." Radcliffe's heart skipped a beat. His dreams of owning a pokemon were coming true! What is it? A Charizard? A Rayquaza? A Mewtwo? "A MuschMusch." said Vernin. "The worst of the pokemon available!" He chuckled as he walked away, leaving Radcliffe with a rusty old pokeball and a bucket full of suds. "Aaw..." Radcliffe said aloud. This was nothing like he expected.

Later, Radcliffe went out into his local park. As he was swinging, he felt the pokeball on his belt rub up against his waist. He noticed Dudley approaching, and knew there was gonna be a fight. Dudley approached him and shouted "Hey loser! Let's have a pokemon battle!" Radcliffe was apprehensive. Every time he kicked Dudley's butt, he always got the belt when he went home. But, the idea of showing off his new MuschMusch was too irresistable, and he felt himself flying off the swing straight into battle. "GO! MUSCHMUSCH!" 

As he landed, he noticed a shape start to form in front of him. He saw the white outline of a pink horn start to form, and the pudgy pink of the rest of the narwhal shaped creature form. Dudley's Pikachu gasped. The pink flesh of the MuschMusch had formed into a narwhal about the shape of a soccerball. Pikachu laughed. "I'm definetly going to win!" It thought. "There's no way I can't!" Suddenly, MuschMusch jumped through the air and landed on top of pikachu, forcing it's small fins around him, and hugging him. The attack was super effective! MuschMusch's hug made pikachu gasp and faint out of infatuation! Dudley wiped the tears out of his eyes and turned around to run away. "I WILL GET REVENGE!" He shouted. "MARK MY WORDS!"

Chapter end notes:

More soon! ;)

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