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The Chance of a Lifetime by magical1

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Chapter notes: This is my first adventure series, it not what I usually write but I hope you will like it.

What if I told you I was just an ordinary person like you, that I had no abilities of any sort. That I was wasn't a person who valued anything in life no matter what happened. Cause this was the sort of life I lead a dull, rather boring, pathetic existence that no one cared about not even myself. I was 21, had a job just like an ordinary human being. But that was me, going to work. Day in, Day out. I didn't want this for myself it all just sort of lead me there. I could kick destiny if I ever met it. Laugh at it even. So who was to say that I had to live like this, go through the torture of this existence. Rather than anyone caring about me, I had to change it. I had to test my skills. To find what destiny could never give me. A Plan!

My plan was rather simple, leave the life I lead. I quit my job, working in the mail room, said goodbye to everything and started a new life in the Big Apple. I knew I had taken a risk, leaving Los Angeles. But it wasn't for me, it never was. I grew to like the theatre, something like that tickled my fancy. It was very different. Not me, which I liked more than anything.

I had a little bit of cash, so I had to find a job quick. When I got there, I looked through the want ads, as I went into a restaurant. I traveled to the restroom to change into interview clothing. The male sexist attitude made me think of what to wear. Flashy, but not too flashy.

So after deciding my wardrobe choice, I traveled to each theatre. I carried a rather large bag with all my possessions and clothing. I felt ridiculous carrying it around. But I had nowhere to live and nowhere to go. The first theatre I tried getting a job at said, they weren't hiring. That was fine, but after ten different theatres I was starting to lose hope. Hope that I had made a wrong decision. That destiny was probably laughing in my face right now. So I had two more to go to, sweating in the heat. I was thirsty, so I bought a drink and found somewhere to rest.

Glancing down, I noticed something. It was something I never seen before. A strange object which i was surprised no one noticed. But then maybe it was meant only for me. I reached out to it and a sort of light hit me. At first, I thought I was dead. But no, nothing. So I picked it up and put it in my pocket, and went on my way.

I traveled to the next theatre just like my plan I planned for myself. The theatre was filled with people, I thought great I'm not gonna get this. But I waited like everyone else. I waited for 3 hours. I was the last person to enter the interview room. I had a number so they didn't call me by name.

I handed them my number and they gave me a form. I realized I had no address or phone number for where to locate me. I was sweating with nervousness. When I was called to the interviewer, I handed them a blank form. No name, no address, no phone number.

The interviewer look at me. I smiled, not my best moment.

"Is this a practical joke, or am I suppose to guess your information." The interview lady said.

"I need this job, but fine. I'll fill what I can out." I said.

"You got the job!" The interviewer said.

I didn't even know what job I applied for. "Really?" I had to ask not once but twice.

"I really got the job!" I smiled.

"Yes." The lady looked in a daze.

"When do I start?" I asked her.

"Tomorrow, 9 a.m." The lady gave me a few things, no questions asked.

I was happy for once, things were finally starting to go right for once. But it made me think was it this thing I had in my pocket that got me what I wanted. I needed to find out more about this object in what exactly it was.
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