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Skin Change

The Chance of a Lifetime by magical1

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I headed to the library searching for ancient symbols, I searched several hundred books looking for what this thing was, but nothing came up. I headed to the librarian, showing them the thing I had in my hand.

"Excuse me, I need to find out what this is where can i find information on this." I held up my hand with the object.

"If you show me what your talking about maybe I can help you." The librarian looked at me.

"This can't you see it." I asked showing my hand again with the object.

"Your hand, you can find in the anatomy section." She retorted.

I finally realized then she couldn't see it. Maybe nobody could, but me. I had to find out what else I could do with this diamond shaped object, it was gold and etched with things i couldn't understand.

So I walked up to some apartment building with a fire escape and climbed the stairs to the roof. I felt like spiderman or that guy from kickass who wanted to be a superhero, but found out he was an ordinary person. I kinda felt stupid for a while chanting commands like some stupid idiot. For a while, the people were looking at me thinking I was ready to jump. That I wanted to commit suicide or something like that.

I looked straight into the object and put it to my heart. "Give me the power, to fly."

For a while there, I didn't think it was going to work. But as I started drifting slowly. I looked down to see that I was hovering above the roof. There was no where to hold on, so i enjoyed it for a while floating in mid-air. I could hear the police, apparently someone had thought i was going to jump. I reached out toward my bag grasped it and flew fast away before anyone could notice me. I needed a disguise, and what more. I needed a place to stay.

It was really funny, who knew me? I was a no one that end up with so much power. As I thought disguise, my appearance changed, my brown hair turned black. My vision changed too. I no longer needed glasses. The outfit was unlike anything i had expected, slick black like spandex, body suit with an insignia that I didn't know what it meant. I really needed to know the language and how this object came to be. I landed in an alley, the suit changed to a black dress. I walked down the street, I got stares from everyone. I smiled.

I was drop dead gorgeous I had almost every guy staring at me.That was until I bumped into him. The man of my dreams. My long hair blocked my view of his face so i quickly pushed it to the side. His blue eyes were beautiful, the most endearing stare I could imagine. He had dropped his book, The Moor's Last Sigh. The ipod had dropped to the floor as well. He was wearing a baseball cap, that covered his head and a pair of sunglasses stuck into his shirt. I reached out to pick up his book, and he just stared at me.

"I'm so sorry." I got the book and stood up.

"It's fine." He said, still staring at me.

"Is it broken? I'll buy you another if it is." His stare made me melt.

The Ipod he held in his hands. "I don't think it is. But I'm sorry as well." He spoke with an English accent.

"I'm Allison, nice to meet you." She held out her hand.

"Dan, you new here?" He asked.

"Yes I just moved from Los Angeles. I'm working at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre, tomorrow." I didn't know why i said this to a complete stranger.

"That's great. I'm working there too." His stare was piercing enough to capitvate me.

"Maybe will meet again." I smiled.

"Maybe." He smiled and walked on his way.

As he walked on by, I checked him out. It started to feel hot, yet it was a cool day. What I wouldn't give to put my hands on him. I needed a place to stay at least until I could get my job going. I started looking at the ads, looking for a place. To be honest, I couldn't afford anything. But when I saw this room for rent. I thought I'd check it out.

So I headed to the place, lucky for me. It wasn't far. On foot, I was sweating by the time i got there. I saw the sign it was still for rent thank god. I walked up the stairs looking into the window. The place was completely furnished which was great cause I had nothing.

"You here to see the place?" The man asked.

"Yes, please." I let the man open the door.

As I walked into the place, I looked around it was definitely to my liking. The man showed me the whole thing from top to bottom. Without question this place was perfect for me, not anything to spectacular, but just right. The price was also fine too of what little I could afford.

"So you like it?" He asked.

"I love it, when can I move in or do you have others interested?" I asked him.

"If you can pay first month's rent. The place is yours." He said.

"Really?" I was excited.

"Yes, its just you right?" He asked.

"Yes, just me." I said.

"Great." He said.

"Do you take a check or cash?" I went into my purse.

"Either is fine, but if your check bounces. I prefer cash." He warned me.

"My checks never bounce." I said with confidence.

"All right." He said.

I made it payable to him and he took it giving me the keys. I laid my bag on the carpet, locking the door. I was so happy to have found an apartment all of my own. I went to the bedroom, the bed was so soft. I laid on it falling asleep immediately.

When I woke up I went food shopping. The bag of groceries I carried were a little heavy, but i couldn't feel it. I wondered about the object, what exactly it could give me and how much power did i really have? As I carried two bags down the street, my shoe stuck to a piece of gum.

"Eww." I said out loud not realizing it.

"Great." I walked sticking to the floor. I hated when people did that.

As I got home, I cooked something simple and ate. I was thinking about experimenting with the object seeing what I could do with it. I needed the practice, and what more I needed something to pass the time by.

I took the object, "Show me, where you come from and why me."

The object began to glitter like shiny diamonds, I wasn't afraid what more I was curious. Holding it out it was unusual, but i did it and like walking into an alternate dimension. I walked forward to the light. It surrounded me, and then suddenly I wasn't in my apartment anymore I was somewhere else a man appeared or at least he looked like a man to me. He had jet black hair, wearing clothing I never seen before.

"Hello." I said.

"You have found the object of Aris." He said.

"Yes what is it exactly?" I was curious to know.

"The amulet gives the bearer, great power, strength and the power of suggestion. But what more is it give you what you desire. It is not wise for you to make simple requests that are dangerous to your culture." He came closer to me.

"But I am a nobody, I haven't a life or anything interesting going on in it. I'm a simple nobody." Alison explained.

"It's because you lost all hope that you should have it." He put his hand on my shoulder.

"Can I use this to save people?" I had to ask that.

"Sure, but you cannot bring someone back from the dead." He warned me.

"No and I understand that would be gross." Alison said.

"How long does this work?" I asked.

"As long as you keep it, but when you finally have what you desire it will disappear and go to someone else in another world." He looked me.

"Has this been on my planet before?" I had to ask that too.

"No. But other civilians in other worlds have used it for their own selfish desires. You must stay away from doing that." The man touched me and suddenly I was back in my own apartment. i wondered if I had ever really gone at all or was it an illusion.

"Hmm Aris that's what your called." I looked at it.

"Aris, I'm Alison Campbell. I'm 25 and born and raised in Los Angeles, California nice to meet you." I said it to an amulet, but it was mine. No one elses.

"Let's see what we can do tonight." I thought of the suit and a different persona.

Suddenly, I changed into a blonde. The suit had went from black to red dark red and my hair was pulled back in a ponytail. I opened the door of my apartment looked around and took off flying. I screamed loving the night air. I was the savior for New York city, glancing around down low. I called to Aris, "Show me what we can do."

I seen a robbery taking place, the police looked like they needed help. The car was going out of control, it was about to hit a lady with a baby carriage. I flew down fast and stopped the car, before it ever reached the lady. Just thinking super strength gave me the ability to stop it and apprehend the felons. The police looked at me wondering who I was.

"Miss, can you please put the car down." The policeman said.

"Sure thing." I smiled.

The lady came up to me thanking me for saving her baby and her life. I smiled it was great to save someone. I flew off that moment, thinking no one knew who i was or how I looked. I needed a name and not something dumb. It was hard to think of something I didn't want to call myself Aris so I stood on a building thinking of a name. I looked toward the stars, my outfit changed to the black dress and high heels. I flew down, and walked the streets. By the theater where I worked I seen a crowd.

I didn't think anything of it, but when I saw trouble coming. A car with no brakes about to hit the crowd I changed into her again and stopped the car holding it against my shoulder. The front end shattered. Everyone seen me, then I saw him again. He was looking straight at me.

I walked a few steps past him.. "Hi."

He didn't speak.

"This may looked odd. And I apologize. Tell your fans, whatever you tell them. I gotta go." I felt stupid talking to him.

"Wait!" He yelled.

I turned to face him.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"You can call me Galaxy girl, till I come up with something better." I smiled at him for the second time today.

I flew off and kept my distance. I seen him keep looking out for me. I wanted to go back, but instead I just went straight home and got some sleep.
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