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Skin Change

Summer Break by magical1

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Table of Contents

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It was summer break and five friends were headed to a camping location one of them had bought a big tent that they would all sleep in, it had separate compartments for each couple. Lexy, Nina and Marcie were on summer break. Lexy and Marcie didn't have a boyfriend only Nina had been dating Eli. His friend Dan was invited too. Dan had like Marcie but he had never told her. Her friend Lexy was lesbian so she didn't mind being the third wheel. Lexy had a crush on Marcie too.

Marcie stretched in the backseat, "Umm how much longer is this drive?"

"Not much, Marcie. We're almost there." Elijah said.

"Good, I need to pee." Marcie smiled at Lexy.

Lexy smiled back placing her hand on her shoulder. Dan watched, he really wanted her to lean on him for a while. Nina was looking at the map, once they passed the marker they knew they were coming up the drive to the camp area. The area looked like a good area to be at. Lexy got out as Elijah stopped the car. "Go before you go in your shorts." Lexy pointed to the restroom's.

"I have to go too." Dan said.

Marcie took off running to the restroom. Some guys started whistling at her. "Ah grow up." She said as she headed in.

Dan wondered if he should go in with her and protect her. But he seen Lexy coming in with a toilet paper role. She walked right pass them and went in. Dan went into the restroom he heard the other guys in there talking about Marcie.

"Did you see that girl's ass and her breasts. I'd like to fuck that all night." One guy said.

"Gets me hard instantly. I wonder if she has a man to give it to her. " He giggled.

Dan finished up. He cleaned his hands and went back to the car. He hated hearing those guys talk about her like that.

Lexy handed Marcie some toilet paper under the door. "Figured you could use this places like this never have this."

"Thank you, Lexy. What do you think about that guy, Dan?" Marcie asked.

"Well if I were into men. I would go for him. He looks nice." Lexy said learning against the door.

"His eye's changed when he got into the car. He was probably glancing at my chest." Marcie cleaned herself and flushed.

She came out and washed her hands. "Do you like him?" Lexy came next to her.

"I don't dislike him. He's kinda cute." She smiled.

"Ah well, so you do like him. You gonna fuck him?" Lexy teased.

"I don't even know if I am his type. Besides he might have a girlfriend." Marcie looked at her face.

"He doesn't, he would have brought someone if he did." Lexy had the roll of toilet paper in her hand.

"Maybe I should claim him." Marcie winked as they walked out of the restroom.

The two guys standing there whistled at Marcie, she didn't like it one bit and ignored them. Once she went back with her friends she felt more at ease.

Dan was waiting there, Elijah was talking to Nina. "You think my friend will like your friend?"

"I think so, they don't know they are being set up. But I know my girl, she'll get closer to him by tonight." Nina said as she got into the car.

"Get closer to who?" Marcie stared at her.

"No one." Nina tried to hide it.

"Yeah right come on. Tell me please." Marcie begged.

"It's time to go. Get into the car." Elijah told them.

Marcie looked at them and got into the car. Dan was seated right where he was, Marcie smiled. Lexy got in too. Elijah started the car then they were off to their main camp site.
Marcie looked at Dan. She was checking him out, her lips were dry so she licked them. He saw. "You thirsty?"

"I'll get you something from the cooler." He got up and went into the cooler. "You want bottled water?" He asked.

"Yes please." She looked at his behind.

He closed the cooler and sat back down. "Here you go." He handed her the cold bottle.

"Thank you." She took the bottle and opened it.

Lexy looked at her flirt with the new guy. "Think I could have some Marcie?"

"Oh sure." Marcie handed her the bottle.

Lexy loved that she was so nice. But she didn't dare tell her she was in love with her. Lexy was an army brat, her father had taught her how to fight so she would never be in a situation where she would be taken advantage of. She had met Marcie and Nina when her father transferred her to a public school. They couldn't afford private school after her mother died so she was raised by her father.

Nina looked over at Marcie. Marcie winked at her. "So this place, is it secluded or is it run over with other people?"

"Well each person is assigned their own camping space. But since they are far apart we shouldn't see many people near our area. But occasionally some people wander and we are near a lake so some people might be where we are. It varies. Most people keep to their own space though. " Elijah said.

"Did anyone forget bug spray, cause if you need some I have some." Nina said.

"Thanks Nina." Marcie put her hand on Dan's thigh without realizing it.

Dan looked at her hand. Marcie turned toward him. "I'm sorry."

"No, it's okay." He smiled with a big grin.

"So how come we never seen you before. I've been friends with Nina for quite a while and they never mentioned you." Marcie starred at him.

"My mom and Dad and I recently moved to the states. Met Elijah here at a coffee shop then we coincidently bumped into each other at the museum. Eijah was with Nina and seen I was alone and they invited me to join them." Dan told her.

"Ah that was nice of them. Nina and I have been friends for a long time we met Lexy at high school. She's not into men. But I love her no matter what. She's been a very good friend to me." Marcie winked at Lexy.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" He asked bravely.

"No. Never had a boyfriend." Marcie told him the truth.

"Wow really. I am surprised." He was in shock.

"They've asked, but I know what they all wanted. I want a guy to want me for me. Not my body or looks. I'm a virgin." She couldn't believe she just told him that.

"Why did you ask?" Marcie was curious.

"Just don't want some guy to come up to me telling me I shouldn't be talking to you cause your his property." Dan said the truth.

"Ah fair enough. You have a girlfriend?" Marcie was curious.

"No. I'm single." He put his hand on hers.

Marcie blushed and he noticed. "I think we are gonna get along just great." "I think better than great. Who knows you could be the man I've been hoping for." She teased.

He blushed as she stared at him. Marcie kissed his cheek. Dan was fine with it. Once they came to the camp site. Elijah opened the back and took out the huge tent they would all share. Nina helped him as they set it up while the others helped with the rest. Lexy looked at Dan look at Marcie as she pulled out her bag. He helped her with it. Lexy had to admit that he was nice but if he hurt her in any way she would kick his ass.

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