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Skin Change

Faux Pas by magical1

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James and Michael knew their relationship from the start was something no one could ever touch. It was like one of those precious antiques you savored and put away forever. But things however were not forever not when James started to find his costar just a little bit tempting. Every time James came off set, he had a smile on his face. Michael was sad that he was not the one who made his partner happy.

James was whistling today as he worked on making dinner for the both of them. He was cooking his favorite: Roast beef with a side of greens and his famous corn bread to boot. Michael came around the kitchen looking at him with curiosity.

“What’s got you all happy love?” Michael leaned in.

“I invited my costar over today. He accepted. Now I don’t want you to be jealous, but he’s important to me just as you are.” James said putting the greens to sauté.

“Who’s your conquest? Come on you have to share?” Michael wondered.

“A Brit by the name of Daniel Radcliffe.” James smiled thinking of him.

“You invited Harry Potter to dinner, why?” Michael came around helping whisk the corn bread batter.

“Let’s just say we are a little more than friends now. He’s quite the talent.” James was happy that he and Dan were getting closer.

“Wait did he suck your cock cause if he did I will kick his ass.” Michael got angry.

“Better, he shagged me and it was amazing. Michael. Now usually I don’t share my toys but I want you to have it tonight with him.” James came around to put his arms around Michael.

“Why?” Michael found it weird.

“Cause I love you and he said he wanted to meet you. He likes you I think.” James patted Michael’s behind.

“You want me to fuck him?” Michael took a look at the roast beef.

“Whatever you two do is fine by me. But I wanna see everything. So you won’t be alone with him.” James pulled Michael’s hair out of the way.

“If you love me why are you making me do this? He’s smaller than me.” Michael frowned.

“Look no need to pout about it. And he’s not small not by a long shot. He has a nice cock.” James had admired Dan’s male appendage.

“Can he suck cock?” Michael started to think of the thought.

“He sure can, for being straight you gotta wonder why he never played with other boys.” James shrugged and went on to cooking.

“Maybe he has but no one knows. Look, I appreciate the offer. But I don’t think I can do this. I let you be with who you want cause I know you don’t want any ties, but me. I love you.” Michael reached out to James caressing his shoulder.

“Michael, sweetheart. I love your faithfulness, but I don’t want you to just have me. Will you please be with him, if only once.” James touched his cheek.

“All right for you.” Michael leaned over and kissed him. James knew he wanted him, “I’ve got to cook, will you set the table for three?”

Michael nodded going to the table. “Can you tell me the kind of things he likes, a little inside info?”

James smiled glad that he had asked. “He’s not a regular bloke. Dan’s nice on the eyes, but a real fire cracker once things get heated. You know whatta I mean?”

“Aye, he’s a bit like me then?” Michael took the plates setting them down on the table. “One question why do you fancy him?”

“I really couldn’t tell you that. Not sure you would understand. I mean other than him being attractive just as you are. He’s sexy. He’s arouses me.” James finally let out.

“And do I not arouse you anymore, James. Is he my replacement?” Michael felt like he wasn’t worth anything.

“Michael, I love you mate and you know that. It just that, sometimes I like the rough stuff. I don’t want to hurt you that’s what Radcliffe is for.” James went over to Michael and hugged him.

He felt loved for once. James made him feel special. Once the bell rang, James went back to cooking. Michael had always loved his meals. James was a great cook as well as a good lover.

“Answer the door will you.” James handled the roast beef.

Michael went to the door and opened it. Dan looked up at Michael. “Hi, why don’t you come in.”

“Thanks it’s just us three right?” Dan was rather shy seeing Michael for the first time.
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