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Skin Change

Look to the stars by magical1

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The dance floor was covered with people dancing around with their partners. It was your average night club, when two girls appeared, Nina and Marcie. "Hope this is better than last week." Marcie said.

"Yeah. The men could be better." Nina was looking around.

"Right now, I would settle for anyone. Do you know how lonely it gets talking to your cat?" Marcie walked with Nina further in.

"Yeah, I know you'd rather get laid by some handsome man than be alone. Course your divorce with what's his face ended badly." Nina reminded her.

"Badly, nah. Least he admitted he was sleeping with her. The bad thing is, I sort of miss him still." Marcie laid her purse at the bar.

"No, not tonight. Tonight we're getting you someone to take your mind off things. Get a little casual sex, you might feel better." Nina searched the bar.

"What about that guy there. The pretty one?" Nina pointed.

"He looks nice, but he probably has a girlfriend." Marcie sighed.

"What about that one?" Nina pointed to a guy smoking a cigarette.

"No and hell no. I am not going with him again." Marcie remembered him.

"You never told me what happened between you two." Nina looked over at her.

"He was an asshole. Bossy, Arrogant and nasty." Marcie shivered.

Nina smiled seeing her boyfriend come along. His brother, Dan was tagging along. Elijah waved among the crowd. Nina waved back.

"Hey." Elijah got closer and kissed her.

"Hey, Hi Dan." Nina hugged him.

"Hey." Dan smiled.

Marcie looked at Dan, he smiled standing there shy with his hands in his pockets. "Marcie, this is Dan. He's Elijah younger brother. We're gonna go dance you guys should get to know each other."

"Hi, Marcie." She offered her hand.

"Dan. You want something to drink?" He took Nina's seat.

"Yeah. I'd like a shot of Vodka please." Marcie felt nervous; it had been a while since she felt something like that.

"All right. Hey bartender two shots of Vodka please." Dan held up his money.

The bartender served the two shots. Dan passed hers to her.

"Thank you." Marcie took the shot. She downed it fast.

Dan did as well. "So what brings you here?" Marcie wanted to know.

"My brother thought it would be good to get out and meet someone. I just broke up with my girlfriend. What about you?" Dan looked at her.

"My divorce just become final. Do you wanna dance?" Marcie didn't feel like talking about her divorce.

"Yeah." Dan got up with her and they walked to the dance floor.

Dan and Marcie began dancing, she was laughing at the jokes he was telling her. When the music changed, Marcie got closer to him. He was nice, but also comforting. When he took her in his arms, Marcie loved every bit of it. She felt warmth something she never experienced before.

Dan ended up telling her just about whom he was and what he went through with his ex-girlfriend. She heard his story and for a minute she felt like she had known him all her life. Nina and Elijah left them alone for the better part of the night until it got later.

Dan was hanging out with Marcie and Elijah came up to Dan. "Hey Nina and I were wondering if maybe you can stay at Marcie's while we have the place to ourselves."

"Really.. You wanna chase me out of the house just so you two can have sex?" Dan looked at his brother.

"Come on please." Elijah pleaded with Dan.

"It's not a problem. I could take him for the night. Beats talking to my cat." Marcie said a loud.

"Really thank you Marcie." Nina hugged her.

"Anytime." Marcie watched them go. "Come on, let's go." Marcie walked pulling Dan along with her. They walked over to her car. Dan went to the passenger's side as she went to the driver's seat. She got in and opened the door for him.

"Sorry you got stuck with me." Dan apologized.

"It's not a problem. I don't mind one bit." Marcie started the car.

"I feel like an asshole. You probably much rather be with someone else." Dan put it lightly.

"You're not an asshole. Now relax, we'll have fun and make the most of it. I mean what's the worst that can happen?" Marcie laughed.

At Marcie's house, Dan walked in with her. She took off her jacket and he saw her dress. "That dress is really something." Dan said looking at her exposed back.

"Thanks, my sister made this. She's a fashion designer. Nina helped me get into it, but I'm afraid I may need your help to get out of it."

Marcie looked at him. "Sure, I'll help you." Dan said.

She started to take off her panty hose in the bedroom. Dan looked at her things. "This him, your ex-husband?" Dan seen a picture of him and her. "Yeah that's him. He cheated that's why we got divorced." Marcie sat on the bed.

"Ah sorry." Dan said.

"Yeah. I could use your help now." Marcie moved her hair aside.

Dan came to her. "Just tell me what you need me to do."

"There's a few buttons can you undo them." Marcie said to him.

"Yeah." He started to undo them one by one.

"Why did you and your girlfriend break up?" Marcie was curious.

"Same reason as you. She cheated." Dan pulled off the last one.

"All buttons are done."

"Thank you, now can you make sure none of them get into my hair as I pull it off." Marcie stood up. Dan stood up with her. He watched as she pulled it off. Once she got stuck he helped her. But as she looked at him face to face standing there practically naked. He didn't say anything.

She grabbed her shirt to put it on. Marcie thought for a minute maybe he didn't have any interest in her at all. But just before she put on her shirt, he touched her shoulder.

"You're a beautiful woman. I know I haven't said anything, but you’re nice and kind." Dan said just brushing her shoulder with his hand.

She turned, "Then what are you waiting for? Make your move."

He took her into his arms and kissed her deeply. She dropped her shirt feeling the heat from his kiss. Marcie helped him out of his shirt as they kissed. Once his shirt was off, he looked at her.

"You want this?" Dan had to be sure.

"Yes. I want it very much." Marcie pulled back the sheets on the bed and pulled off her panties laying there for him.

Dan removed his pants and his boxer shorts. He didn't even bother about asking for protection figuring she had already had some. Once he came closer she looked at him. "Just so you know I didn't expect this." Dan said.

"Just so you know I like you." She smiled touching his bangs.
He kissed her slowly, but once he put it in her she moaned. "Oh god." Marcie shouted.

"Sorry did I hurt you?" Dan looked at her. "No, it's been a while. A long while." Her inner thigh felt his hip.

"Ah okay." Dan kissed her softly then he smiled as he worked off a sweat with her.

He moaned when he came. She breathed out feeling her orgasm come. To be honest it was the best she ever had. Her screaming out had caught him off guard.

"Was it good?" Dan asked. "Yes." She kissed him.

"I’m very glad." Dan looked down at her.

"You’re better than anything I've felt in a really long time. I want more Dan. More with you." Marcie turned him over on his back.

"All right." Dan kissed her.

And for the rest of the night they had sex. When they got tired, they fell asleep in each other's arms. Marcie's cat, rubbed up against him as he laid in bed with her. Her cat liked him.

Marcie woke up the next morning tired. It was Saturday, and she had her day off. Dan laid there as she was cuddled in his arms. She kissed his cheek then his lips. Dan felt her. "I still feel tired. What time is it?"

"Ten." She glanced at the clock.

"We could sleep in. I don't mind you staying." Marcie felt his chest.

"The offer does sound tempting but I really should go I don't wanna be an inconvenience." Dan stretched.

"You're not an inconvenience. I like having you here." Marcie got up to get her robe.

"I could make you breakfast what would you like?" Marcie offered.

"Bacon and Eggs with Toast if you have it." Dan smiled getting his clothes on.

"You got it." Marcie went to cooking and he went to the restroom as he had to go.

Dan never asked her anything about her previous marriage besides knowing that he cheated on her. But to him, she seemed like a good person. He didn't see anything bad about her. In bed she was terrific so he wondered what made their marriage so bad.

Dan sat there looking around, "So you live here alone?" Marcie nodded. "It's all mine. I don't have a roommate if that's what you're asking or a boyfriend for that matter."

"And you live with your brother?" Marcie wondered. "I use to live with my girlfriend. I moved to my brother's when we broke up. We've been broken up for about a year." Dan remembered.

"The last time I was with a man was eons ago. I left him three years ago, but the divorce only now became final." Marcie said eating a piece of toast.

"You loved him right?" Dan asked.

"Yes very much, but I must have been boring or something cause he wanted someone younger. I mean I am much older than you probably are but maybe he didn't like me to begin with who knows." Marcie shrugged.

"Well I enjoy your company and I wanna thank you for breakfast." Dan gave her a smile.

"You're welcome and I wanna thank you for last night." Marcie felt wonderful.

"You're welcome. I didn't ask, but was I wrong for not using protection last night." Dan was wondering.

"No you don't have to worry. The chances of me getting pregnant not likely." Marcie laughed.

"I hope your right. I should have asked or something. I'm sorry." Dan apologized.

"You don't have to be sorry. You made me feel something I never felt before. Listen after breakfast I'll get dressed and take you home. But I had a really good time. We should do it again. I mean if you want to." Marcie liked him.

"Yeah. I would love to." Dan touched her hand.

Marcie felt his warm hand. She took it in hers.

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