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Skin Change

Alaska by magical1

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It was cold in the chilling weather of Alaska. Dan and Elijah had both gotten their notice of filming so they packed their bags along with their girlfriends and flew there. Nina was bundled up in her jacket but once they got to Alaska she began to enjoy the cool weather her friend Marcie was removing her jacket too.

Even though it had been cold, both girls loved the cold weather. Though for Marcie her glasses kept freezing over so she removed them putting them into her pocket.

“Darling can you even see without them?” Dan said as they walked to the car.

“I can, just don’t ask me to read anything.” She walked with Nina.

Elijah held Nina’s hand as they walked. Marcie had not held Dan’s hand, for a while now they hadn’t really been close and even though she wanted too. There was just something holding her back.

It seemed like through the thick of it all, Marcie was a bit uncomfortable with him. Not because he was mean or anything it was just that she was unsure of a lot of things. She loved him wholeheartedly, but every time he touched her she was nervous.
Walking into the cabin they all looked around. Marcie dropped her bag. Dan went into one of the bedrooms and chose one. Elijah went to another bedroom and went inside. Marcie and Nina looked around.
“Nice place isn’t it?” Marcie said.

“Yeah its quite nice. How are you, I remember you told me your story about what happen to you when you were younger. Were you able to tell him yet?” Nina put her hand on the glass feeling the cold.

“No, not yet. I know I have to, but he has to know why I’ve been making him wait.” Marcie looked back at the bedroom doorway he hadn’t come out yet.

“You should tell him now since he don’t have anything to do today.” Nina told her.

Marcie nodded she walked to the bedroom Dan went into inside he was putting his stuff into the drawers. She watched him when he turned around. “I left you some space. If you want something moved just move it.”

She closed the door and walked up to him. He noticed she was quiet as she walked to him. Marcie took his hand, she pulled him to sit. “I wanna talk to you.”

“All right I am listening.” Dan sat down waiting for her to speak.

“I wanna tell you the reason why we haven’t slept together. “ Marcie touched his cheek.

Dan nodded. “I want you to just listen okay. When I was little I was abused, sexually abused by a friend of the family. It went on for a short time and I was very lucky that he was put away but that’s the reason. I’m not scared of you. I am afraid you wouldn’t understand. I never wanted to tell you this. Its hard for me. I mean it was weird. I’m still a virgin, but the memory of it traumatized me.”

“Wait if you were sexually abused didn’t he already take your virginity?” Dan asked.

“He wasn’t interested in that. He made me do other things. But he never touched me like that.” Marcie took a seat on the bed.

“I’m completely sorry. I thought maybe you hated me or something else.” Dan understood.

“I could never hate you. I love you.” She moved closer.

“I am sorry you had such a horrible childhood. I am glad he is put away for whatever sick things he made you do. I understand and I will never pressure you into it.” Dan put the shirt he had in his hands down.

He put his arms around her. She put her arms around him. “I want to be with you tonight.”

“Are you sure?” He pulled away. She nodded her head.

Nina was looking at Elijah pull off his jacket. He was talking about how filming was gonna go and what he needed to do tomorrow. She was looking at him talk, but wasn’t all interested in talking. He looked at her and took a seat.

“Really here now with them here?” Elijah said.

“Why not?” Nina winked.

“You sure we won’t be too loud?” He began pulling off his shirt.

“Who cares?” Nina laid down pulling him closer.

Elijah giggled as he pulled off her clothes. Nina grabbed at his belt unzipping his pants. They hadn’t been together long, but they loved each other.

Marcie and Dan began hearing noise from the other side of the wall. Dan’s eyes widen, “Gosh really?”

“They were horny for each other. “ Marcie got up looking out the window.

“So when I film tomorrow are you gonna stay here or go shopping?” Dan wondered.

She turned around and faced him. “Not sure yet. Do you know when you will be back?”

“No why?” Dan noticed her playing with his shirt.

“Was just curious.” She leaned into him and kissed him lightly.

She went to his neck and he started breathing differently. “Please stop you know what that does to me.” Dan wanted her to stop.

“I do which is why I am giving you a preview of what’s to come.” She pulled at his belt and undid it. He watched her as she pulled down his zipper.

Feeling inside his pants she grasped his cock rubbing it. He sighed. Marcie looked up into his eyes seeing just how much he wanted this.
She led him to the bed and laid him down. He got to fully remove his clothes but it was a bit cold. “Uh no, no blankets you’ll get hot soon enough.”

Dan watched her remove her shirt. He had known she was big breasted so when he seen her bra he gasped. “Oh fuck.”

He had never seen her with her clothes off so he sat there and watched as his erection protruded to full salute. Marcie slowly removed her bra letting him see her.

Dan came forward put his hand on her breast and touched them. She closed her eyes letting him feel her. As he put his mouth to her skin she moaned. Marcie had liked the way he had sucked on her nipple it was a different feeling for her.

The feeling of his touch made her wet for him. It was the first time she could say that she actually wanted him this way.

Dan laid her down as he came above her. “I’ve wanted this for a long time. You sure you want this?”

“If you don’t mind I want to take this slow. We don’t have any condoms not unless you bought some.” She laid there.

“Nah I didn’t. I bought some girly magazines to get off. But now that I see your tits. Just seeing them is gonna get me off.” Dan admitted.

“Fuck them. Put your cock between them.” She sat up. Dan came closer to her. “First let me excite you a bit.”

Marcie grabbed his cock and kissed it. Dan felt her slide his cock into her mouth. He moaned feeling so good.

She worked his cock to the point where ejaculate started to come out. Laying back down he came forward and put his cock between her tits. He started to move and she bent her head forward so she could suck it as he done it.

Dan was panting. He liked this awful lot. It wasn’t long before he came and let his fluid out on her breasts. Dan’s hard throbbing cock made him feel satisfied. He laid down as she got something to clean it off. Once she finished she cleaned him up too.

Dan glanced over at her. “Was this okay with you?”

“No, I need you. I wanna feel it too.” Marcie spoke.

“You wanna come too?” Dan asked.

She nodded her head. “I can do it several ways I just need to know what you’re comfortable with.

“Maybe with your fingers first.” Marcie got up removing her panties.
Dan nodded. She removed them and tossed them. He got closer to her and put his hand between her thighs.

Once he touched the opening he noticed she was wet. Dan looked up at her and kissed her. He put his fingers inside her and started working out a rhythm. She was wimping as he started doing this to her.

She liked it a lot. Dan heard her moan. “Does it feel okay?”

“Yeah don’t stop.” She was panting now.

He got up and came between her legs. Dan spread her legs apart and kissed her thigh going down to the wetness he created. When his tongue dipped inside her she moaned hard.

“Oh god.” She moaned feeling him.

His tongue licked her for a few seconds when he noticed her orgasm come. She closed her legs slightly.

Marcie was breathing out as she laid there. Dan came above her, “Was that okay for you, or do you want more?”

“More please, this time. Change it up.” She requested.

“How so?” Dan asked.

“Lay down.” Marcie told him and he did so. She grabbed his cock it wasn’t hard anymore but she used it against her.

“You want me inside you?” Dan asked.

“Enough to please me. Not hurt me.” Marcie was now naked on him.

“Got it.” Dan laid her down and kissed her. He needed to get back to thinking about sex so he made out with her till he got hard again.

Once he did, he grabbed himself. “Let me know how far.”

Dan slowly slid himself inside her. It felt different for her but once she felt the pain she stopped him. “No further up to there.”

Dan pulled out a bit and tried as best he could to make her feel good. It seemed to work as long as he wasn’t fully in. He could feel her getting wet again and he knew it wasn’t long before she came. When she did he felt it or what he could feel from her. She smiled.

“I’m gonna do it some more just a little bit more.” Dan said, but she didn’t want too. “Please can we stop I liked it. Its just too much at once. Maybe later?” Marcie backed off.

“Yeah but can I look at you to get off. “ He asked stroking himself. “I can suck you off or maybe another way.” She turned her backside to him. “Have you had this before?” Dan wondered. She nodded letting him know she had. “We need some lube I got some in my bag.” Dan went and got it. He opened the bottle he squeezed the contents of it on his cock then he put some on her. His fingers slid over the entrance of her ass.

“I’ve never done this to a girl so if I hurt you. Let me know.” Dan let her around for him.

Dan leaned closer to her and gently put his cock inside her ass. “Put it in all the way.” She said feeling him. Marcie grabbed the sheets feeling his cock. She closed her eyes and for some reason her frame of mind changed.

“Fuck me hard.” She muttered once he was fully in.

Dan went and did what she told him. He started thrusting his cock inside her tight hole. At first it felt so good. He never had this not with any of the other girls none of them were that crazy. But his girl was actually enjoying this. He grabbed hold of her tits settling for a side position.

“You like this?” Dan asked her.

“Baby you know I like it. I love your big cock.” Dan pulled out. He turned her over and shoved his cock inside her pussy. Once he felt his cock break her hymen she closed her eyes feeling the pain. He felt like such an asshole for doing this to her.

“Why’d you do that?” She looked up at him.

“I thought you might let me since it looks like now we were enjoying it.” Dan backed off he seen the blood from her virginity.

Marcie looked at him. “Don’t you dare fucken stop. Put it back in and fuck me like you want to.”

“You’re sure?” Dan noticed something a bit off.

“My turn.” She laid him down and once she put his cock back inside her she fucked him. The bed squeaked and she was moaning quite loud.

Dan noticed her just going on him and he decided why not enjoy the fuck out of it. He closed his eyes and once he was at his end he came inside her. She felt him and she kissed him.

Marcie closed her eyes and fell asleep. Dan covered them up and he fell asleep with her.

Later that day, Dan woke up he saw Marcie cuddled against him. He kissed her then he got up and put on his clothes. As he went into the living room he seen Elijah and Nina sitting there. “Sorry about the noise?” Dan apologized.

“No worries. Nina told me about your situation. Glad to see you are moving forward.” Elijah smiled.

“She was different, compare to other girls I been with and she fucks like a maniac but she’s really good. I love her. Does she have a history of mental illness.” Dan looked to his bedroom door.

“Not that I know of why what was different?” Nina looked at him weird then Marcie came out of the bedroom.

“Her whole attitude was different. I just never seen her like this.” He took a seat.

“She’s been holding back cause of her situation. I think she’s finally letting her past go.” Nina patted his shoulder.

Marcie came out of the bedroom. She stretched and yawned. Her hair was a mess, but the smile on her face was priceless. “You left me all alone and I was cold.”

“Sorry, I was getting hungry.” Dan got up and kissed her. Marcie walked to the kitchen with him as she too was hungry. She reached in and pulled out something she liked.

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