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Skin Change

Sole Survivor by magical1

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Chapter notes:

In this first chapter Dan is severely sad and while he was just looking for someone to talk to about what had happened in Afghanistan. His deameanor is the exact opposite and to forget all about it.

There was something about him that didn’t hit me at first. He was different, not like so many men I met before. For my birthday we had entered the bar. Me and my best friend Kelli. She had offered this new kind of drink I never tasted and it was awful. But nonetheless I tried it anyway. Being the kind of friend I was.

Two men were chatting and looking at us. Kelli tapped my shoulder. “Two men are coming over here, Nancy.”

I looked at them and smiled. Both of them had shaved heads like they had just come out of the service. The tall one was talking to Kelli and just chatting away. Me however was looking at the quiet one. He took a seat. “What are you having?”

“A really awful drink my friend suggested. But I’d go for a margarita, no salt.” She smiled and took her drink, pushing it away.

Dan went ahead and ordered the drink she suggested. She was a quiet one, but he was okay with it. He never really liked chatty women. “So what’s with the haircut?” She was curious and felt kind of rude asking.

“I just got home from the service. My friend Jeff offered me some liquor but he saw you two and thought I might need someone to perk me up.” Dan took a drink of his beer. Her margarita came up and he passed it to her.

Nancy put her hand on his shoulder and came closer. “It's my birthday and my friend Kelli thought it might be nice if I met someone too.” She took her drink and took a sip liking this one more.

Dan chuckled. “We’re being set up by our best friends and it looks like Jeff is getting along with your friend Kelli.”

She offered her hand. “I’m Nancy. By the way.”

“Dan Radcliffe, nice to meet you Nancy.” She took his hand and shook it. He looked kind of sad so Nancy didn’t say much.

“Did you lose someone?” Nancy asked.

Dan began to cry and she put her arm around him. Nancy felt bad about being rude and not being sensitive to his situation. He hugged her and she held him. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to pry, it's just that you look so sad.”

Dan wiped his eyes. “Yeah I did lose someone. He was my friend and I lost him during combat. It was a terrible accident.”

Nancy took his hand. “We should get out of here.”

Dan nodded as he left his beer there. Nancy told Kelli that she and Dan were going for a walk. Kelli nodded and she followed Nancy out.

Nancy waited for Kelli. Dan and Jeff look at the girls. “Where are we going?”

“My place.” Nancy offered. Kelli nodded. “Okay.”

“Wanna come?” Nancy offered to Dan. He nodded and agreed since he didn’t feel like going to his place all alone. Jeff followed along as he sat in the back seat with Kelli.

Dan and Jeff had just walked over so they didn’t bring their cars. Nancy and Kelli were a bit away but they loved being free spirits.

Dan looked around as they drove to Nancy’s place and it seemed to take his mind off of things. He glanced up at Nancy as she drove. Kelli and Jeff were talking. “So what do you like to do in your free time?”

Jeff was a bit older than Dan and he was more of the go for it kind of guy. He was the only friend Dan trusted now. He knew his situation with going to the army and how things were when he left. Dan’s parents were still around but he hardly talked to them about how things were in his life.

After a 20 minute drive Nancy parked in her driveway. “Make sure to lock the doors when you get out.” She announced before getting out of the car.

Dan nodded and locked his side as he got out. Nancy took her keys and climbed the steps of her place. She opened the door and felt the cool breeze. It was nice to be home after a bad drink and a not so happy birthday. Not only was she rude, but she was stupid for saying the wrong things.

Dan looked around her place seeing Kelli and Jeff take a seat on the couch. “Do you wanna listen to some music?”

Nancy put on something low and went to the kitchen. She looked at what she had to eat or drink. She hadn’t noticed Dan had followed her.

“Hey thanks for getting me out of there. I don’t really drink.” Dan wanted to be nice and talk to her.

Nancy turned. “You’re welcome. I’m sorry for making you feel so uncomfortable. Sometimes my mouth just goes off and I……” Dan walked up to her and kissed her. Nancy smiled loving the softness of his kiss.

She took his hand leading him to her room. Where they could talk. Dan saw that maybe this is what they were headed for. She locked the door and looked at him.

Nancy wasn’t one to make a move but she dragged him to her bed and made him sit. He was looking at her wondering if she wanted to do more than just talk. So he broke the ice. “Can I kiss you again?”

Nancy got closer to him. “I was waiting for you to come closer.” He leaned closer and took off his jacket. She helped him remove it.
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