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A Very Unusual Day by Emily G

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A Very Unusual Day

by: Emily G


I woke up one morning  to find that all of my mail is gone. Not the kind of morning that I was hoping for... but at least I am alone. I did my usual routine. Wake up, eat some cereal, and then head over to Rupert's house. But today, he was on vacation with his family, so I decided to go for a walk in the Big Apple. I took everything that I would need. My ipod, a book, and some chap-stick. When I arrived, I noticed that I was being spied on. Paparazzi I thought to myself, but I was completely wrong. A tall girl with long, brown hair and dazzlingly green eyes was looking at my from a nearby bush. "Hello?" I said. She looked as if she were going to faint. "Hi." she answered back. "Were you staring at me?" I asked. "Maybe..." she said smiling to herself. I laughed. She was pretty funny.

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