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The Woman in Black: A Hunter's Tale by BritneyandHarryPotterForever

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The Woman in Black: A Hunter’s Tale


By: BritneyandHarryPotterForever


Disclaimer: I don’t own “The Woman in Black.” I only own my character Britney MacDonald.


Summary: Mysterious deaths are occurring in the town of Crythin Gifford and it’s up to ghost hunter Britney MacDonald and Arthur Kipps to figure it out before the killer strikes again.




Mysterious deaths are occurring in the town Crythin Gifford.


Girls are jumping out of two story window.


A girl physical ill, throwing up blood and dropping death on the spot.                


A girl setting herself on fire.


Who’s behind these mysterious deaths?


That’s what Britney MacDonald; ghost hunter is trying to figure out.


With help from Arthur Kipps, a lawyer sent to handle Mrs. Drablow paper work.


With no help from the local town’s people, Britney and Arthur team up together to figure out what’s behind the killings.


Can Britney and Arthur discover the secrets of El Marsh House before the killer strikes again or die trying?






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