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Harry Potter Leicester Square Statue
marcie - Sep 30, 2020 Dan News , Harry Potter

The statue of Harry Potter has finally been revealed on Leicester Square’s Scenes in the Square Trail. The statue is of Daniel Radcliffe as the boy wizard in the scene where he first takes flight for quidditch. He’s been sculpted in bronze, just like his Leicester Square co-star statues. He occupies the north terrace of the very same square where the movie premiered back in 2001. Harry Potter content has also been added to the Square’s pre-exiting audio tour to coincide with the statue’s unveiling. 

Harry will be poised on his Nimbus 2000 until July 2023. Pictures are posted in our gallery.


New Layout
marcie - Sep 26, 2020 Site News

New layout for October. I know we are a week away,. If the layout looks familiar its because some of the content from daniel-radcliffe.org was donated to us. The site is no longer in service so we got the themes. Many thanks to Gemma for the name change in the graphics and a few glitches along the road.

Leicester Square Statue
marcie - Sep 19, 2020 Dan News

The monument will depict a scene from ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ and will form a part of Leicester Square’s existing ‘Scenes in the Square’ trail – joining the likes of Paddington Bear, Mary Poppins and Mr Bean in the heart of London.

The Statue will be revealed late September and will coincide with the start of Inside Out Festival, which is bringing cultural activities to the area’s streets from October 1.

There with Care: Barefoot on the Red Carpet
marcie - Sep 16, 2020 Dan News

There with Care had an event online which Dan attended. They have an encore presentation of it. If you are interested in seeing the event a $25 donation must be made before you are able to view the event. You can purchase a ticket which supports families and children with a medical crisis. Go to their site and purchase a ticket.

Gazette du Sorcier 20th Anniversary
marcie - Sep 16, 2020 Dan News

New video of the Harry Potter stars wishing the Gazette du Sorcier a 20th Anniversary.

Dan reads the worst tweets of 2020
marcie - Sep 10, 2020 Dan News

Listen to Dan read the worst tweets of 2020 by Defector. A former staff of Deadspin.

New Photos from Escape from Pretoria and More
marcie - Sep 10, 2020 Dan News , Escape from Pretoria , Harry Potter , Movies

New Photos from Escape from Pretoria Japan and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Remastered in China.



Much more is located in our gallery: Promotional Photos, Behind the Scenes from Escape from Pretoria and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, New poster from Guns Akimbo Thailand, Ripple Productions: Cunning Stunts screenshots, and a new scan from Cosmopolitan India July issue.

From Magic to Real Life
marcie - Aug 13, 2020 Dan News , Escape from Pretoria , Movies

New interview from El Sol de Irapuato it talks about Escape from Pretoria in a phone interview with Dan in London.

About Escape from Pretoria

“We are living in a time when it is important to tell the stories of people who have heroic qualities to be celebrated, of people with enormous courage, but who at the same time have great principles and sacrifice so much for their ideals. That’s always something important as an actor,” Radcliffe tells via telephone from London. 

Dan devoted three months for preparation to learn the South African accent and the escape plan. Here’s what Dan had to say about Tim Jenkin.

“We talked a lot about what it meant to grow up in South Africa and how the social awakening to apartheid was. He told me about the day-to-day protests, what it was like to get to prison and the step-by-step escape plan; that helped me get practical details of how and where he hid the tools to sand the wood or the technique to do it, among many other things. It was very rare to hear all these stories coming directly from him” ” he says. 

Here’s a new video of Dan talking about Escape from Pretoria.

Tele Cable Sat Weekly Scans
marcie - Aug 12, 2020 Magazines , Tele Cable Sat

New Scans from Tele Cable Sat Weekly from August 15-21. You can view them in the gallery.


Book Review: Kill Code
marcie - Aug 10, 2020 Book Review
Kill Code Book Cover Kill Code
Clive Fleury
December 3, 2018
eBook, paperback


The year 2031. Our future. Their present. A world ruined by climate catastrophe, where the sun's heat kills and the oceans rise higher every day. A world ruled by the wealthy and corrupt. A world where a good man cannot survive for long. Hogan Duran was a good man once: a good cop, forced to resign in disgrace when he couldn't save his partner from a bullet. Now he lives on the fraying edges of society, serving cruel masters and scavenging trash dumps just to survive. But Hogan's ship is about to come in. He's invited to join the National Security Council, the powerful paramilitary organization that protects the ruling elite from the uglier elements of this new society. All he needs to do is pass their deadly entrance exam, and Hogan will be rewarded with wealth and opportunity beyond his wildest dreams. But this ex-cop's path to redemption won't be easy. The NSC are hiding something, and as Hogan descends ever-deeper into their world, he begins to uncover the awful truth of just how the elite in this new society keep their power¿and how far they'll go to keep their secrets. In a world gone wrong, can one good man actually make a difference? Or will he die trying?

Review: From the start of this amazing book things start off kind of slow. You see that Hogan is not really a hero. He was an ex-cop who was down on his luck and doing anything to survive. It’s not until Hogan gets to the NSC that things start to get interesting.

I found this book has a lot to offer. Things just kept getting more interesting as you dig further into it. There’s a lot more, but I will let you the reader find out what happens next. If you like the end of the world type of books this one is a real winner.


Here are some links you can check out for more on Clive Fleury and TCK Publishing

TCK Publishing | Clive Fleury

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