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Sightsavers Charity
marcie - Nov 25, 2016 Dan News

Bid to win your favorite celebrity specs on eBay.

Specs Appeal gives you the chance to own a pair of glasses donated by some of the most famous faces around, from Daniel Radcliffe, David Walliams, Emma Watson, Ringo Starr and Rita Ora, to Stephen Fry, Kate Moss, will.i.am, Meryl Streep and many more.

Thanks to all our generous celebrities’ donations, we have nearly 80 pairs of specs up for grabs!

Bidding starts on eBay on Friday 25 November 2016 and runs for 10 days. That means you’ll need to get your bids in before Monday 5 December 2016. Here’s the link to the official release and also their ebay post. The link for the auction is here.

dr1 dr2

The One Show and more from Zurich
marcie - Oct 4, 2016 Media

See Daniel Radcliffe explaining about his new film Swiss Army Man and Graham Norton being a novelist – yes, you read that correctly! You can view the full program of the One Show at BBC. Down below are clips from the show.

Dan was on Talk Daily and spoke about how he embodied the undead In “Swiss Army man” the undoubtedly weirdest part of his career. How did he get prepared for it? More fascinating insights into the movie business is there in the complete talk daily:

Swiss Army Man Extras
marcie - Oct 3, 2016 Movies , Swiss Army Man

Lately a few sites have been posting extras for Swiss Army Man so I am gonna post what’s come out so far in this post.

Dan laugh’s during filming

Harry Potter consumes everything
marcie - Oct 3, 2016 Dan News , Film Festival , Zurich

The text below has been translated if anything seems wrong that’s why. So just a heed of warning when you read it. It’s basically the same as the video.

When you showed up at Bellevue, there was a crowd. Is not that excessive demand?
Not at all. I worry more that I can not account for all who want autographs. In Zurich there were very many, and I have some done, but not all. That stresses me! Maybe it has to do with the fact that as a child I already had to give autographs and was sometimes booed by those who I was. As a child did wrong the. One wants to disappoint anyone.

They act very generous. Have your parents so well behaved?
Sure, I was told that I should be polite, reach out to greet the hand first, things like that. My father is from Northern Ireland, my mother from Essex, they have worked their way, and I grew up in London in a middle class family.

And today all selfies want with you. Is not that strange?
Strangely not, it is the fastest way to do the whole thing. But I have in my career actually can observe the decline of the autograph. Previously wanted the all, today it is no longer anything. Documenting an experience has become more important than the experience itself. Everything I’ve seen from the stage in the cinema Corso, were mobile.

And yet there have children Stars today any easier?
I guess so. We have seen grow up some child actors who later got good roles. And today there are many more opportunities to get to know the actors take the figure. In talk shows, people get to see myself, not Harry Potter. I’ve probably got the same number of jobs thanks interviews as thanks roles.

They were eleven years old when you played in the first “Harry Potter” film. Was also no demand?
Not at all. It was even helpful. One makes a teenager some experience and has the role even a valve to express it. That’s the nice thing about acting: You have a place to dump all the garbage that you have in mind. This useful arises.

Did you have much time to make teenagers experience?
When I was 13 years old, I had at least 13 years of experience. But clearly, I had nothing had anything remotely to do with acting technique. I just learned by heart lines. But from 14 I thought: The things that happen in my life, I can do for the movies. Just because I was so young on a set, I did not even miss all the other aspects of teenage life.

but you put already in a giant cinema machine, no?
I still remember how Chris Columbus, director of the first two “Potter” films, once came into my trailer. I had assumed he turn now ten years all films. But he told me that he will not come back, he had a family that he wanted to see. So to make a “Harry Potter” film, is a company that consumes everything. Check out Alfonso Cuarón on, the director of the third film. He came as a young, good-looking Mexican. When he left, he was gray.

For many “Harry Potter” was primarily an intense reading experience. Serves you still that you can not stop to read a book?
It does not happen every time, but if it happens, it is the greatest. The last time I experienced it with “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle” by Haruki Murakami. I was obsessed.

Come for one at that, in addition to screenplays to read novels?

For sure. I was one of these children, the joy received thanks “Harry Potter” in reading. Currently I read very, very slow “100 Years of Solitude” by Gabriel García Márquez. So fantastic the novel is, as often as I am interrupted because of a press tour. Otherwise much Kurt Vonnegut, the stories and “Cat’s Cradle”. “The Master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov is my favorite book. Not many know it, but it changes the life.

Can you explain the outrage over the black Hermione in the new “Harry Potter” -Theaterstück?
It is ridiculous. As with “Ghostbusters”, always are people in turmoil. And still you wonder: What is black Hermione to do with your life? As J. K. Rowling announced that Dumbledore was gay, people were also so angry. I think people should relax times.

You have on stage played the young fanatics in the play “Equus”. What will one day be more important to you, “Harry Potter” or “Equus”?

Automatic Answer: Thanks to “Harry Potter” I became a star, and so I could also “Equus” make. But many directors have said to “Equus”: “Perhaps he really has the talent for other things.” Well, “Harry Potter” I owe the career that I have. And “Equus” the career that I want to have.

Source: tagesanzeiger.ch

20 mins and SRF
marcie - Oct 3, 2016 Dan News , Film Festival , Zurich

Here’s a few new video and audio from the Zurich Film Festival. I am gonna post a few photos that came with the interviews down below. Enjoy.

Daniel Radcliffe:SRF Interview

20 Minuten Interview

SRF Zurich Interview

More from the Zurich Film Festival
marcie - Oct 2, 2016 Dan News , Film Festival , Zurich

There’s been quite a bit coming from the Zurich Film Festival as day 2 was yesterday. There was a dinner for Imperium and a photocall. Today they released the ZFF Masters Interview you can view all of it below. Oh and Awards Night as well. Here’s a video from Keystone.

Graham Norton
marcie - Oct 1, 2016 Dan News , Imperium , Movies , Swiss Army Man

Got to see the new episode of Graham Norton which is always a pleasure to see there was 3 clips released on the net. Which will be posted below. They showed Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick’s movie Trolls, Dan with Swiss Army Man and Imperium which Dan also brought Manny on the show. Robbie Williams told a hilarious fan experience and sang. There was unfortunately no red chair this time. But it was funny overall. The playlist will show all 3 videos in a row.

We also have some pictures from the show.

Zurich Film Festival
marcie - Oct 1, 2016 Dan News , Film Festival , Zurich

The Zurich Film Festival was toady Dan was there to promote both Imperium and Swiss Army Man down below is the green carpet. There’s pictures in the gallery, but I am gonna hold off till there’s more. So for now you can preview one here by our facebook and a few below this post. There will be more soon.

Celebrity Honk Off
marcie - Sep 30, 2016 Dan News

Daniel Radcliffe chats corpsing on camera, lamping Harry Potter fans and shooting Emma Watson in the face.

Daniel Radcliffe Answers Questions From His Own Corpse
marcie - Sep 29, 2016 Dan News , Movies , Swiss Army Man

Since becoming a household name as Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe has racked up quite the variety of credits: He played a romantic lead in What If, tried his hand at a biopic as Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings, and returned to the world of magic earlier this year in Now You See Me 2.

His latest role, however – as Manny in the equally funny and moving Swiss Army Man – is probably the furthest departure from the Dan we grew up with. Because Manny is a dead guy who farts and vomits and, in doing so, helps Paul Dano’s character off a deserted island and back home. And BuzzFeed got to meet both of them. Check out the interview below and pictures via the link below.


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