Swiss Army Man Review

Amy D

Written by Amy Duelly

The term you have never seen anything like this before is very overused. It’s very few times you see a movie and think that this term is true. Swiss army man is the true definition of you have never seen anything like this before. This movie is absolutely funny, sad, and a love movie all put into one. Paul Dano plays such a believable stranded person, who desperately wants to get home. Paul brought so much life and feeling into the character Hank and did such a wonderful performance throughout the movie. You are rooting for Hank the whole way through the movie. Daniel Radcliffe as Manny is another wonderful performance. Every single project Dan does and all the risks he takes in each of them, it’s harder and harder to believe that there would be more risks and even more amazing projects, but there always is and he just gets more and more amazing with each one. Dan plays a wonderfully, weird, funny and cute dead corpse in this movie and it’s definitely one of his best performances yet. I leave you all with this quote (which is said in the movie but I changed it a tad, ” I saw Swiss Army Man, me, my friend Megan, Hank and Manny sang and we danced and the movie was beautiful”