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Arthur Kipps has bestowed a great gift to Emily Drablow, when they go to Crythin Gifford to meet her family. Emily remembers what she left behind.

Emily sat on the bed contemplating whether she should do what she had planned; her stomach was big with her baby inside her. She had wanted to tell the father but he didn’t know about the baby they had created 9 months ago. She had been working for him and his 3 year old son. She had been from the streets and he had given her work. One night was all they had together, his wife was deceased and he had given into his passion with her on that raining night so long ago. She had felt loved then, but when she seen how distressed he was afterwards she decided to leave. Whether he felt guilty or what she didn’t know but he was the father, she had never been with anyone else and she was a virgin that night he took her innocence. She found herself walking to his door, she was now working for someone else but she had to tell him about their child.

Emily knocked on the door; she waited until she saw another maid answer the door. “Hi, I need to speak to Arthur is he in?”

“Yes, Ma’am who should I say is calling?” Estelle said.

“Emily, he knows who I am.” Emily said coming further into the house.

She smiled when she seen Joseph he was 4 now and he smiled seeing her too. “Emily!”

“Joseph, Oh god how I missed you.” Emily knelt down embracing him as if he was her own son.

“Daddy misses you. I know he does.” Joseph said.

“I have something to tell him.” Emily had hid her stomach with her clothes.

Estelle had went into his bedroom as he shaved. He was wiping his chin when she appeared. He saw her.

“What is it?” Arthur said.

“Emily has come to see you. She said you know who she is.” Estelle helped him.

“Yeah, she worked here before I hired you.” Arthur cleaned up and put on his jacket.

“She’s waiting in the day room with your son.” Estelle said.

He nodded and went to the room where Emily was. When he seen her she was holding his son on her lap. He was showing her a picture he drew and she was smiling at it.

When Joseph looked up he saw his father. “Daddy.”

“Arthur!” Emily’s eyes shined just staring at him.

Arthur kneeled down, “Joseph, I need to speak to Emily can you give us a few minutes maybe have some cookies with Estelle.”

“Sure, Daddy.” Joseph left and Arthur closed the door.

He didn’t say anything he just stared at her. “Good to see you come back; you just left without telling me. I had to hire Estelle. Do you know how heartbroken Joseph was when you left? He thought he made you leave.”

“I’m sorry it wasn’t him that was the reason why I left, it was because of you.” Emily said.

“How do you mean?” Arthur asked.

“I left because after what we did you wouldn’t talk to me. I seen the hurt in your eyes you were thinking of her. I didn’t want that, I didn’t want you to see her when I was with you. I loved you Arthur. I had to leave.” Emily said.

“Then why come back?” Arthur said he had hurt too when she left.

Emily stood up. “Because even though I left I always thought about you. Something wouldn’t let me forget you. I came back because of this.”

Emily removed her coat showing him her belly. “I’m nine months pregnant, Arthur. That night long ago we created a baby.”

He looked at her reaching out to touch her stomach. “I’m sorry, Emily.”

“Don’t be. I had you just one night, but I will cherish that night forever you gave me something I never thought I’d have. I just wanted to tell you before I leave.” Emily started walking to the door.

“Wait, don’t go.” He knelt at her feet.

“Emily, marry me. I know I haven’t been completely there for you, but I wouldn’t want our child growing up without a father. Please don’t go.” Arthur kissed her hand then grabbed her close.

“I can’t I mean I love you, but I don’t know.” Emily said feeling a slight pain.

He noticed Emily wasn’t feeling well. “The baby Arthur, its coming.” Emily grabbed her stomach.

“Estelle!” He called out.

“Get a doctor, Emily is going to have a baby here.” Arthur yelled.

“Don’t leave me.” Emily said grabbing his hand.

“Never.” Arthur took her to his room and she laid down.

She felt her water break and realized it was coming sooner than she thought. Emily screamed out as the pains got worst. Arthur held her hand.

“It’ll be all right.” He said holding her hand.

Emily asked him to remove her under clothes and he helped her. The doctor came as fast as he could. He seen Emily already dilated and the head was peaking.

The doctor told Arthur to wait outside and so he did. He paced back and forth. It was just like when Joseph was born. He could hear her screaming out and he worried. When there was silence he didn’t know what to make of it.

The door opened, “You have a little girl. Arthur.” Estelle said.

“And Emily is she well?” Arthur asked.

“She’s perfectly fine. A little stressed out from the labor, but fine.” The doctor smiled.

Arthur smiled. “May I see her?”

The little girl was placed into his arms and he came forward into the room as he seen Emily. Emily smiled seeing him hold their daughter.

“I love you, Arthur. And yes I will marry you.” Emily said.

He smiled. “I love you Emily.”

“What shall we name her Arthur?” Emily said.

”What about Clara? Arthur said.

“Clara Kipps.” Emily smiled liking the name.

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