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The Ghost of You

A short story on a love between two friends who go through a tragic accident.

The tall trees shook with the wind, it was cold but nothing could stop Daniel from visiting his beloved’s grave. The tears flowed down his cheek, he grabbed a napkin from his coat pocket and wiped his tears. It was his Kate, his best friend in the whole world. When they were children, they use to play hide and seek. He loved playing that game. She chose him as the seeker, while she hid. That was the last game they ever played. Dan remembered it clearly.in the forest during the summer of 1998, they were walking down a path. He held her hand, and was looking toward the ground. Kate pointed to an old house, it was vacant.

“Let’s go in there.” She said.

“No, we can’t go in there. It’s creepy and its old.” He didn’t like the house.

“Dan, please.” She looked at him with puppy dog eyes.

“All right,” He followed her.

They walked to the house, the porch was creaking. Kate placed her hand on the door, Dan noticed the windows were shattered, the place was a mess. He really didn’t want to go in there, but he didn’t want Kate going alone. They walked through the house, it was quiet. The upstairs seemed okay they walked into the first bedroom. They were teenagers now, no longer children. Kate placed her hands on his face, she kissed her best friend. Only cause she wanted to see what it felt like to kiss a boy.

He pulled away. “Kate, no.”

“Ah come on, its just kissing.” She placed her hand on his shoulder.

Kate looked at him wondering why he was angry with her, she was sad that he didn’t want her in that way. He walked out the door, leaving her there alone. She cried, feeling so depressed. That was when Kate heard voices it had spooked her so bad, she ran out of the room.

Dan was already down the stairs, she called to him. “Daniel!”

He looked at her, Kate seen something coming at her. But before she could run she was pushed. She flew down the stairs, Dan couldn’t help her from falling. He heard a loud crack when her body hit the last stair and knew she was dead. He ran out the door, going back home. He didn’t understand why he left her there. So he told his mom what happened to Kate.

The police had found Kate’s body at the bottom of the stairs. Blood was dripping out of her mouth, it was clear that her neck had broke on impact. The house was clearly a dangerous place, it was suppose to be condemned soon. A month later, Dan found himself going to the cemetery a lot for the guilt of leaving her alone. He knew he was responsible.

“I’m so sorry.” He placed his hand on her grave.

The guilt piled on him so thick, that he often thought about killing himself so he could be with her. The house still stood, even though it was suppose to be condemned. There was some trouble with the property about permits and so forth. So it still stood. Dan had hated that house so much since Kate died. He often went to it and felt like setting it on fire.

But today was about to change his life forever, he looked at the house. Where windows had once stood, each window was now glassed. He then seen a face. It was Kate. He ran inside looking for her, but there was nothing his imagination was going wild he thought.

Once inside he closed his eyes, he could feel her presence in the house. He knew her scent. “Kate, if your still here. I’m sorry.” He cried.

Kate appeared to him. She touched his back, the caress was soft and lite. “I love you, Kate. I always have.” He said out loud.

“Shhh…” Kate whispered.

He let her touch him, the caresses began to be more than just touching. He could feel her groping him. It was like she was there, but invisible. He turned to see nothing, then heard wicked laughter that scared the hell out of him. What ever was in the house, wanted him. He could feel it. This was more than just Kate, it was something else. So he got out and ran.

He then heard crying, Kate’s cry. It hurt him to hear her cries. He wanted to go back in, but he couldn’t not now. He walked on, but then he heard screaming. Kate’s scream.

He ran back into the house. What scared him more was not Kate, but the evil laughter that kept taunting him. A door creaked from upstairs, it made him curious. He went upstairs seeing Kate walk into the room. The room they had walked into before.

There was a bed were there never was before. He seen Kate laying there waiting for him. Something threw him to the bed, where Kate had been. There was a evil presence, Dan felt he had to get out of the room, But the door wouldn’t open.

“What do you want from me.” He screamed.

Kate appeared, “You we always wanted you.”

“What do you mean we, Kate?” He looked at her.

“All the girls that died here.” Kate said.

It dawned on him. He knew what they were talking about. It was an old tale, it was said that virgins were sacrificed in the house, that a man killed girls from ages 15 to 18 there. He himself was a virgin that is why they wanted him. But he was not a female so he didn’t know why he was wanted there.

“Break the curse and set us free.” Kate told him.

“But your dead Kate I can’t break the curse if your dead.” He reached for her.

His hand reached nothing, but thin air. “Your blood, only yours can set us free.”

He knew now what they wanted. Devirginized Blood, he had to sacrifice his virginity to set Kate free.

Daniel ran to his closest friend, he knew that he would know someone that could help him lose his virginity easily. He ran to his friend’s house as fast as he could, he got a few pebbles from the ground and threw them at the window. His friend, Christopher heard the rocks then looked out the window.

“Hey, what’s up?” Chris asked.

“Who do you know that will give it up easily.” Dan asked him.

“That’s easy, Cindy Hamilton. But why do you want to do that now. I thought you weren’t interested.” Chris asked.

“Umm long story, I’ll tell you tomorrow thanks.” Dan ran off to Cindy’s house.

By the time he reached Cindy’s house, he saw her sister. Candice was listening to music on her ipod. He got up the porch and touched her shoulder.

“Is Cindy home?” Dan was sweating from running.

“She’s out with a boy. What do you want with her?” Candice was curious.

“I need to lose my virginity.” He told her flat out.

“I can help you.” Candice smiled.

“You can, that would be great. Come on.” He grabbed her hand.

Dan wasn’t worried who it was that he would lose his virginity to cause it didn’t matter. He had lost Kate. He had always loved Kate, she meant everything to him. But she was dead now and there was nothing he could do. He’d do anything to be with her.

Dan brought Candice upstairs to the bedroom. He began taking off his jacket along with his pants. Candice just watched him take off his clothes. She pulled off her shirt, standing there in her bra. He was nervous that much she could tell from his eyes.

“We don’t have to do this.” Candice said.

“No, this has to be done.” He put his hands on hers.

Daniel laid her down on a bed, and got on top of her. He had no experience, but he had to get hard for her and it was hard to concentrate. “Dan look at me.” He heard her say.

“I’ll make this quick, all right.” He didn’t know much about what he was doing so he put himself inside her.

He was pumping himself inside her, and as he did he found himself getting somewhat hard. But he started feeling angry, then he started crying. Daniel was so confused. “I can’t do it, Kate.” He got off her and cried.

Candice didn’t know what was going on, she went to him. “It’s okay this is your first time, I understand.”

“No, you don’t understand. I let her die, Kate died because I didn’t fuck her.” He yelled wiping his tears sitting on the floor.

Candice now understood. “Imagine, I’m her. And this time you get to do it right.”

“Right for her.” He got up off the floor.

Daniel got back on the bed with Candice. He cleaned his face with his hand and tried again, this time he imagined Kate. He started with a kiss and the kiss was intense so he put himself inside her again. His thrust was the same, but this time he was actually loving it as he went forward, he grunted shouting “Yes, Yes, oh god!” As his release came inside her.

He collapsed on her and got off her pulling a knife out of his pants pocket. Dan slit his hand and his blood was poured to the floor. “For you Kate.” He said standing there naked.

“What the hell are you doing?” Candice asked.

“Kate needed devirginalized blood to be released from the curse of this place just like all the others. You helped me achieve that tonight.” He wrapped a rag around his hand and went back to kiss her.

Candice got dressed shortly afterwards and had to admit he was a strange boy, upon leaving they walked down the stairs and something pushed them. Daniel flew, but Candice was lucky enough to grab hold on the staircase rail so she didn’t fall as bad.

Daniel was bleeding from his head, and he was still breathing. Candice left him alone and dialed her cell for 911, it was then that she saw a spirit of a girl come toward them if freaked Candice so she ran outside with her phone.

Kate touched his head, “You done good, thank you for releasing all of us from here. I love you and someday we will meet again. I love you Daniel.”

He heard her words and smiled. “I love you Kate.”

“Your gonna be all right. The spirit is still here, but we are free. Burn it down.” She planted a kiss on his lips.

He felt nothing, but it didn’t matter. His Kate was free. As he got up from the floor, he seen her go and then disappear. Candice saw Daniel and went to him.

“I’m so sorry for leaving you. I didn’t know what to do.” Candice held him.

“It’s fine, I’ll be okay.” He smiled, knowing his Kate was free and that he would never have to look back on the past anymore.

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