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XL Semanal Interview

Many young actors become Frankenstein. I’ve had my murky time

Translated via Google

He seemed destined to be another broken toy. Another child star multimillion unable to digest success. But no. After spending a decade gotten into the skin of Harry Potter, amassing a fortune of over 80 million euros and take refuge in alcohol to cope with the pressures of fame, Daniel Radcliffe has survived.

Daniel Radcliffe is a gentle and close type.

Do not shy away from any question, but it shows he has learned to avoid getting into some puddles. Like the time he spoke of his problems with alcohol. Mention openly in the London hotel hosting XLSemanal, but emphasizes the consequences of talking too much, to come clean over the account, at the risk that her words are taken out of context. And it shows that it contains. It’s the price you pay to grow a film set and maturity exhibited to the public in one of the most famous sagas of the big screen: Harry Potter, of course. But despite the bad times, he breaks with the idea of ​​the little spoiled and become a troubled adult. He laughs often and fast speech. Many phrases are in the air, unfinished. And only in some issues-fame, drink …- stops a moment before speaking. In some ways seems to convey a message: the actors, very famous and rich as they are, they are normal people. At 26, Radcliffe projects the idea of ​​love with his job and resigned to not control the opinion that the public has of the actor. In his new job, Victor Frankenstein [premiere: March 31], plays Igor Strausman, faithful assistant Dr. imagined by Mary Shelley.

XLSemanal. Is there much Frankenstein among actors?

Daniel Radcliffe. Insurance. Many end up as little Frankenstein [laughs]. There are very strong individuals who, when they interpret a dark character, people become dark. And there are, of course, many who do not behave well and become little monsters, but they are fewer than you might think. There is the impression that most of the actors behave badly most of the time and although many stories are heard, never seen a truly monstrous behavior in any actor.

XL. You also had a troubled time …

D.R. Yes, I’ve been bad times … Luckily, I had great parents and a wonderful people around me. I’m lucky.

XL. His father was a literary agent and her mother, representative …

D.R. Yes. During the years of Harry Potter he was instrumental in having parents who knew the industry and could help me understand. The fact that my parents they had much literary background was helpful because I’ve always grown up surrounded by books. All this has greatly influenced my choices as an actor.

XL. In what sense?

D.R. My father, as an agent, always looking for young authors, liked to give people opportunities. And somehow, I always tried to choose new, to find voices that things had not heard before. Not that all the films I make are breakthrough. Victor Frankenstein is a commercial film from a major studio, yes, but has some very interesting ideas about technology progress and our place about him.

XL. But it was not a horror film?

D.R. Apply that label can be misleading. It has elements of the genre, but it is an adventure film that is guided by the nature of their characters. Try these two types during the Industrial Revolution in England, where many new technologies that inspire them to make shiny things are appearing. Somehow, Igor becomes aware of Victor.

XL. Does your conscience?

D.R. Yes, because, as he becomes unconscious, Igor withholds and prevents it from crossing the edge of madness.

XL. Given the role of Igor in this version, do not you think that should be called Igor, not Victor Frankenstein?

D.R. It is true that more is told from the point of view of Igor, but still the story of Victor, but told from a viewpoint somewhat different from what we have seen so far. The weight of both characters, say, is more balanced in this release. In others, the emphasis is on the relationship between Victor and the monster in this film is more about Victor and Igor. The monster does not appear until near the end.

XL. When choosing or discarding papers. Do you try to run away from Harry Potter?

D.R. Do not! I can not! For better or worse, that’s not something I decide. I can not decide when to stop associating with Harry Potter. I tried for a while, but I realized it was not my thing. The more I get, the more I realize that people will never stop talking about Harry Potter. And that’s fine, I accept. Whenever there is also talk of other things I do. So I limit myself to choose my roles based on what I like. If the script interests me, go ahead. Yes No No.

XL. Do not weigh the shadow of Potter …

D.R. In the end it has become something that I do not care. The important thing for me is to choose the film that suits me the most enjoyment and make me happier. Maybe see a movie that I’ve done it once or twice. I do not make movies to watch me and think, “Oh, just fine!”. I prefer to think of what the process as I do, if I’m going to go well or I’m interested to know the people with whom I will work. This is most important, no doubt: I will leave happier. And I think part of this is to get out of what I’m used to do.

XL. Is it hard to be a star since childhood?

D.R. Do you know? There is nothing more fun than being in a film as a child [laughs]. Other kids you might not see it that way, but I always loved watching it all, spend all those hours there and meet all these people, all the things we did. We always took it as a game. He gave me a great experience and opened the door to a life that would never have dreamed of. And being in a set is still what I like. Many people spend half their lives trying to find what you enjoy doing. I’ve been lucky enough to find out for 11 years. Or maybe 14, that’s when I told him that was what he really wanted. But I knew to be very small in any case. And it is a wonderful thing.

XL. He debuted with 9 years in the TV movie David Copperfield. Why do you say it was clear at 14 and not before?

D.R. Just do not take me seriously [he laughs]. I had fun and it was great, but I never thought that he would do the rest of my life. However, at 14 I started thinking that I wanted to continue.

XL. Something of what to repent of those times?

D.R. No, not at all.

XL. Will he return to Harry Potter?

D.R. Well, now they are doing prequels. So there is no way back. Harry has not yet appeared [laughs].

XL. But I go back?

D.R. I don `t believe. All of us involved in those films have worked very hard for years to build a career out of Harry Potter. It depends very much on how the rest of my career [laughs]. Harrison Ford is back to Star Wars and he has developed an impressive career in between. But I’m not sure I me the same thing happen. Maybe someday, I do not know. Not in the next year, for sure.

XL. He said he does not like in the first Harry Potter.

D.R. Now I feel much safer. Not that the view is always thrilled with what I’ve done, but there have been papers that make me very proud. In Amores murderers, for example, or in Horns. These are things that I like. But I remain very critical of myself. And that is why sometimes it is nice to see something, to detect things you do not like and correct.

XL. Although he said he does not like being on the big screen.

D.R. Because it can also be very negative, you run the risk of becoming too conscious of yourself. Some of my favorite actors prefer not to see the result. Ben Foster, who plays William Burroughs in Amores murderers: have not seen anything he’s done in the last ten years. It seems very logical, I understand perfectly. Maybe I do the same.

XL. At least no longer ask whether you feel confident with your work …

D.R. Do not! [Series]. At first a lot, but not anymore. And I’m glad. In any case, if at the end of Harry Potter in 2011 someone tells me that in the following years would be seven films and two or three plays, I’d be more than satisfied! I did not expect things to be so well, so I’m very happy.

XL. Still you are working 90 hours a week?

D.R. No, not anymore! [Series]. That was after finishing Harry Potter and only lasted a month, crazy. And I want to repeat. I love working, but that was too much.

XL. Lives between New York and London.

D.R. Yes. Most of the time I’m here in London. Although I try to go to New York all that I can, because I love. My girlfriend [actress Erin Darke] he is there and I try to spend as much time as I can with her.

XL. And Hollywood, are you tempted?

D.R. I like New York. I spent much time there for a play. Look, if you add up all the time I’ve been in Los Angeles in my life are perhaps five or six weeks in total. None of the Harry Potter movies was filmed there and only one of them went on promotion. I went to the Oscars one year, though, and I went a few times to visits or meetings, but little else. And to top I do not drive, it would be very difficult to live there. Everything is far away and not see anyone on the street.

XL. Not that he intimidates Hollywood …

D.R. Do not! Absolutely. And if you want to find the lifestyle of Los Angeles you can do in New York or elsewhere. It’s nothing conscious. Now I’m going to shoot a film in California and I’m delighted.

XL. He says lying when promotion. Can I trust what I can tell me?

D.R. If! Absolutely. I try not to say anything before lying. Or shut me something before I say something I should not. But it is something that happens very rarely. They are things like a film that you can not talk or situations as well. There I lie if necessary. Or if someone asks you about someone you do not feel very compatible, it resumes saying, “Ah, yes, it’s fantastic.” And you save get in trouble! I do not like speaking ill of others to the press.

XL. It is important to keep quiet, as verified by exposing their alcohol problems …

D.R. Exactly! In such matters I mean. Be silent to say certain things. I do not regret having talked about it, I learned a very important lesson: I can talk as much as you want about my problems and my recovery, and I can do it with the best intentions, but ultimately the owner will be “Harry Potter, drunk.” .. and in capital letters.

XL. That is, it assumes that, whatever it says, can not control the message or image to be transmitted to you in the end …

D.R. It is that there are times when you feel used somehow, as if you had sold. When you’re serious about some very personal and delicate things and see that sensationalism is thus used for the benefit of others, to sell newspapers or get people to see you in some way taking things out of context All this becomes really annoying. So, once I learned that I did not like that feeling, now I see it coming and I’m quietly.

XL. Then 21 …

D.R. So is. And so I have no regrets. They are things you have to learn on the fly. There is a school where you teach all these things: learn to handle them when they occur.

XL. And why he felt the need to talk about it?

D.R. It is very difficult to explain. I do not know, I was a kid when I started to talk about these issues, but I thought I should be honest, that was the best they could do. At that moment I felt that the lower was the distance between the real me, who I am Daniel Radcliffe really- and people think you know better. Not now not I, but that you see now is only a part of myself. And then I thought that the closer they were to each other, would be healthier. So I understood that expose, be very open about myself would be good. It would make me feel better. But what I learned is that, sometimes, to have your things with sincerity and see that they become something other than what you intended, is very painful. Now I feel it’s okay to have a certain gap between my public persona, the one shown in the interviews, and my own life. It is much healthier.

XL. While still transmitting greater sincerity and closeness to other stars …

D.R. I think in every interview you face a dilemma: you can be a boring guy who says the same thing over and over again or you can try to have an interesting conversation, but run the risk of saying something wrong occasionally. Which is something that undoubtedly have done. I think, to start so young, I’ve been lucky that I could always be myself. Interviews or public presence does not stress me, I feel that he is required to give a specific answer. Especially when you see that the conversation flows smoothly. Sometimes you put on the defensive if you see that someone comes with a certain to make you say this or that plan. Sometimes it feels that the article is already written before they sit down and talk with you.

XL. Overcome problems with alcohol and doubts about his career, what scares you now?

D.R. My biggest concerns are having to do with my career. It happens to most of the young actors. I love everything that has happened so far, but he finished a job and you have to ask whether you’ll never find another. Everyone passed him in a sense. I’m always reading scripts. And many of the films I really want to do, the more desire I have, are independent films … and there is much stress on that. Because independent films are much harder to do.

XL. More important than the big productions?

D.R. Yes. I was talking with a friend the other day. Films having an average budget are the hardest. Movies that cost less than a million are easy to make. And that cost more than a hundred well. But those that remain between are more complicated. And unfortunately many will fall by the wayside. But in any case, are different fears. At the end of Harry Potter he was very afraid, not knowing what would race after that. But now I feel much safer. I do not know what career I have, but I feel that I will have at least one. That reassures me.

XL. In addition, in 2015 he won the award for Best ass of the Year …

D.R. If! [Series]. I do not know where they will get that. Moreover, this has been precisely the first few years since I show my ass on screen. I do not know who voted, but I am proud, of course. A few friends wrote messages to congratulate me that morning. I gave a little embarrassed, but anyway.

XL. Is it hard to undress before an audience or cameras?

D.R. It is much easier in the movies, because most of the time you’re not really naked. I appeared naked in Amores murderers and have done nude scenes in Friends of Horns and more where you’re not really naked. But on stage … I was 17 when I did the first time and was scared to death! I was very nervous. It was a scene ten minutes was very exposed. But it is something that has made me have a lot of respect for who I was at 17. I remember thinking at the time did not matter, that if he had to do and that’s it. Now, when I think, I say: “17 years, I was very young!”. Sometimes I meet other kids of that age and I realize how young she was. But I’m very proud of my work and what I do. Either that work, and nothing else. In addition, it makes you lose all your inhibitions. When you do that, and you can raise any challenge.

XL. He likes New York because he likes Obama more British politicians …

D.R. It’s much more exciting with Obama! But do not envy them at all in political terms. There are many boring things in American politics and there is much on the political scene crazy! But there are great people and have one of the most charismatic leaders of the world.

XL. You will be positioned on the left …

D.R. Yes, but in fact everyone has a little left and a little to the right, and change your mind depending on the theme you are talking about. I could not say, for example, that the Conservatives have no good idea. What a nonsense! There are things we could agree, of course.

XL. And it is religious?

D.R. No. I am a convinced atheist. Each believe what you believe and if you help, welcome. As a teenager, he was intolerant and used to say: “No, this is bad.” Now I think everyone has their ideas, and if you allow them to cope with their own life and be happier, great.

XL. It has matured.

D.R. Yes. And it makes me much more tolerant.

When Harry became Daniel

With 11 he got the role of his life … and 1.2 million euros. Before he had done to David Copperfield in a TV movie and son of Jamie Lee Curtis in The Tailor of Panama. It was she who encouraged him to stand for Harry Potter.

Life goes beyond

Equus was his first hit outside the boy wizard saga. I was 17 and with this play showed the world that, as an actor, had a future. Last November, as at 26, Radcliffe got his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Below, with his girlfriend, actress Erin Darke, whom he met in 2012.

Frankenstein, he is seen by his assistant

Victor Frankenstein is entitled, but the star of the new revision of the story of Mary Shelley is actually his assistant Igor Strausman. Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy star in this film that shows the dark origins of the wizard, the meeting between him and his boss and the way east to the myth.

The guy million covers


Source: XL Semanal

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