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Sorted and Cosmopolitan Germany

New magazine scans from Sorted and Cosmopolitan Magazine. Thanks to Susanne for the scans of Cosmopolitan Germany and the translation of the interview. You can read it down below



Translation for Cosmopolitan Germany thanks to Susanne

Daniel Radcliffe runs into the interview room at The Soho Hotel in London and apologizes for the two-minute delay – a short cigarette break between two interviews. You came all the way from Germany, that’s really nice,” he says and sits down. His leg continues to bounce. He talks twice as fast as others, is daintier than the average. Most people, he explains, would greet him instead with “Hello, how are you? with an astonished one. I thought you were taller! He measures 1.65 meters. “My mother is 1.52 meters tall, that’s all I could do for me, he jokes. His blue Husky eyes shine cheerfully. Since the Briton enchanted the world for ten years as Harry Potter, he has been one of the most successful and best-paid actors in the world. Countless fans are waiting in front of the hotel today. But the hysteria doesn’t seem to reach him. He seems so modest, as if he was at the beginning of his career. For years he deliberately hasn’t played in any blockbusters, but mainly at the theater and in independent projects. Now he gives an angel in the series ‘Miracle Workers’.

Mr. Radcliffe, you are an angel
Thank you very much.

…so, in your new series.
Oh so, yes, right! (Great amusement) I am so proud of this series. I didn’t want to fuck it up under any circumstances. And I’m glad I didn’t do it. Whereby my grandmother said that I as an angel was generally an absolute misoccupation.

Really? Because you are no one else?
Obviously. I always thought I was a totally sweet grandchild, but when I told my grandma about my new role, she just laughed and said: “What a miscrables casting.”

So you’re more of a rascal?
No, more angels. Except for the time between 18 and 22 years. I have caused many worries to the people around me, especially my parents. I have never been mean, but I have been drinking very badly, I have not touched alcohol for six years.

Does this generally apply to you: at all or not at all?
Totally. I don’t know a middle way. Since I don’t drink any more, I do excessive sports.
In that sense, I’m the total cliché. But sport is definitely the better option.

Who helped you out of alcohol addiction?
At that time nobody really got close to me. Colleagues like John Larroquette and Gary Oldman, who had a connection to me, had intensive conversations with me. But these words only had an effect months, even years later. I remembered them again, and that was the moment that opened my eyes. My parents held their hand over me all the time. Even though I really did them a hard job, they were my guardian angels.

Are you a guardian angel to someone?
For my friends, because I am always there for them. I think I am a very good listener. And of course I protect my girlfriend

Apropos girlfriend: In the series God entrusts you with what is called the “most difficult task between heaven and earth”: to let two people fall in love with each other. Do you find this so difficult yourself?
No, I think it’s very easy to fall in love. The challenge is to preserve love. Somehow everyone assumes that love is something that renews itself. But that is not true. You have to work on it. That is often not easy. But it is the one thing for which it is most worthwhile.

Have you always believed in love?
Yes. I grew up in that respect in a pink environment. My mother was my father’s first and only friend. They met in their early 20s, have been a couple for 36 years and married for 30.

Your role model?
Yes. I don’t know if I will be so successful, but so far I am very lucky. I have been with my girlfriend for seven years. Hey 29 years, then we made it.

You have a long-distance relationship, is that sometimes difficult?
Not really. Erin lives in New York, I live in London and New York. But we still see each other all the time. It becomes problematic when we both shoot. The last time I was in Australia we didn’t see each other for almost five weeks. That’s too long. Then I notice how I am slowly going crazy.

Anything else that makes you nervous?
The first day on the set. And to look at something in which I play. I always put it off for months because I want everything I do to be good. But nervousness itself is a good thing, because it makes you realize that something is important to you for a long time.

Nervousness as an impulse?
Yes. As long as I know why I am nervous. Only sometimes I am suddenly overcome by fear for no apparent reason. I also know the feeling. But I can deal with it.

What are you too emotional for?
Social media. I don’t have the mental strength for it. If I saw something that upsets me, I would immediately argue with the sender. Even at four in the morning.

Biggest exciter?
When tactlessness is sold as a virtue, it annoys me. Unfortunately, through the many reality TV shows, the guy “I’m just honest” has got his legitimation.

A wish for 2019?
That I can get it together to organize a celebration for my 30th birthday. Every year I want to do something and always forget to plan it.

Maybe there will be a surprise party!
Oh God, I hope not! Okay, now I will definitely organize something. Definitely

Posted by Marcie on June 19th, 2019
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