Christmas Project 2017

This year we had a Christmas Project though we didn’t have enough submission I went ahead and made some stuff.

Amy Olson: Stage dooring Dan for Equus was something i will never forget. He made my night. I had a book shoved in my face thinking I’m not going to get my picture signed i was withdrawing it but then felt pressure and there he was signing it and a smile on his face. Dan has brought me great friends that are family when i needed it the most one day i hope to meet him and say thank you.

Silvia Caporale: Hi my name is Silvia Caporale and I came from Rome, Italy. Daniel Radcliffe roling his character Harry Potter has done to me so much beautiful emotions during my childhood and after, he is like  a brother for me who has give me the power to go on, so give him my best wishes for Christmas, career and personal life and tell him I wish with all my heart we can meet one day for realize a big dream I take with me since I have 8 years old and now I’ve got 23 years old, I hope this is a possible dream. Thank you all one.

Caitlin Norris:  I don’t have a memory of meeting Dan as I haven’t been that lucky yet, but I can share how he’s helped me. There have been a few times in my life.

During my teens, I’ve battled depression and when I was 13, I decided to send Dan a letter not thinking I’d get anything back. When I did, I was the happiest girl in my school. I found it to be a comfort that a big movie star would reply to a kid from the North East of England. Whenever I found myself getting worse, I would send a fan letter to Dan and the signed photo reply always cheered me up.

Fast forward to when Now You See Me 2 came out. Dan did a Q&A session on Twitter. Again, not thinking anything would happen, I sent a question. The day of the Q&A was exactly a year since my Granddad had died and I had been a bit down. Not thinking anything, I went to check my phone while I made a cup of tea. Dan had responded in a video to my question and was nearly to blame for another cup of tea related phone problem.

I’m hoping one day I can meet Dan and thank him in person for being someone who gets me through some of my rough days, and I want one of those nice hugs I’ve heard he gives.

Sheena Erdman

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