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Instyle Man Russia

Instyle Man Russia article has been translated thanks to a donator.


– Hi, I’m Dan – rises to meet me short pale boy with huge blue-gray eyes. Shrugging ru-ku, praises my bright blue manicure. – Great color! On-deyus normally get turned, despite the trans-portation strike? London is very easy to unsettle. He pours me some water and listening to live with the Inter-Som, if I – the most fascinating conversationalist in the world. Ten in the morning, and I’m “only” a third of his interviewer on lo-fit. About efficiency and professionalism of Radcliffe-F and how easy to him to deal with, among journalists and film producers is legendary: he never complains of fatigue, it did not happen mood swings, it makes everything so that no one felt uncomfortable. In short, the exact opposite of the stereotypical representations of the pre-film star – and the embodiment of the most important qualities for an Englishman, denoted by the word nice. When I mention this, he read out to me with a laugh stihot-Vorenus DH Lawrence, “Yes, because of the British-ly so disgustingly cute.” Radcliffe general razgovarit Vaeth literary quotations and terribly intelligent language – in this context it is particularly comical words of *beep* and dick, which he obviously has a weakness.

The delightful video of his first press confer-ence 2000 smiling 11-year-old boy with round glasses to the question “How do you like the idea that you’re most likely hundred-nesh famous?” Cheerfully replied: “Hard to be!” In his behavior it seems that over the past 15 years, he has not lost a race, enthusiasm and sincerity. While it may, the point-of responsibility and sense of duty (and excellent acting the way-ness – that is, the ability to control himself perfectly). “I am very, very lucky in my life” – Radcliffe mantra that he repeats in every interview. He never second-vorit: “I did it.” Apparently, he grew up with the feeling-tion that a child pulled the lucky ticket and now his whole life should work. Here it is necessary to make a small indentation culturological-determination. Another important quality of English Intelli-Ghent – what is called “liberal guilt.” Remember Chekhov’s “man with a hammer,” which share-wives standing at the door of every happy home, and constantly remind its residents that the world is a sickness, misery, and of the mountain? In reflective successful Englishman who grew up in the only European country with a strong expression-zhennoy the class system and the complex colonial pro-shlym, such a person is integrated into the brain (unless, of course, the ang-lichanin not what Radcliffe represents a clear but poorly translated into the Russian printed word dick). If he also has Jewish and Irish roots, pristras-ment to the Russian literature and one of the highest salaries in the industry, the hammer becomes deafening. In America, where Radcliffe spends half its time-to-none, and where his girl, actress Erin Darke, the ratio of success is much easier than in his home country. – If you work hard and do not act like dick, all of you are pleased. In England to success are a suspect-tion – and those who are successful and those who are not – says Red Cliff. – I most wildly uncomfortable, I’m kind of like a star and indecently rich, and others too embarrassing. Comes to the ridiculous: if people here in the pub dare ask for av-graphy or photography, he always first, just in case you will understand that in a penny does not put you (the pro-English rundown Gopnik.) “Dude, movies harmonic When Potgera – complete shit. Can I with you sfotografi-ruyus? “And you’re like,” Actually, it’s ten years of my life to you! Okay, let’s take pictures. ” In America, no one perceives as a threat to someone else’s success: all the holy ve ryat that if you want and can themselves achieve it. In general, there is more optimism. Probably because, unlike England, they have not gone through so many centuries of inequality. For the deeply liberal, from childhood accustomed to “Molo-point” Radcliffe any inequality – an important issue. It supports the Labour Party, speaks against the pro-monarchy in Britain and cooperate with the Thiers-zation Tgeuog Pro EU works to prevent suicide among adolescents, homosexuals and transgende-ditch. During the filming of “What If”, he opposed the working title «Friend operator” (“Zone friendship “,” Frendzone “).

“I am determined to frendzonu” – so men say about women who do not owl The interested in them sexually; English-speaking feminists conclude mile-an expression as a sexist. – In fact, such a name without me primordial, but there was no chance – says Daniel. – But I and dis-tvitelno do not like that phrase – it implies that any relationship between a man and a woman based on the assumption that at some point has to happen sex, otherwise they obviously defective. This, of course, sex-ny nonsense. “When Harry Met Sally” – a great movie, but hopelessly out of date: a tech company has gone ahead. Of course, there are clever, taldychaschie that male Priroda, but not changing, and sexist told that “men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” and similar nonsense. I believe there is not in nature but in culture and social prejudices, to-torye we can change. Therefore, it strikes me fucking Antifeminism movement that emerged in recent years. All of these sites, “debunks” Feminism and proclaiming “rights of men”. “Rights of Men” – Ale, what are you? This, in my opinion, is simply called “human rights”, no? Although Radcliffe violently does not accept what is called the “macho culture”, he does not pull on raznezhennogo andro-hin: foul language, smokes like a chimney (which in England at-shek days almost can not be found), I had problems with alcohol ( all the questions about them can stop unexpectedly tough) and can be called poi Menno-hitter in any team National Football League (“NFL app – the most used in my phone!”). And it’s easier to find a common language with the middle-aged men from the “working class” than a bohemian peers who seem to him immature. On kinoploschadke Daniel befriends not with other actors and with the crew group-sing: illuminators, sound engineers and drivers. His best friend, he says Will, who was his example of Costa, a driver and later on the set of “Potter” (the protagonist of his career Radcliffe always abbreviated names, familiarly by the name). Will 50; Daniel just turned 2b. Perhaps that is why he has not typical for his age musical tastes. He unyal join it to punk rock: Record for 13-year-old Radcliffe compilation, in which the figure of the ex-Rowan Pistols, Vpsos1 Thiers, Thiers and Gashpes1 Spizzenergy. – Seventies – my era! I grew up under the Marc Bolan-on, David Bowie and T Rex, who listened to my father, and then hooked on punk rock. Here are the 80, from my point of view – of absolutely the musical vacuum. At the beginning and end of this ten-years anniversary yet there was something interesting, but in the middle -complete failure. That is why modern music rarely touches me – too many quotations from the ’80s. However, a modern genre close to him – rap. The video, which Radcliffe reading long and incredibly complex rap “A1rae AegoYs” group Blackalicious broadcast TV show Tonight Whom Theirs appeared on UopTpe late last year and has collected more than 43 million views. And while I peaks

“EM1shNeL1- DOLba-
NYI genius. Vslushay-
Tes in its associative
ny number – same
James Joyce. And yes,
most of it
l know compositions
heart! ”

fat this text, someone posted a video of the karaoke bar in California, where our hero sings “The Rea1 S1im Shady” Eminem Erin Darke on the dancers, and now the Internet at the eyes are full of headlines like “Daniel Radcliffe: Actor, singer, rapper “.

Harry Potter, rap – the embodiment of the phrase “cognitive dissonance,” here does not save even a very convincing American accent: “rapping with a British accent is ridiculous – at least with my (ie, graduate of a private school in Chelsea. – Comm. InStyle MAP). The sharp focus such as those that are found in the eastern and south-east London, was still able to work, but my “Queen’s English” then the chickens to laugh. ” Maybe he simply refers to rap as just another kind of poetry?

– Of course!
He read me a passage from an endless song
Gau “and meticulously explains the examples of
text, why the author Eminem – New James Joyce,
passing me by dedicating part of the rules of the American ft-
Ball and professional biographies hitters Ladeyni-
Ana Tomlinson and Ndamukonga Su. When Daniel something in-
Teresa, he knows all about it.

Radcliffe read avidly since childhood and seem easy to remember to recite: his head is full of the most unexpected information. In addition to the classics of world literature and lists of the Football League players he can reproduce the last words of any more or less significant historical character.

– In my youth it was a handbook for the application “Times” called “the last word” – a collection of sayings of the great personalities of death. Since

I remember. Useful stuff, huh?

Now he is reading three novels Murakami simultaneously. But his favorite book of all time – “Master Margarita “. He was in the house-museum of Bulgakov in Moscow and wants to play cat Behemoth.

Love for “Master and Margarita” is not typical for the English intelligentsia European liberalism is inextricably tied to atheism, and any books that mention anything remotely related to religion, cause distrust among people who hold similar views Radcliffe-and I share with him this observation.

– Images of the devil and God – at least the most important part of European culture. It is time. Two – an atheist myself, but I do not think that believers is worse than me – he says. – I have outgrown the age when having a strong position on an issue, you will certainly feel the hatred of those who have the opposite point of view! Religion makes me angry only in those cases where it inhibits the legislation – about abortion or gay marriage. And three: no biblical images would not be literary tradition of magical realism, and this is my favorite genre.

The latter is obvious in his choice of roles after Harry Potter Radcliffe starred in horror film “The Woman in Black,” fantasy film “Horns,” and now in “Frankenstein,” which will be released in December.

– I like the magical realism that allows us to speak about the problems of the real world, not limiting the scope of its plot. My character in “Frankenstein” – the hunchback Igor, which is a terrible existence in the circus, while Victor (Frankenstein) does not come to his aid, and does not make it a full-fledged personality. I adore Victor, until he starts to go crazy and not transformed into the embodiment of evil … – Talking about their roles, Radcliffe constantly jumps from third person to first. – This film Oh that you would not really be free if not ready, if necessary, to rebel against the person who gave you this freedom. At least, so in terms of my character yet I always see movies through the eyes of his characters.

The door looks piarschitsa: My time is up. We say goodbye, thank each other, and suddenly Radcliffe stops me at the door: “By your reaction, I realized that you also love Murakami. What are you reading? “Piarschitsa surprised smiles while we are still not at five minutes post discussing” A Wild Sheep Chase “and” Wapse, Eapse E) Apse. ” I’m out for the first time with an interview with a strange sense of joy and loss at the same time: I think I met a man with whom you want to be friends, and ridiculously so soon to part with him. Maybe it is the professionalism and the ability to support any conversation Radcliffe – but, for me, he’s just really smart, kind and inquisitive. No wonder that 15 years ago, producer David Heyman immediately realized that before him – Harry Potter wise person.

Posted by Marcie on September 19th, 2015
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