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Photo Mosaic Birthday Card
Posted by Marcie

Changing it up this year for our birthday project. So I am going to work on a photo mosaic portrait with Dan as the center of it and his fans in the back of it. So i need basic pics of you it will be like a fan dedication to him for his birthday. I’ll be making a birthday card out of it so send in your names they will be included with a greeting.

Send your photo of yourself to simplydanielradcliffe@gmail.com

So if you want to be added send them in asap

Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project
Birthday Project 30
Posted by Marcie

Dan is turning the big 30 this year and we are gonna work on a fun graphics project with photo of you his fans or a selfie you took with him. Either or we need both doesn’t matter as long as its you.

Start Date: June 1
End Date: June 30

Photos must be sent via email @ simplydanielradcliffe@gmail.com with Birthday Project 30 as the subject

Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project
Happy Birthday Dan
Posted by Marcie

Here’s our Birthday Video for Dan’s 28th Birthday. I wanna thank everyone that participated this year, this was no easy task so thank you all. We couldn’t have done it without you.

To all the people that participated this year. Thank you.

Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project
Birthday Project #28
Posted by Marcie

Ok here’s what I am gonna do this year for Dan’s birthday project. You can help me by submitting the stuff below

Picture + Text
If you took a picture with Dan submit those send it in to me with your name, country and what he means to you or share a special memory.

Submit Music
Choose your favorite song to be consider to be used in our project. Something upbeat but also meaningful. No slow songs unless you wrote it. Something that reminds you of Dan.

Make a collage with pics of the Dan with the age they are gonna be 28.

Drawings or graphic art
Make a birthday graphic or drawing

Video or Audio Greeting
These are always great to add to our project they are meaningful to the project and memorable. If you don’t want to show your face we also accept just the audio. Make sure you don’t have any background noise and no music playing in the background.

Make us an Introduction or a thanks for watching video ending credit
Be the first to announce our project to Dan, video or audio should be about 15-20 seconds Announce the website, his age, and a memory you have of them and why he makes you proud to celebrate his birthday

28 reasons why you love Dan
You can do this on paper, make sure we can read it though, video and audio are accepted as well.

Dan – Specify 28 reasons why he is special.

Cake or cupcake appreciation
One last idea, I know some of you celebrate your idols birthday with a cake or cupcake with their name on it. If you do, take a pic of it and submit it to us. We’d be happy to show it to him on their special day.


Things to take into consideration

Everything should be sent in by July 1st

You can send your submission to me by email @ simplydanielradcliffe@gmail.com

Make sure your writing is readable.
Pictures and artwork must be in jpg format. Artwork must be 1920×1080 for better clarity can also be 1280×720 resolution
Must include your name and state so we know where you’re from.

Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project
Happy Birthday Dan
Posted by Marcie

I wanna wish Dan a Happy 27th Birthday. Thanks to all of you that helped this year. You can view the project we put together down below.

Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project
Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project #27
Posted by Marcie

This month we will be celebrating Dan’s 27th birthday so I hope you will join me. Amy came out with a terrific idea. So we will be adding that to this year’s project.

Birthday Graphics

Make a birthday graphic wishing Dan a Happy Birthday. You can use any pictures, words and decor that you want. Any image size is fine.

Send it via email.

Video Greetings

Say a simple greeting nothing too long. Can be 30 seconds long but less than a minute.

Send it via Instagram or email. Just send me the url to the video.

Do a scene

Do a scene from your favorite Dan movie and send us either the video or photo. This can be either you can do both or just one. I leave that up to you.

Make sure to include your name and what movie you are doing also send us what country you are from.

Send it via Instagram or email. Just send me the url to the video if you upload it elsewhere

Make a Tree

Make a tree surrounded by words of what Dan has given to you. He has to be in the center of that tree you can draw him anyway you like and add the words around him or cut out a pic of him from a magazine and paste it onto paper. You can do it in a graphic as well if you have graphic skills. Your free to do this anyway you like. You can even use the character’s he’s portrayed. After you are done take a pic of your creation and send it to me via email. View a sample here.

Everything must be sent in no later than July 20. That’s the cut off date.

Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project
Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe
Posted by Marcie

Today we celebrate a man that brought us all together. He is a wonderful man with so much interests even we lost track. But he surprises us everyday and it is with good intentions that we bring him another happy birthday gift we all helped in putting together. Daniel Radcliffe is a special person whom without him we would never have laughter, happiness and the joy of being who we are. So I wanna wish him a very Happy birthday as another year passes. Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe

Click the more button after the jump to see our online book. Some of this was not in our video due to last minute additions. So please enjoy everything we put together.

Continue reading  »

Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project
Birthday Project for Dan’s 26th Birthday
Posted by Marcie

This year SDR added a personal touch to the birthday video for Dan. We shared our pictures taken with Dan and photos we took of him. I also added personal footage I’ve been holding onto since 2013 with Dane DeHaan and Daniel Radcliffe at Universal when he was on Extra. So with your greetings and birthday wishes and words you will be able to see all that tomorrow. Including our online book.

I wanna thank everyone that participated. I couldn’t have done it without you. I worked on two projects this month one for Horns star Mitchell Kummen (Young Ignatius) and the one for Daniel Radcliffe. Its been a labor of love that I actually pulled this off so thank you to every that submitted. I love you…

– Marcie Lucas

Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project
Birthday Project 26
Posted by Marcie


This years birthday project is gonna be kinda different. I was thinking that we could make birthday greetings this year but make it unique. So here’s what I need you to do. Write your birthday message on a piece of paper (landscape) decorate it with glitter, sequins, stickers anything you wanna add to it also feel free to use color paper. You can write it in your own language but please submit a message to me via email on what it says in English. You can take a picture with your sign but its not mandatory I will leave that up to you. Submissions are due July 20th. Send your submissions directly to me via email at mrs_mlucas@lucashq.com

Materials you will need:

Your Message
glue stick
colored or white paper
Translation of your message if not in english

If your a graphic artist: design your graphic at 1920×1080, use brushes and textures and if you need pictures for it ask for registration for our gallery if you don’t have one with the subject “birthday graphic entry

Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project
Birthday Project 2015
Posted by Marcie

Every year, we work on a project for Dan for his birthday this year we will be joining in with Daniel Radcliffe France to make a difference with support to a great cause, The Trevor Project.

The Trevor Project was founded in 1998 by the creators of the Academy Award®-winning short film TREVOR, The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) young people ages 13-24. The organization with the help of volunteers who work hard and help the Trevor Project providing their time and service to it are without a doubt remarkable in caring for our youth.

So in support of a great foundation, we ask that for Dan’s birthday this year you send whatever you can in to the Trevor Project directly to this fundraiser https://www.crowdrise.com/helpthetrevorproject with this fundraiser you will be able to leave a message and let Dan know we as fans do care about what he supports. If you would like to spread the word please do. We also encourage you to pass it on to your friends and family. You have until July 22, one day before Daniel’s birthday, to participate. For those that are able to participate we thank you. Let’s make Dan’s 26th birthday extra special this year and donate to a cause he is passionate about. Thank you and hope to see your name and contribution on that list.

We will also be working on a project for you to contribute on, more details will be announced sometime in May.

Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project

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