New Stills
Marcie / Sep 9th, 2017

I recently found a few new stills and posters one still I have uploaded to our Horns Group. The others have been posted in our gallery.

MoviesKill Your DarlingsF WordHorns
Taiwan F Word Update
Marcie / Aug 26th, 2016

Dug up some stuff from What If/ F Word in Taiwan and found a few things we missed, also updated some stills in the gallery as well. You can preview my finds in the gallery and down below.


You can view more banners like the one above at this link: Cineplex Taiwan

MoviesF Word
First Imperium Still and What if
Marcie / Feb 5th, 2016

We got our first imperium still thanks to nihile.com. And we got a few new stills from What if from Poland, Hong Kong and Taiwan including some short article on What if from 3 Weekly Magazine. You can view more stills from What if at Yahoo HK

MoviesF WordImperium
What if – Dublin Scene
Marcie / Mar 3rd, 2015

I added over 100 captures from the What if UK DVD on the extended Dublin scene. Re-added in 720p quality. More to come on this soon.

Gallery Link:
Movies > THe F Word (2014) > DVD > Dublin Screen Captures (UK)

MoviesF Word
What if Poster Giveaway
Marcie / Dec 1st, 2014

This contest was very hard to choose a winner for the poster. So I chose the top 5 that were the best answers. The winner for the poster goes to Emily G.


I thought it was a witty and well written romantic comedy. Dan did a wonderful job and it will remain my favorite rom-com to date. It made me laugh out loud repeatedly throughout and is a very memorable film. – Emily G.

Be sure to look out tomorrow for our book giveaway for the book: Daniel Radcliffe: The Biography. Which I have recently reviewed.

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MoviesF Word
Screen Captures from What if
Marcie / Nov 29th, 2014

I did 3900 HD (1920×1080) screen captures from What if and 358 The Making of What if. You can preview all those in the gallery.

Gallery link:
Movies > The F Word (2014) > DVD > Screen Captures

Gallery link:
Movies > The F Word (2014) > DVD > Making of

MoviesF Word
What if Poster Contest Giveaway
Marcie / Nov 24th, 2014

We are hosting a new giveaway for a What if Poster that was donated to us thanks to Julie R. So we will be giving it away to one of you, our fellow members of SDR. Down below is what you need to do to win this.


Follow us via twitter and facebook.

Contest Ended

Contest is open to all countries
End Date: December 1, 2014

Fill out the form or send all info to: mrs_mlucas@lucashq.com

MoviesF WordGiveaway
The F Word and Horns DVD
Marcie / Nov 22nd, 2014

Information for The FWord DVD and Horns DVD are out. Down below is the following information for them both.

yGTA2rp 51putDoZhqL._SY300_
What if and The F Word DVD’s
USA and Canada | Pre-order via Amazon
Tuesday November 25, 2014
Extras include three deleted scenes, two additional vignettes and making-of featurettes.


USA | Pre-order via Amazon
January 6, 2014
No news yet on extras.

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MoviesF WordHorns
Now You See Me 2 and What if DVD
Marcie / Oct 5th, 2014


Now You See Me 2, starts shooting November 4 to January 4 in London. The film features Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Morgan Freeman, Woody Harrelson, Daniel Radcliffe, Mark Ruffalo, and Michael Cane.

What if on DVD and Blu-Ray will feature:

Blu-ray & DVD Bonus Features:
* Two Vignettes
— Blurred Lines – Hear from the actors and filmmakers as they explore the themes of What If and talk about their experience shooting a modern love story
— Opposites Attract – Hear from the cast and crew on the ups and downs of Chantry and Wallace, and become acquainted with their hilarious friends

Blu-ray Exclusives:
* 3 Deleted Scenes
* Two Additional Vignettes:
— Behind the Scenes of “What If” – Filmmakers and cast talk through the film’s production
— A Modern Love Story – Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan setup the story and the filmmakers introduce us to the rest of the cast

WHAT IF has a running time of ~ 97 minutes, & is rated PG-13 for sexual content, including references throughout, partial nudity & language.

Source: Backstage and NewTechReview

MoviesF WordRumored Projects
Amsterdam Premiere
Marcie / Sep 15th, 2014

Here’s the latest from the Amsterdam premiere. Three new interviews. What if comes to DVD in the USA on November 25, 2014

Here’s two more interviews
RTL Boulevard
MovieNewz (EDIT)

New pictures added to the gallery from the premiere

MOVIES > The F-Word (2014) > Premieres > Amsterdam (09.15.14)

Dan NewsMoviesF Word
What if NL Premiere
Marcie / Sep 14th, 2014

Daniel Radcliffe opens the National Film Days

The international star Daniel Radcliffe opens on September 15, the first edition of the National Film Days. The Dutch premiere of Radcliffe’s feature film What If forms the start of this new industry initiative where the public can in all theaters and cinemas in the Netherlands for a week. 5 euro for each movie British actor gives on Monday September 15 will be present in Pathé Arena, where the kick off the week of action takes place.


I look forward to that trip, “Radcliffe told The Telegraph recently in Los Angeles. ,, I have not been in Amsterdam since I was twelve. At the time I was there with my parents to visit friends. What I remember most is the atmosphere in the city, I could taste it. Wandering along the canals Very special. I would gladly do it again. ”

Translated by google

Source: EOne.NL and NationaleFilmDagen

Dan NewsMoviesF Word
Daniel Radcliffe: “I am not Harry Potter.
Marcie / Aug 15th, 2014


Inhabiting the wizard boy, Harry Potter, for nearly a decade gained Daniel Radcliffe immense wealth and fame. But since he completed the last installment of the multi-billion dollar franchise three years ago, Radcliffe has been trying to distance himself from the wizard character, taking on assorted roles in independent movies, such as Kill Your Darlings and What If, that are profoundly different from Potter so that people cease to perceive him as the famous character but as an actor.

When I sit down with him at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, he reveals that things are better now, but there are people who still call him “Harry” which he finds frustrating and annoying. “Most of the time now, I get ‘are you Daniel Radcliffe’ and they know my name now, which is lovely. But then I do understand it as well, when a kid sees you and goes ‘Harry Potter,’ that’s what they know you from. A six-year-old isn’t going to say ‘Kill Your Darlings,” that wouldn’t be right,” he laughs.

Source: UK Screen

MoviesF WordDan News
London Premiere “What if”
Marcie / Aug 13th, 2014

New pictures from the Premiere and from El Homiguero Mexico.

MOVIES > The F-Word (2014) > Premieres > London Premiere

INTERVIEWS > 2014 > El Hormiguero Mexico

MoviesF Word
What if Interviews and Articles
Marcie / Aug 9th, 2014

So much has came out in the last few days on What if that its hard to keep up so I will list it all down below for you. But before I do I just wanna say if you read the facebook page, the movie What if was lovable. There’s sometimes you go to movies and you think they should have changed that. But in this movie I wouldn’t change a thing. It was perfect from beginning to end.

Here’s the newest video interviews and articles.

Video Interviews
gooddaysacramento | okmagazine | perezhilton | indiewire | Conde Nast | Youtube | Craig Ferguson

seventeen | vanityfair | Yahoo | Broadway World | Hollywood Reporter

Dan NewsMoviesF Word
IvyConnect’s Innovator Film Awards
Marcie / Aug 7th, 2014

With everything piling up on the last few days and children going back to school everything has just been fast paced. So mostly everything has been added on our facebook page. Images have been uploaded to the gallery.

EVENT APPEARANCES > Award Shows > IvyConnect’s Innovator Film Awards > Arrivals

EVENT APPEARANCES > Other > Moves Magazine 2014 Summer Issue Party

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MoviesF Word
Why Dan is like his character, “Wallace”
Marcie / Aug 7th, 2014

Daniel Radcliffe stars as Wallace in Michael Dowse’s new film, What If. Working in comedy is uncharted territory for the young actor. “I think coming on stage but never on film, on stage there’s a precision you can have about timing because it’s all in your hands,” Radcliffe exclusively told uInterview, “and on film that’s all taken away — that’s in the hands of an editor and director.”

What If follows Wallace, a medical school dropout, who takes a break from his unsuccessful search for love until he meets Chantry, who he instantly builds a close friendship with. Radcliffe revealed that Wallace is very similar to himself, “The character was very funny, it was the first time I ever played a contemporary character,” he told uInterview. “He’s the most like myself.”

What If will premiere in theaters on August 8

Source: uinterview

MoviesF Word
What if in theaters August 8
Marcie / Aug 5th, 2014

Thanks to CBS for sending us exclusive content for What if, What if will be shown in theaters on August 8th (Limited release) and the official release August 22 where it will be available in theaters everywhere. Also be sure to visit their website for new and exciting content from the movie at http://www.whatifmovie.com/


Capture the rest of the content on our facebook and tumblr page

F WordMovies
Video Chat 40
Marcie / Aug 2nd, 2014

INTERVIEWS > 2014 > Video Chat 40 (36)

MoviesF Word
Mexico Premiere of Solo Amigos
Marcie / Aug 1st, 2014

New pictures and video’s have been added see our playlist for the 8 videos from Mexico and new pics from the photocall and screening of Solo Amigos.

MOVIES > The F-Word (2014) > Mexico City Photocall (MQ) (35)

MOVIES > The F-Word (2014) > Premieres > Mexico Screening Premiere (HQ) (5)

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MoviesF Word
New Clip from What if
Marcie / Jul 31st, 2014

MoviesF Word
Two new clips from What if
Marcie / Jul 30th, 2014

You can preview the other clip on EOnline

MoviesF Word
Jimmy Kimmel
Marcie / Jul 30th, 2014

Dan was on Jimmy Kimmel last night you can preview all four clips on youtube at the links below.

Link 2 | Link 3 | Link 4

CANDIDS > 2014 > July 29 – Jimmy Kimmel

F WordDan NewsMovies
Behind the Scenes of What if
Marcie / Jul 29th, 2014

Dan NewsMoviesF Word
The F Word Press tour
Marcie / Jul 23rd, 2014

I wanna wish dan a very Happy Birthday today as he celebrates his 25th birthday. A bunch of media is pouring out from Dan doing PR for The F Word. Here’s a few things that have came up. The Global Toronto Interview (down below), The Social (video of this is viewable on their website) and E Talk. New article from the dailybeast

Dan NewsMoviesF Word
New clip from the F Word
Marcie / Jul 22nd, 2014

Newest clip from the F Word is up above, so far there has been 7 clips released from the movie. Fool’s Gold, 2 from the Party, 1 from the movie theater, Chantry and Wallace talk friendship and Alan and Wallace talk about Honesty. If you missed any of those I made those available for download at: https://www.mediafire.com/#ktw1ert7gf0uy

I also added pics from the Toronto premiere

MOVIES > The F-Word (2014) > Premieres > Toronto Premiere (06.21.14) (30)

Video’s from yesterday’s premiere can be viewed here: citynews.ca, youtube.com, mrwillwong.com and CBC. Another from CBC and Now Magazine

MoviesF Word
The F Word Premiere Contest
Marcie / Jul 20th, 2014

We are giving away a pair of tickets for The F Word Premiere, this Monday July 21st at Cineplex Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto! The screening starts at 8PM. Yes, Daniel Radcliffe will be there!

NOT ONLY will Daniel Radcliffe be there BUT, the first fans at Scotiabank Theatre at 4PM sharp have a GREAT chance of winning tickets to the premiere themselves! So even if you don’t win the contest, all you have to do is show up at 4PM! There will also be a ton of fun to be had at the premiere, including games with AWESOME prizes!

The F Word is in theaters, August 22!

Contest is over, winners have been sent their tickets. Thank you to everyone that applied. If you didn’t win tickets you can still be eligible to get them tomorrow at the Premiere. The first fans at Scotiabank Theatre at 4PM sharp have a GREAT chance of winning tickets to the premiere themselves!

Congratulations to Shirley La Madrid and Anika Mehta

F WordMovies
Horns release date and poster
Marcie / Jul 16th, 2014


We finally got our release date for the USA, Horns will be released October 31, 2014 and a new poster came out with it too. You can read more info at comingsoon.net.

Yesterday was the Trevor Project talkback at The Cripple of Inishmaan. Pictures were released from that at the Cripple of Inishmaan facebook page, you can view the 20 pictures there, here.

A few new articles have been released as well from theatremania: Final Bow: Daniel Radcliffe on Saying Goodbye to Cows, Eggs, and Broadway’s The Cripple of Inishmaan, Mashable: Daniel Radcliffe on Adam Driver’s ‘Star Wars’ Role: He’s ‘Brilliant at Improvising’, Vulture: Daniel Radcliffe on What If, Rom-Coms, and Eminem, and Oprah: 5 Facts About Daniel Radcliffe That Will Surprise You.

Dan NewsMoviesStageF WordHornsThe Cripple of Inishmaan
Horns Teaser
Marcie / Jul 15th, 2014


Yesterday we got to see a teaser from Horns, while the trailer made you thirst for more. I just couldn’t get over the images of Dan as Ignatius Martin Perrish. I read the book last year and enjoyed it more than I ever thought possible. Being a Stephen King fan since my childhood, I enjoyed reading Joe Hill’s novel. The teaser however has been removed from youtube, which was probably due to early release. You can view it here, I don’t know how long it will be up. So while we wait for July 25 for San Diego Comic Con to give us the rest of the details on this film. You can view the UK Poster, which has been released with the teaser and a viral website for the film called WalkDeeperintothefire.com. The website right now is on redirect to facebook. But I am hoping soon it will be released again for all to view.

New Horns Poster from Lionsgate UK

MOVIES > Horns (2014) > Posters (1)

Two new stills from What if

MOVIES > The F-Word (2014) > Stills (2)

Dan NewsMoviesF WordHorns
What if Screening & TCA Summer Tour 2014
Marcie / Jul 9th, 2014

The What if Screening was yesterday, Extra’s AJ Calloway caught up with Daniel Radcliffe in NYC on Tuesday, where Radcliffe commented on the new “Harry Potter” story author J.K. Rowling just released on Pottermore.com. You can read more on that on an article by IGN

New pics added to the gallery on the What if Screening and the TCA Summer Tour for A Young Doctor’s Notebook and other Stories.

EVENT APPEARANCES > Other > 2014 Summer TCA Tour (14)

MOVIES > The F-Word (2014) > What if Screening (New York) (07.08.14) (93)

Dan NewsMoviesF Word
F Word Canada
Marcie / Jul 8th, 2014

MoviesF Word
F Word Fridge Magnets
Marcie / Jul 5th, 2014

Don’t know how to express your feelings? Fridge Magnet messages leave a lasting impression! Express how you feel with THE F WORD Fridge Magnets and be entered for a chance to win a Carlton Cards Prize Pack OR mini fridge! See The F Word in theatres August 22 in the UK! Click the picture below to play.

MoviesF Word
What If Uk Trailer and Trail Blazers
Marcie / Jun 24th, 2014

The What if trailer for the UK was released today you can view the short teaser of it down below. Here’s the description of it: Daniel Radcliffe stars in What If, a hilarious new comedy about bad relationships and friendship. The film also stars Adam Driver, Zoe Kazan and Rafe Spall. What If is in cinemas on 20 August in the UK.

New photos from the Trail Blazers was released yesterday the Trail Blazers can be viewed on Logo this Thursday. You can see our previous post for the Trail Blazers here. We also got stage door photos donated by Brenna and Melissa. So thank you guys for sending those in. Much appreciated. Thank you.

EVENT APPEARANCES > Other > Logo Trail Blazers (2014) (4)

EXCLUSIVES > Brenna Swanson (2014) (6)

EXCLUSIVES > Melissa Summerville (3)

F WordDan NewsMovies
Hollywood Star and so much more
Marcie / Jun 20th, 2014

Yesterday’s announcement of Dan’s Hollywood Star for the Walk of Fame was released no real clue on when the event will take place, but its sometime next year in 2015. A Young Doctor’s Notebook Season 2 will be released on Ovation on August 19, press images can be viewed here. Today Buzzfeed had a live stream on Dan talking about What if, the friendzone and sorting celebrities into Hogwarts Houses.

And a very dear friend of mine, Erica Vieira sent us some stage door photos that she took. She had attended on June 17, 2014 so thanks to her for sending those in. Also don’t forget The Woman in Black facebook page is giving out gift packages to five people. USA Residents only. What if released a new still you can view that on their facebook page.

EXCLUSIVES > Erica Viera (8)

TELEVISION SHOWS > A Young Doctor’s Notebook > Season 2 > Season 2: Stills (8)

Dan NewsMoviesF Word
What If 100K Message from Facebook
Marcie / Jun 13th, 2014

What If reached 100K likes on facebook and with that released a short message from Dan and a short clip along with two stills that were released earlier today.

MOVIES > The F-Word (2014) > Stills (2)

MoviesF Word
Wall Street Journal Interview
Marcie / May 30th, 2014


Dan NewsMoviesF Word
What if Trailer
Marcie / May 29th, 2014

F WordMovies
What if Trailer Tomorrow
Marcie / May 28th, 2014

Tomorrow we will finally get to see the trailer for What if, Dan’s new upcoming film set for release this August.


Dan NewsMoviesF Word
The F Word and What if Posters and Stills
Marcie / May 14th, 2014

The new posters for The F Word/What If, were unlocked today by fans unlocking the poster by liking the Official Twitter for CBS Films @Whatif. Argentina (Diamond Films) and Canada @thefwordcanada also released their versions for the movie and new stills were also released by wearemoviegeeks.com. You can view it all in our gallery. I also added two Scans 1 from Cinemania and another from F Magazine.

MoviesF Word
Minor Updates
Marcie / May 13th, 2014

Fixed some minor things with the site first of all I worked on the Media page for soundtracks. Added a previewing of all soundtracks except for the Kill Your Darlings soundtrack which I will add on the page very soon and edited some of the lyric pages as well adding content there that was never added. I’ve been working on icons as well. So if you haven’t previewed our Icon Archive feel free to at any time.

In the brighter side of things please follow the Official What if Twitter @ https://twitter.com/WhatIf to release the first poster for the movie. The news has also been posted on Dan’s Official Google Plus.

Dan NewsMoviesF Word
New York Live and the F Word
Marcie / Apr 29th, 2014

The Tony awards have released their nominations list Cripple of Inishmaan got 6 nominations for : Best Revival of a Play, Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Play (Sarah Greene), Best Direction of a Play (Michael Grandage), Best Scenic Design of a Play (Christopher Oram), Best Lighting Design of a Play (Paule Constable), Best Sound Design of a Play (Alex Baranowski).

Season 2 for A Young Doctor’s Notebook and Other Stories is to be released in the US on Ovation this summer.

And Yahoo listed the 25 most anticipated films this summer and listed “What If” as number 20 on their list.

New photo thanks to Luke Newberry, our newest affiliate for donating a photo of Luke and Dan.

F WordThe Cripple of InishmaanDan NewsMoviesStage
Latest Updates
Marcie / Apr 28th, 2014

The Woman in Black, Grease, New York Live and The F Word, these are the latest updates for the following topics.

The Woman in Black: Today Hammer did an exclusive new photos from behind the-scenes at Hammer Horror and it brought back the Woman in Black. With that I also found The Wallpaper in the nursery and who made it. A message to Turkey and an Interview that you might have or might not have seen.

New York Live: Dan will be on New York Live tomorrow at 12:30pm at NBC 4 New York. So be sure to set your DVR.

E did an article on Grease choosing celebs they like to see take on the roles and listed Daniel Radcliffe as

Daniel Radcliffe: The Harry Potter star loves to show off his vocals on Broadway, so we could totally see him taking on this challenge and crushing the role.

Dan did an interview on an Arabic Channel MBC2, unfortunately its blocked in the USA. But I managed to screen capture a few pics from it. Scoop with Raya if your from the Netherlands then you will have a chance to see it as well as others countries.

Dan NewsMoviesThe Woman in BlackF Word
New photos from What if
Marcie / Apr 26th, 2014

Today two new photos came out from What if it was released by two sources USA Today and the LA Times.

Plot: A pair of good friends realize they may be the love of each other’s lives — despite that boyfriend.

MoviesF Word
What if (The F Word) Clip
Marcie / Apr 25th, 2014

F WordMovies
Cripple of Inishmaan and the F Word
Marcie / Mar 14th, 2014

For all my friends, who have been a pleasure to have. I was working on a project this week took approximately 5 days to put together with design and all but this is what I worked on for you. If you intend on seeing the play and do not want to be spoiled, please refrain from clicking the link as the summary of the play tells the story of Billy and the outline of the Cripple of Inishmaan. Words and phrases were gathered from various sources. You can view it all here at the link just make sure to click on the full screen icon to view in full screen otherwise it will look awkward if you just view it on the page.

Hardcover Book COI

To view the guide click here or you can download it here.

The F Word for the USA has been renamed to What If, because of the MPAA. Canada and other Countries are keeping the F Word as its original title. This is set to be released August 1 along with Canada. You can read more about it at the source link below.

Source: Variety

MoviesStageF WordThe Cripple of Inishmaan
Canadian Screen Awards
Marcie / Jan 13th, 2014

Print“The F Word” scribe Elan Mastai said he was glad to see Radcliffe successfully break away from his Harry Potter roots.

“For all his fame and success I don’t think he’s ever been nominated for an acting award so I think it’s really amazing that Canadians have recognized the actor that he’s become,” said Mastai, up for best adapted screenplay against Ken Scott and Michael Dowse of “The Grand Seduction,” Javier Gullon of “Enemy,” Robert Lepage for “Triptyque” and Michel Marc Bouchard and Dolan for “Tom at the Farm.”

“The F Word” is among several titles that have yet to hit theatres. It’s expected out in the summer, while Villeneuve’s “Enemy” comes out March 14, immediately following the March 9 awards bash.

FILM – Best Motion Picture – The F Word
FILM – Achievement in Direction – Michael Dowse
FILM – Performance By An Actor In A Leading Role – Daniel Radcliffe
Film – Performance By An Actress In A Supporting Role – MACKENZIE DAVIS – The F Word
Film Adapted Screenplay – Elan Mastai The F-Word

Source: VVCNetwork and medicinehatnews.com

Dan NewsMoviesF Word
CBS Confirms no title change to the F Word
Marcie / Jan 10th, 2014

A CBS Films spokesman tell us: “CBS Films has not changed the title of ‘The F Word’ to ‘If You’re Lucky.’ ”


One movie we heard some good word about at TIFF last fall but just couldn’t find room for in our screening schedule was “The F Word.” The film from director Michael Dowse (“Fubar,” “Goon,” “Take Me Home Tonight”) is a rom-com starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan, about a young man stuck in the dreaded friend zone with a girl he likes a whole lot more than that. Buzz was good on the movie, and it even landed on TIFF’s Top 10 Canadian Films Of 2013 list.

CBS Films Twitter says a teaser should be ready in a few weeks…it’s very funny/sweet.

Source: CBSFilms twitter and Indiewire

MoviesF Word
The F Word Title Change?
Marcie / Jan 4th, 2014

online poll by Opinion Stage

Here’s a few reviews on the F Word: spammymonkey and Sean Kelly

F WordMovies
Venice and Toronto Film Festivals
Marcie / Sep 10th, 2013

Since the ending of the Cripple of Inishmaan, it has almost for me been non-stop keeping up to date with Mr. Radcliffe. When it came to Venice, I had a very good friend help me with most of the content we got for the site and for keeping us up to date. So I would like to thank her for all that she did. Thank you, so much for the help. As for Toronto. this year not only did I have Dan to do but also Dane DeHaan and James McAvoy. So it was triple the work for me. We got a pretty good amount of stuff for you view – articles to read and videos for you to see as well.

I uploaded several video’s to radcliffemedia and we were also sent a KYD Press Kit. The poster, Trailer HD and a few stills. Which I will be making trailer captures for you soon.

1 KYDHRStill (1) KYDHRStill (2)

KILL YOUR DARLINGS is the previously untold story of murder that brought together a young Allen Ginsberg (Daniel Radcliffe), Jack Kerouac (Jack Huston) and William Burroughs (Ben Foster) at Columbia University in 1944, providing the spark that would lead to their Beat Revolution. This is the true story of friendship and murder that led to the birth of an entire generation.

KILL YOUR DARLINGS – In Theaters October 16, 2013!

Like the film on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KillYourDarlingsFilm

VideoKill Your DarlingsF WordHorns
F Word to Cannes 2013
Marcie / May 9th, 2013

Yesterday EOne posted a brochure for movies I assume are going to Cannes. The long awaited movie F Word with Zoe Kazan and Daniel Radcliffe appeared in the Brochure with a new image and a new tagline. I posted the new image in our gallery. Down below you can see the movies that will be in Cannes 2013


MoviesF Word
MTV Rough Cut
Marcie / Sep 18th, 2012

MoviesF WordDan News
Kill Your Darlings F Word Project
Marcie / Sep 11th, 2012

It’s taken me about a month to complete this, 33 pieces of graphic artwork on Kill Your Darlings and the F Word with one piece from Horns which is Daniel’s upcoming movie. It will be available for download tomorrow: Wednesday September 12. As I still have to make a few additions or adjustments to some of the pieces.

MoviesKill Your DarlingsF Word
Kill Your Darlings and the F Word
Marcie / Aug 18th, 2012

A lot of things have been happening that are just completely crazy at the time in my life, so I am making a graphics project featuring 30 graphics.It’s a huge task when I did the woman in black graphics project I believe that took me about a month totally forgot how long but I pushed the original KYD Project cause of recent developments and I am keeping all the submissions we got for it so when I have the time to actually put it together. It will be complete and not rushed.

Below is what I am gonna work on:

MoviesKill Your DarlingsF Word

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