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We are the home of 58 authors from among our 4625 members. There have been 266 reviews written about our 213 stories consisting of 981 chapters and 1459062 words. A special welcome to our newest member, johnmathew61.

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Welcome to Simply Daniel Radcliffe Fiction where you can read stories on Daniel and much more. If you like my work feel free to write a review or submit your own. Till then enjoy and have fun reading.

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The World of Fan Fiction

The World of our Daniel Radcliffe fan fiction has espanded and I never wrote this before but there is more for you to read than just here. A few of my other sites that I manage also carry works of Dan. With the likes of Elijah Wood, Dane DeHaan and James McAvoy.

So far that is the extent of our archive. I've been reading lately more than I have writing. I took a break after 20 years and its been a change of pace. A good change.  Next year our site celebrates 10 years since the opening of SDR. Thanks for making this site memorable.

by on 12/28/2019 7:01 pm

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Crush by magical1 M - Mature (18+)
Dan and Ryan are twins. When Ryan falls for Dan's neighbor while house sitting...
Look to the stars by magical1 G- General
Dan has just come out of a bad relationship. He wasn't ready to work for NASA...
Play Me for a Fool by magical1 M - Mature (18+)
FeatureDan and Isabel are childhood enemies, but when Isabel asks him to be her lead...

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Wellington Pier by magical1 M - Mature (18+)
Jessica wanted to end her life, she saw no other way out. When Brandon saves...

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The Last Dance by magical1 M - Mature (18+)
Sierra and Clarisse are best friends, they are both dancers one's a professional dancer, the other an...
Distant Hearts by magical1 M - Mature (18+)
Casey is in love with a boy who's two years younger than her. She'd do anything for him. But when he...
Olympic World by R Gervais, J Ennis, D Radcliffe, and Graham Norton It's my show by Alant M - Mature (18+)
It's 2097,  Earth's resources are depleting. The world's elite are coming together to figure out...
The Christmas Mistake by magical1 M - Mature (18+)
Dan and Serene have been friends since they were kids, but when they decide to tell each other they love...
The Arena by magical1 M - Mature (18+)
Tay is a warrior who kills mercilessly. When Dan is locked up for his crime. He becomes prey for the...
The Worst Kind by magical1 M - Mature (18+)
Krista had not always did the right thing, Michael AKA Daniel Radcliffe has fallen for Krista. She's...
Play Me for a Fool by magical1 M - Mature (18+)
Dan and Isabel are childhood enemies, but when Isabel asks him to be her lead in their Drama Class things...
It all comes back to you by magical1 M - Mature (18+)
Kelsey has invited her friends to stay in a cabin for the winter break. Her friends have each invited...

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