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Title: Danny in a soup by severus_banerjee
Rated: G- General [Reviews - 0]

Daniel Radcliffe is now out of job. A major recession has hit the world economy again. He spends most of his time home searching for new jobs. He comes across a new requirement, where the job is to guide people in a library.Since it was the onlly one that suited his skill set , he calls and surprisingly enough, he gets it.

He goes to this library , in the outskirt of the small town of Millport, only town on the island of Great Cumbrae in the Firth of Clyde off the coast of North Ayrshire.

He enters the library . He meets with the chief librarian , who right away welcomes him and asssigns him his office after brief paperwork.

But the members are not that welcoming. An elderly man, approaches Dany, and asks "Would you mind, getting a book for me?". Dany was eager,"Of course sir. And What would that be ?". The man did not seem impressed, and was rather offended. He handed him a card.

Dany walks into the rows of bookshelves and starts looking. Suddenly it appears to him, that this is not a normal library.

Category: Daniel Radcliffe
Characters: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 | Completed: No | Word count: 185 | Read count: 7417 [Report This]
Published: 04/20/2017 | Updated: 04/20/2017

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