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News Literacy Project

On Tuesday, Checkology® students at two NYC schools saw The Lifespan of A Fact — followed by a talkback, moderated by NLP founder and CEO Alan Miller (left), with director Leigh Silverman and actors Bobby Cannavale, Daniel Radcliffe and Cherry Jones. The topic: “true” versus “true-ish.”

The 30-minute Q&A covered a number of topics, such as the importance of the arts and the ability to enjoy a movie “based on a true story” without looking up every fact upon leaving the theater. The actors also had a strong message for the students, describing how their roles in the play had strengthened their respect for journalism and for real-life fact-checkers. In fact, in preparation for this part, Radcliffe shadowed a fact-checker at The New Yorker.  

“It gave me incredible faith,” Radcliffe said, noting that he was “inspired” by the “people out there who are doing this job and doing it amazingly rigorously.”  

Photos from that Q and A were posted on Facebook you can view them below


Posted by Marcie on January 11th, 2019
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The Actor’s Fund

The Lifespan of a Fact did a special performance for the Actor’s Fund. Photos were posted on facebook from the official Actor’s Fund Page.


We had a great start to 2019 with a matinee Special Performance of The Lifespan of a Fact. Our thanks to the producers and the amazing Cherry Jones, Daniel Radcliffe, Bobby Cannavale and everyone at Studio 54 for donating their time and talents to The Fund

Posted by Marcie on January 11th, 2019
Dan News , Stage , The Lifespan of a Fact

The Lifespan of a Fact Facebook Group

I wanna thank all the contributors and the members for coming to our Lifespan of a Fact Facebook group to read and see our posts. Thank you Susanne for all your help. I cannot thank you enough and for being my friend as well. Also since we’ve been posting on the group there are several articles I may not have actually posted on the site so I am gonna post them in our press archive. You can view them all here. The articles listed.

Page Six Anti-fake news company taking staffers to Daniel Radcliffe’s fact-checking play
The Gazette Virginian Celebrity road
Times Square Chronicles He Says: The Lifespan of a Fact Finds Its Truth
Journal Inquirer ‘Lifespan of a Fact’ allows audience to draw its own conclusion
London Theatre Brits on Broadway: Daniel Radcliffe

Posted by Marcie on December 28th, 2018
Stage , The Lifespan of a Fact

Stagecraft with Gordon Cox

How Broadway made Dan a better actor. Hear the podcast below.

Posted by Marcie on December 11th, 2018
Stage , The Lifespan of a Fact , Dan News

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Daniel Radcliffe talks about hosting Thanksgiving for the first time, his love of English and American football and playing a fact checker in the Broadway play The Lifespan of a Fact. He also explains his reasons for avoiding Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and why he never uses disguises to go out in public.

Radcliffe Media Captures

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Posted by Marcie on November 23rd, 2018
Dan News , Stage , The Lifespan of a Fact

Theater Gone Wrong

Daniel Radcliffe made his Broadway musical debut as J. Pierrepont Finch in the 2011 revival of the Frank Loesser musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. In the show, Radcliffe’s character is a window washer who climbs the corporate ladder with the aid of a self-help book and not much else. In this edition of our Theater Gone Wrong series, Radcliffe remembers the antics of one overzealous How to Succeed… ensemble member who managed to fail at his musical theater entrance by trying a little too hard.

Posted by Marcie on November 23rd, 2018
Dan News , Stage , How to Succeed in Business without really trying , The Lifespan of a Fact

The Lifespan of a Fact’ extends invite to President Trump — as a teaching moment

The producers of Daniel Radcliffe’s Broadway show about truth in journalism are extending a formal invite to President Trump and the First Lady — as a teaching moment.

“While we respect how you like to challenge facts, to create ‘alternative facts,’ we invite you to spend ninety minutes with us and face this hot button issue head on, in the dark, in a theater, of all places,” reads the invite from producers Jeffrey Richards, Deanna Twain and Will Trice.

The producers also suggested that Trump might learn how to better spot “fake news” about himself after seeing the show. They appealed to Trump’s history as a Broadway player to make their invite more alluring. In 1970, Trump, then 23, invested in the comedy “Paris is Out!” which fizzled out after fewer than 100 performances.

Their Letter can be read down below

Posted by Marcie on November 20th, 2018
The Lifespan of a Fact , Dan News , Stage


Fact: You can meet the cast of the critically acclaimed The Lifespan of a Fact when you see the show from VIP seats, and take home autographed keepsakes from the show’s stars.

You and a guest will see The Lifespan of a Fact from VIP seats in Broadway’s historic Studio 54.

Afterward, head backstage to meet and get a photo with the star-studded cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Cherry Jones, and Bobby Cannavale.

You’ll take home Radcliffe’s prop notebook from rehearsals and previews of the show, complete with Radcliffe’s handwritten notes and signed by Radcliffe, Jones and Cannavale. You will also receive a potholder used in the production, handmade by two-time Tony Award winner Jones.

To top it off, you will receive a poster from the show, signed by the cast.

This extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime experience and package is sure to be remembered and treasured for years to come.


Experience will occur within the following date range(s):
Nov 30, 2018 to Jan 05, 2019

Additional Lot Details

Valid for 2 people.
Participant must be at least 16.
This is a private meet and greet.
Length of meet and greet: 5 minutes.
The winner may take a photo.
The winner can not take anything to be signed.
The Lifespan of a Fact is scheduled to close on January 13, 2019. This experience must be fulfilled on a mutually agreed upon date before then.

Go to CharityBuzz for the auction details

Posted by Marcie on November 20th, 2018
Dan News , Stage , The Lifespan of a Fact

NY1 On Stage

New Interview where Dan talks about Can facts be embellished in non-fiction for the sake of art?


Update: Two additional videos have been posted click below to see more.

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Posted by Marcie on November 3rd, 2018
Dan News , Stage , The Lifespan of a Fact

Dan on The View

Dan was recently on The View I posted an outtake when they announced him on the View backstage on our instagram. Down below is the full interview.

Posted by Marcie on November 3rd, 2018
Stage , The Lifespan of a Fact , Dan News

New York Live

New video from New York Live on the cast of Lifespan of a Fact.


Posted by Marcie on October 23rd, 2018
Dan News , Stage , The Lifespan of a Fact

Daniel Radcliffe, Cherry Jones & Bobby Cannavale Reveal The Lifespan of a Fact on Broadway

The star-packed world premiere staging of The Lifespan of a Fact opens at Studio 54 on October 18. Tony nominee Leigh Silverman directs the Broadway production, which began previews on September 20. The three-person cast includes Daniel Radcliffe, two-time Tony winner Cherry Jones and two-time Tony nominee Bobby Cannavale.

Written by Jeremy Kareken, David Murrell and Gordon Farrell, The Lifespan of a Fact follows Jim Fingal (Radcliffe), who has a small job: to fact-check articles for one of the best magazines in the country. His boss (Jones) has given him a big assignment: to apply his skill to a groundbreaking piece by legendary author John D’Agata (Cannavale). But now Fingal has a huge problem: D’Agata made up a lot of his article. What starts professional quickly becomes profane.

In celebration of opening night, Broadway.com Resident Artist Justin “Squigs” Robertson sketched a portrait of the play’s trio of stars introducing a powerful new work to Broadway crowds.

Posted by Marcie on October 20th, 2018
Stage , The Lifespan of a Fact

Dan has two fantasy football teams and is bummed about Devonta Freeman

Every now and then, the football-loving folks of the world get confirmation that a celebrity loves football just like they do. Because celebrities are people, too — even the guy who played “Harry Potter” in all eight of those movies.

That guy’s name is Daniel Radcliffe, and on Thursday morning he did an interview on the MSNBC program “Morning Joe.” He was there to talk about his new play, but host Joe Scarborough couldn’t resist getting a little football talk in first. It turns out that Radcliffe, who is from London, is actually crazy about American football. He likes it so much that he even has two fantasy football teams, one in a league that he runs himself.

Posted by Marcie on October 20th, 2018
Dan News , Stage , The Lifespan of a Fact

First Look at Bobby Cannavale, Cherry Jones, and Daniel Radcliffe in The Lifespan of a Fact

The Lifespan of a Fact, a new play by Jeremy Kareken, David Murrell, and Gordon Farrell, and directed by Tony nominee Leigh Silverman, started performances September 20 at Studio 54, ahead of an official opening October 18.

The cast is comprised of Bobby Cannavale, Cherry Jones, and Daniel Radcliffe, and is based on the true events surrounding John D’Agata’s essay “What Happens There” about the suicide of teenager Levi Presley. The play explores the quandary of what passes for truth in literary nonfiction, and features Cannavale as the writer D’Agata, Radcliffe as determined young fact-checker John Fingal, and Jones as his demanding boss Emily Penrose.

The creative team includes Mimi Lien (set design), Linda Cho (costume design), and Jennifer Schriever (lighting design).

Posted by Marcie on October 20th, 2018
The Lifespan of a Fact , Dan News , Stage

Daniel Radcliffe and the Art of the Fact-Check

Fact: the actor Daniel Radcliffe is currently starring in the Broadway show “The Lifespan of a Fact,” as a magazine fact checker with an aviation inspector’s zeal for accuracy. The play is drawn from a real-life skirmish: in 2005, Jim Fingal, an intern at The Believer, was tasked with fact-checking an essay by John D’Agata (played by Bobby Cannavale), about a teen suicide in Las Vegas. D’Agata had more of a watercolorist’s approach to the truth. When Fingal tried to correct his claim that Las Vegas had thirty-four licensed strip clubs—a source indicated that it was thirty-one—D’Agata said that he liked the “rhythm” of thirty-four. Their epistolary tussle was expanded into a book in 2012.

Not long ago, Radcliffe arrived at the offices of this magazine, wearing a maroon cap and a green jacket and clutching a latte. He had come to try his own hand at fact-checking, with the help of The New Yorker’s fact-checking department. Radcliffe had a few things to verify himself. Passing a wall displaying recent New Yorker covers, he said, “That makes me feel a lot better about our play. We’ve talked about whether an editor would have loads of covers in their office. I’m going to go back and say, ‘Yes.’ ”

He reported to the office of Peter Canby, the magazine’s head of fact-checking. “One of the flaws—maybe it isn’t a flaw—that my character has in the play is that he has no ability to differentiate between the things that matter and the things that don’t,” Radcliffe said. Canby, who had seen a preview, assured him that his character was spot-on, while allowing, “It’s not really a science. It’s more of an art.”

Then he put Radcliffe to work. They hunched over a soon-to-run review of Oxomoco, a Mexican restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The first step, Canby explained, was to underline all checkable facts. “Let’s crack on,” Radcliffe said, scanning the line “The dip itself was excellent, laced with chilies in adobo and cilantro and dressed up with cotija cheese and slightly smoky, lightly charred cherry tomatoes.” He underlined everything except “was excellent.”

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Posted by Marcie on October 13th, 2018
Dan News , Stage , The Lifespan of a Fact

Tom Felton and Daniel Radcliffe reunite at Daniel Radcliffe’s new Broadway play

Daniel Radcliffe is currently starring on Broadway in the new play The Lifespan of a Fact, and his former Potter costar Tom Felton — who played Draco Malfoy to Radcliffe’s Boy Who Lived — stopped by this week to support him.

Felton posted a photo to Instagram on Thursday that appears to be taken in Radcliffe’s dressing room at New York’s Studio 54. “Go see it,” the actor captioned the snapshot, calling Radcliffe’s work in the play “fantastic.”

Posted by Marcie on October 7th, 2018
Stage , The Lifespan of a Fact , Dan News

Director Leigh Silverman Makes Theatrical History With Broadway’s The Lifespan of a Fact

Can you accidentally make history? In the case of director Leigh Silverman—the first to assemble an all-female design team on Broadway—it’s a case of accidentally, on purpose, for The Lifespan of a Fact, currently running at Studio 54 with an official opening scheduled for October 18.

“I had no idea that it had never happened before,” says the Tony-nominated director of her latest project, the world premiere of Jeremy Kareken, David Murrell, and Gordon Farrell’s play. Inspired by real events, the play sees an author (Bobby Cannavale), his editor (Cherry Jones), and a fact checker (Daniel Radcliffe) locked in a debate about the nature of truth in literary nonfiction.

Source: Playbill

Posted by Marcie on October 7th, 2018
Dan News , Stage , The Lifespan of a Fact

Daniel is back on stage in The Lifespan of a Fact

Oji talks with the cast of the new Broadway play, “The Lifespan of a Fact,” for some fun, separating fact from fiction.


Posted by Marcie on October 3rd, 2018
Dan News , Stage , The Lifespan of a Fact

The Broadway.com Show: Check Your Sources!

Fake news! Daniel Radcliffe has read about himself and other things we learned in The Lifespan of a Fact rehearsal room.


Posted by Marcie on September 28th, 2018
Dan News , Stage , The Lifespan of a Fact

The Lifespan of a Fact Press

Lots of articles have been popping up on Lifespan of a Fact most of which I’ve posted via our new Facebook group. So rather than posting every single one as a new post. I’ll just listen them here for you to read. Many thanks to my friend Susanne who’s helped post some of the newest things going on with the play.

An Iowan’s story comes to life in a new Broadway show starring Daniel Radcliffe
The Lifespan of a Fact, Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Announces Rush Policy
5 Times Daniel Radcliffe Wowed On Stage
What if the Guy With the Red Pencil Is Nuts?
Broadway.com: Fall Preview 2018

Posted by Marcie on September 23rd, 2018
Dan News , Stage , The Lifespan of a Fact

Broadway Fall Preview

The Lifespan of a Fact documents the seven-year journey from pitch to publication of John D’Agata’s essay, “What Happens There,” about the suicide culture of Las Vegas. The collaboration of three writers—Jeremy Kareken, David Murrell and Gordon Farrell—the new Broadway play is based on the acclaimed 2012 book of the same name by two writers—D’Agata and Jim Fingal, the fact checker who challenged the truthfulness of D’Agata’s reportage. Harry Potter icon Daniel Radcliffe, who has won five Broadway.com Audience Choice Awards for his New York stage work, plays Fingal, with two-time Emmy Award winner and two-time Tony Award nominee Bobby Cannavale playing D’Agata and two-time Tony winner Cherry Jones rounding out the cast as Emily, the editor who fights to keep the project moving along. With these three super-talents, The Lifespan of a Factis sure to be a gotta-see theater event, and there’s nothing fake about that news.

Let me first say, I’m just so excited to see the three of you in a show together. Are you fans of each other’s work?

Bobby Cannavale: Yes, totally.

Cherry Jones: Are you kidding me? Just look at them.

Bobby: I was changing my shirt yesterday, and Cherry came in and said, ‘I missed it! Can you do it again?’ So, yeah, we love each other.

Cherry: Yeah, yeah. And then I said, “Even I, a postmenopausal lesbian…”

Bobby: And I went, “You’re a lesbian?!” [Laughs.] We’ve known each other for a very long time.

Cherry: But never got to work together.

Bobby: I saw Cherry blow my mind years ago.

Cherry: Fact or fiction?

Bobby: Fact! Fact. 1991. First time I saw Cherry onstage. Pretty amazing. And then, you know, Dan’s f**king incredible.

Daniel Radcliffe: I got a couple of emails from these guys just before we started. Cherry emailed us both and Bobby replied. I was like, “Oh, these guys are delightful. This is gonna be a really fun play.” I was already excited about doing it, but then when you can tell you’re working with really good people? That was very exciting.

Bobby: Thank God because there’s only three of us!

Cherry: I was just gonna say that! It’s like the Musketeers. We are interdependent, like one organism, in this thing.

Continue reading  »

Posted by Marcie on September 18th, 2018
Stage , The Lifespan of a Fact

UI nonfiction director’s book spins into Broadway play

When “The Lifespan of a Fact” opens Thursday for its Broadway previews, John D’Agata of Iowa City will be there.

He’ll attend several more performances as the play moves to its official opening Oct. 18 for a 16-week run at Manhattan’s Studio 54.

Why his interest? He wrote the book that turned into the play by a team of three playwrights, and starring three stage and screen heavy-hitters: Daniel Radcliffe, Bobby Cannavale and Cherry Jones.

Radcliffe was cinema’s “Harry Potter” and has received critical praise for several star turns on Broadway, including a revival of “Equus” in 2008. Cannavale won an Emmy for television’s “Boardwalk Empire” and played Will’s partner in “Will and Grace.” Jones won Tonys for her stage roles in “The Heiress” and “Doubt,” and picked up a supporting actress Emmy for TV’s “24.”

The play focuses on the give and take between D’Agata (Cannavale) and eager young fact-checker Jim Fingal (Radcliffe) over blurring the lines between fact and fiction in a “groundbreaking” article for a major magazine.

That dichotomy grows even more intriguing since in real life, D’Agata has been the director of the University of Iowa’s Nonfiction Writing Program since 2013.

Hailing from Boston and Cape Cod, he earned an MFA from the UI’s nonfiction program in 1998, as well as an MFA in poetry from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop the same year, and began teaching at the UI in 2005.

Q: Is the book fiction or nonfiction?

A: That question is the very point of the book. It’s not 100 percent nonfiction, but neither is it fiction. And that’s exactly what the book is trying to explore — whether this genre, like other genres and other forms of art, has the right to occupy a space that isn’t at the extreme end of a spectrum of either fact or fiction. Does it have the right to an “in-betweenness,” which is to say, does it have the right to art?

Q: What was the genesis of “The Lifespan of a Fact”?

A: While Jim and I were fact-checking one of my essays for The Believer magazine back in 2003, we kept bumping into discrepancies in many of the sources that we were relying on for information. Those discrepancies — finding one set of facts from one “authority” and an different set of facts from another — are what actually inspired my essay. On its surface it’s an essay about suicide in Las Vegas, but at its core I’ve always thought of it as an essay about uncertainty, and how not all kinds of information — nor all kinds of nonfiction — are as reliable as we want to believe they are. So Jim and I were having a really interesting discussion about what counts as a fact and what counts as fiction in a work of literature. And we thought that these nerdy discussions might make an interesting book. But our correspondence was largely over email, and it was messy, because our arguments were scattered, patchy and not chronological at all. So simply reprinting our correspondence as a book would not have worked. It would have been a mess at best and illegible at worst. So in developing the book we consolidated and expanded our points, and we naturally polarized to try to help make those points clearer, more dramatic, and also just more fun to read.

Q: How much of it is autobiographical?

A: The book represents a version of ourselves as well as a version of our discussions — just like this new play represents a version of the version that appears in the book. I met the cast two weeks ago, and we were talking about the similarities between writers and actors. They spend their careers wearing masks, and so do writers — even nonfiction writers. There is a long tradition of writing behind the guise of a persona in the literary essay. These personas aren’t fictions, but neither are they nonfiction. They are versions of ourselves; they’re masks.

Q: How does a book leap from page to stage?

A: I was giving a talk about the book at a store in Manhattan and afterward a man came up to me and said he was a Hollywood producer who had recently started working on Broadway and thought that the book would make a great play. And to be honest, I was so numb at that point to the craziness that the book had attracted that I just ignored him. I think I said something like “Oh, that’s interesting.” And then moved on. But the next day he tracked down my agent, made his pitch, and I think within a month we had a contract. In fact, that producer and I became good friends. His name was Norman Twain, and he’d actually had a very successful career in Hollywood making socially conscious movies that still somehow managed to make money. I think his biggest hit was “Lean on Me” with Morgan Freeman. Unfortunately, Norm passed away two years ago this fall, so this production is a great tribute to him, because six years ago, amid all the nutty hysteria that the book attracted, he managed to see something in it that no one else did. He saw a story about how very difficult the truth can be.

Q: Why do you think this material/subject matter resonates from reader to the upper echelon of theater?

A: It’s embarrassingly prescient for today. I say “embarrassingly” because I think most of us would prefer not to be living through this period in American history, and because I would prefer not to be represented by a character who sometimes sounds like he’s quoting a tweet from the Oval Office about “fake news.” But the play really isn’t about politics. The play is concerned with facts, but facts as they have to do with literature. The book never argues that journalism should be allowed to take liberties with facts. Instead, the book explicitly states just the opposite: that there’s a big difference between journalism and literary essays, and that it’s in literature that we ought to allow writers some leeway in how they craft their stories. At its dorkiest heart, the book and the play are both about the nature of genre.

Q: The show boasts Broadway’s first all-female design team. How exciting/significant is that?

A: It’s significant — but should it be? It’s kind of embarrassing that in 2018 this is considered a monumental “first.” Shouldn’t it have happened years ago?

Q: What do you hope readers and viewers take away from experiencing your story?

A: Black-and-white absolutes are dangerous things. The certainty that they pretend to give us can make us feel comfortable and self-righteous, but that comfort always comes at someone else’s expense. My hope is that the book and the play both try to challenge the appeal of those kinds of absolutes.

Posted by Marcie on September 18th, 2018
Stage , The Lifespan of a Fact

Jimmy Fallon and the Today Show

On September 12, Harry Potter film star and now Broadway regular Daniel Radcliffe paid a visit to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

Having starred in Equus, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, and The Cripple of Inishmaan, Radcliffe now returns to Broadway in the new play The Lifespan of a Fact, which begins performances September 20 at Studio 54.


“I play a fact-checker that is sent to check an article written by an author, played by Bobby [Cannavale], and this author is not used to being held to journalistic standards of accuracy,” Radcliffe told Fallon, “so I go in and make his life hell for a few days and Cherry [Jones]’ character is our editor who has to make the decision whether or not to publish the article in the end and keep us from killing each other—but it’s a comedy!
“And one thing I have to say—because it will get me to see any play—is it’s one act, straight through,” Radcliffe adds.

Radcliffe also talked about his upcoming film, Guns Akimbo, shot this past summer in New Zealand, as well as his obsession with American football (he’s in two Fantasy leagues).

Although Lifespan of a Fact has two shows on Sundays—a big day for the NFL—Radcliffe said, “the fear of screwing up keeps me concentrating.”

Radcliffe also stopped by The Today Show September 13, and had some words of advice for Al Roker, who’s poised to make his Broadway debut next month in Waitress. Check out the clip below.

See another video posted here.

Posted by Marcie on September 18th, 2018
Stage , The Lifespan of a Fact , Dan News

The Lifespan of a Fact With Daniel Radcliffe, Cherry Jones, and Bobby Cannavale

The cast introduces their new Broadway play, based on a book, based on an essay.

Broadway’s The Lifespan of a Fact follows determined young fact-checker Daniel Radcliffe, demanding editor Cherry Jones, and unorthodox author Bobby Cannavale as they take part in a high-stakes showdown between fact and fiction. Written by Jeremy Karekan, David Murrell, and Gordon Farrell, and directed by Leigh Silverman, the play is based on a real life incident and the book of the same name that followed. “The story becomes a debate about how far an artist can go…in order to get to the emotional truth,” explains Cannavale. Find out more from the cast in TheaterMania’s video from a recent meet-and-greet event.

Posted by Marcie on September 11th, 2018
Dan News , Stage , The Lifespan of a Fact

Catch up with Daniel Radcliffe, Cherry Jones, and Bobby Cannavale Starring in THE LIFESPAN OF A FACT

Daniel Radcliffe, Cherry Jones and Bobby Cannavale are getting ready to bring The Lifespan of a Fact to the Broadway stage. Catch up with the team in rehearsal below!

Written by Jeremy Kareken & David Murrell and Gordon Farrell, and based on the book by John D’Agata and Jim Fingal, The Lifespan of a Fact will begin performances on Thursday, September 20, 2018. Tony nominated director Leigh Silverman directs the world premiere.

Opening night is Thursday, October 18, 2018. The production will play a limited 16-week engagement at Studio 54 on Broadway.

THE LIFESPAN OF A FACT is based on the provocative true story of John D’Agata’s essay, “What Happens There,” about the Las Vegas suicide of teenager Levi Presley. Jim Fingal, assigned to fact check the piece, ignited a seven-year debate on the blurred lines of what passes for truth in literary nonfiction.

Posted by Marcie on September 11th, 2018
Dan News , Stage , The Lifespan of a Fact

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