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Magazines Update
marcie - Feb 18, 2021 Entertainment Weekly , Gallery Update , Heat , Magazines

Old magazines added to the gallery from Heat UK, Entertainment Weekly, Sunday Mirror and Promo images from Miracle Workers Season 2.

Magazines – Entertainment Weekly 2018

Magazines – Heat 2020

Magazines – Sunday Mirror 2020

Empire Magazine Update
marcie - Feb 18, 2021 Empire UK , Magazines

Here’s two new excerpts from Producer David Heyman answering questions from fans.

Is there something from one of the books that didn’t make it into the films that you wish it had? – Sara Horvota

We always left things out that were painful. We shot [Rik Mayall as Hogwarts’ poltergeist] Peeves in the first film and I loved his anarchy, but it didn’t fit. I love the Quidditch from the fifth book – Ron is so funny and it was good character development, but there just wasn’t a place for it. S.P.E.W. – the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare – was a wonderful part of the books, Hermione’s mission to protect these outsiders.

Not being able to film the Quidditch World Cup in Goblet of Fire – that was more because it was so spectacular. The backstory of the Marauders, of James and Sirius and Peter Pettigrew – that was such wonderful colour, and informed Harry’s relationship with Sirius in a really interesting way. Those are things I missed. But I do feel like we made the right choices for the films we were making. Kreacher was almost cut from the fifth film, and Jo [Rowling] said, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you, because he does have a role to play later on.” So Kreacher remained, and thankfully he did because he was a significant house elf.

Was there a moment when shooting the first film that you realised you truly had something special on your hands? – Luke Martin

I realised I had something special when I first read the book. I loved it. It moved me. I fell in love with it before it was published. I’ll never forget being on set that first day, filming the last scene of Philosopher’s Stone where Hagrid and Harry bid farewell at the railway station at Hogsmeade. Dan [Radcliffe] was wearing these contact lenses to make his eyes green, and he had an allergic reaction to them. His eyes were red and swollen and we had to take them out – we thought we may add that green digitally, though ultimately we decided not to because it felt artificial. But Dan’s eyes were puffy and red, and oddly it was quite appropriate for the scene where he was saying goodbye to Hagrid.

Source: WizardingWorld.com

Sukkiri interview
marcie - Feb 18, 2021 Dan News , Guns Akimbo , Movies

New interview from Japan’s Sukkiri. It was taken back in December for the Promotion of Guns Akimbo. See it down below.

Escape from Pretoria Screen Captures
marcie - Feb 16, 2021 Escape from Pretoria , Movies

New screen captures from Escape from Pretoria. I finally sorted them and there are over 1950 captures. These have been a long time coming. Make sure to browse and enjoy!

Films – 2020 | Escape from Pretoria Screen Captures

Happy Valentine’s Day
marcie - Feb 14, 2021 Site News

Happy Valentine’s Day. Hope you all are doing well. I am happy to report that everything has gone well with the reconstruction of the gallery. I only found 1 photo that was lost. But I finally finished everything yesterday and put up registration for a selected few. Those that registered with the wrong keyword will be deleted. The reason for the keyword is that the gallery script always gets pounded with spam. Which is why I rarely use it.

Keep in mind that hotmail addresses never get their approval so if you are registering with a hotmail address you will have to contact me to know if you’ve been approved. Gmail works fine. Not sure about other email services especially foreign email services. So I thought I should let you know.

There will be a keyword to use with your registration to avoid BOTS registering. Those without the correct keyword will be immediately deleted. I will announce the keyword tomorrow.

If you have a problem with registration please do let me know by email at simplydanielradcliffe@gmail.com

Mask Up America
marcie - Feb 13, 2021 Dan News

New viral video found on Dan’s website for American to Mask up to stop the spread of the Corona Virus. Check it out below.

Empire Magazine April
marcie - Feb 12, 2021 Dan News , Empire UK , Magazines

New cover from Empire Magazine which features Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe talking about the 20 years of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter Franchise. The issue features an interview with Elijah and Dan. It hits Newsstands this coming Thursday, February 18. There is also a Behind the scenes of the shoot via Art Streiber’s Instagram, you can find those here


Guns Akimbo Japan
marcie - Feb 10, 2021 Dan News , Guns Akimbo , Movies

Dan does an intro for the trailer of Guns Akimbo Japan which comes out on February 26, 2021

Gallery News
marcie - Feb 3, 2021 Gallery Update

Working on the last section of the gallery. I am to say that the projected date is February 15. On that day, I will open registration for you all to apply. This will hopefully be the last time I will redo this. Some content has been removed some re-added. There will be some content that will be replaced with better quality. So bear with me as I go through the last of it. Thank you all for being patient and thank you for making this your go to site for Dan photos.

Latest Gallery Update
marcie - Jan 18, 2021 Gallery Update

Here’s the latest on the gallery reconstruction.

So here’s where I am in the gallery right now. I made a new gallery from scratch. I’ve done 22,000 images so far out of 131,000. I’m almost finished with the Candids section. And I finished off Escape from Pretoria and David Copperfield so far in the films section. Down below is my progress. Just wanted to say thank you for your patience. As of right now I can’t give you an ETA yet. But will give you more info as I comb through this.

Gallery Update Progress: Edited January 30, 2021

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