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Radcliffe Photos
marcie - Jan 9, 2021 Gallery Update

Here’s the latest on the reconstruction. Appearances from 2001- 2011 are done. So is 2017-2020. I got 5 sections to go before this category is complete. Exclusives are completely done. Added most of the Fan Art area, 1 section to go for that. More updates to follow soon.

New Layout
marcie - Jan 3, 2021 Site News

New layout for the month of January and a new gallery layout is up. I know I still need to make new icons for the gallery. But that will be later. Thanks to two designer Ten Thousand Beats and Finding Colors we have new layouts and a new featured gif

2021: What’s to come?
marcie - Dec 28, 2020 Site News

In 2021 things will start off differently. Here are my plans for the site starting January 1. There’s going to be a big makeover starting with the gallery. I wanna start clean and fresh so everything is properly organized. For that time it will be down. As for how long that depends I will let you know week by week. But that is my big task for the new year. Believe me its a mess. With a whole redo, your passwords and username will not be added. When it is open you can re-register when I open it for registration. i got 131,000 photos to sift through and it won’t be an easy task. Also thinking of opening a book section for all books I do reviews on and so forth.

RadcliffeMedia has been completely redone with all videos in MP4 format at 640×360. Both RadcliffeMedia and Captures have fresh new layouts. Other than what is listed above that will probably be it. If anything new arises you will be notified.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Holidays – Marcie

2020 Virtual Screen Music Awards
marcie - Dec 25, 2020 Dan News , Escape from Pretoria , Movies

Nominated for the 2020 Feature Film Score of the Year, Escape From Pretoria is composed by David Hirschfelder. New photo of the cast and crew of Escape from Pretoria can also be viewed down below.

RadcliffeMedia Update
marcie - Dec 16, 2020 Dan News

Since flash is going out of the way like the dinosaurs on December 31, 2020. Radcliffemedia is getting a big change all flash files are now being changed over to mp4 format. That means no more annoying enable flash to view, These sections have so far been changed: Public Announcements, Public Appearances, Fan Videos, Game Trailers, Photoshoots, Stage and Television.

I still have these sections to go: Movies and Interviews

Also change of layout for Radcliffemedia Captures has been done already with a new outtake. You can view that here: https://radcliffemedia.sosugary.com/captures/

How Daniel Has Prepared For His Past Roles
marcie - Dec 10, 2020 Dan News

Actors are always looking to enhance their roles with real life experience. While this can be hard to come by, especially when their characters often lead extreme lives, actors find ways to prepare themselves and get a glimpse into the necessary lifestyle. Daniel Radcliffe is no different and since his Harry Potter days, he has actually played a variety of very distinct and unique roles. Here is a look into how he prepared himself to play these diverse characters.

Now You See Me 2

In the 2016 film Now You See Me 2, we were able to see Daniel in an entertaining role as the somewhat maniacal young tech tycoon. This was an interesting side to Daniel’s acting skills and overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable film. For this role, Daniel decided to really embrace the atmosphere that the film showcases. 

To get a firm understanding of the true ambience and draw of the Macau setting, Radcliffe dove into the famous casino scene here. He decided to start with the historically prominent gaming staple Blackjack, which has been a part of casino culture for decades. After this, he tried his luck with Baccarat, a game that is a popular attraction in most Asian casinos. It doesn’t stop there either. Daniel also worked with celebrity magician Dynamo to understand some of the tricks of the trade, things he then utilized on the set. 


For the 2017 film Jungle, Daniel understood this would be a physically challenging role that required him to change his physique drastically. The character Daniel was portraying was Yossi Ghinsburg, an Israeli that went missing in the Amazon Rainforest for weeks, battling starvation and the many threats of this wild and uncharted landscape. 

During the shooting, Daniel showed the dedication to his craft that makes him such an inspiration for his fans. To put himself in the mindset of this character as well as physically look the part, Daniel forced himself to follow a strict diet of just one chicken breast and one protein bar every day to really lean out as well as get into the necessary mindset to understand such a desperate situation. In the final days of shooting the most destitute of moments for the film, he stopped eating completely. It has been reported that Daniel lost 14 pounds from his already petite frame in preparation for Jungle. 


Daniel may have spent his early years playing Harry Potter and fighting the dark side, but in the 2013 comedy-horror film Horns he became the darkness. This film has a lot of devilish elements as the main character, Ignatius Perrish, suddenly grows horns and gains supernatural powers following a tragedy in his life. To prepare for filming this, Daniel Radcliffe tossed out the indie rock playlists and instead listened to heavy metal around the clock, particularly the band Megadeth and songs like Sweating Bullets. This helped him to get into the rock and roll spirit and find the energy he needed to excel in this film. 

Swiss Army Man

After playing his most famous role of Harry Potter for a full decade, it’s clear that Daniel could only pursue unusual roles after this. Whether it is his personal tastes or how Hollywood sees him, his post-Harry Potter performances are certainly not the norm. One of his most unorthodox performances came in the 2016 black comedy film Swiss Army Man. In this creative film, Daniel played a literal corpse and throughout the film he was required to show a plethora of emotions with very minimal facial movement and an arsenal of strange sounds. 

Daniel regularly said that he was immensely stressed in the production of this film as he had no idea how to portray this character. He spent hours recording unintentionally hilarious sounds and faces and sending it to the director to get feedback. All of this culminated in the film and whether you loved it or hated it, it certainly is a very memorable piece of cinema history. 

Beast of Burden

In 2018’s Beast of Burden, Daniel played the role of an American pilot who is tasked with flying drugs across the US/Mexico border. Of course, he must sidestep both the DEA and the Mexican cartels and return in one piece. Daniel was dedicated to learning the skills necessary to be a pilot and went out for multiple flying lessons both as a passenger and even briefly in the cockpit to understand what it really entails. Though the film itself was not very successful, the memory of the experience will certainly stay with Daniel for his entire life.

Gallery Notice
marcie - Dec 6, 2020 Gallery Update

Remember to login your account on January 2021 if not your account could be deleted. Every year we clean out old logins. So be sure to do that come January or you will have to reapply.

Also new photos have been added so there’s more reason to login. Enjoy!

New Wallpaper
marcie - Dec 6, 2020 Fan Art

New wallpaper for your desktop. I called this one “Truly Magnetic”

Photo from 2008

Empire April 2021 issue
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Hot Ones
marcie - Dec 3, 2020 Dan News

See Dan attempt the challenge and answer some questions

Hot Ones Teaser
marcie - Dec 2, 2020 Dan News

See Daniel Radcliffe on HotOnes Tomorrow at 8am PST and 11am EST

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